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How Does the Online Idea Party Work?

You have a dream or a wish, and an obstacle to getting there. (If you don’t think you know your wish, work through my kick-starter and read this post. To learn why you must put logic aside to find your dream, read the following.)

The online Idea Party is here to help you – and the other fellow party goers – with your wishes and obstacles.

Voices from Success Teams and Idea Parties:

Having a team to report to and hearing what everybody did each week is very exciting. It’s kept me moving all year. In the past I made some good starts on my own, but found, every time, when the energy ran out, I ran out. Now it doesn’t run out.
Jade G.
Children’s Playroom Therapist, New York Hospital

I would do a painting a year, a sketch a year. If it was only me I know I would never do it. Having to tell you makes all the difference. It’s crazy why I didn’t do this years ago, it’s so easy all of a sudden.
Caroline R. Personnel Executive, Macy’s Dept Store

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4,176 thoughts on “Barbara Sher’s Idea Party

  1. I would like to support healing and peace in a sustainable way that is joyful
    to myself and others. Recently I entrusted the funds my mother left for me to a friend to invest and he has disappeared them. I’m trying to stay strong and do what’s the next right step, also to vision, pray, act, believe. At 62 I have many skills, currently I”m writing for a naturopathic doctor but need more to have home and a life again.
    Thank you for this group.

    • Maggie, I tried to reply to your post just now, and after a gruelling battle with the blasted computer, it kicked my reply into the “newer comments” section. Please look for it there. I really care about what’s happening to you.

    • Did your friend disappeared with your money or did he invest so poorly your inheritance is lost? Either way, acting in an empowered manner is essential. No vision or prayer can help unless first you take your power back. This means analyzing what and where went wrong and why you gave your power away in the first place. This is painful to do, and will be a grieving journey, I know from my own experience. But it is true healing, and you will start feeling confident again, and truly taking care of yourself. This includes going to the police, whatever will feel the right thing to do. Healing and peace starts at home. Wishing you courage!

    • Check out John Jay Singleton of Definitely a clever, determined, witty, out of the box thinker and creative go-getter! He is a legal expert and financial expert, but more **efficient** and imho more honest than attorneys. I bet he’d know how to track the guy down, for starters. And he charges by the project, NOT by the hour (very, very much to a client’s advantage!). He’s also way smarter, I think, than the average attorney. He has about 25 years of experience.

  2. Hi all. I’ve been a Barbara Sher fan for years, but still have yet to join a group. Since I haven’t been successful on my own, it’s about time I reached out.

    I’ve been a massage therapist for many years, but can no longer continue this as a source of income.

    My wish is to be a healer, a therapist and a support specialist to help others be more, see themselves as more. My obstacle is how to do this, market myself and make a living. I have a BA in Psychology, and do not wish to incur more financial debt to get more degrees. I’m also in my 50’s. I would love some help to reach the next phase of my life. Thank you!

      • Thank you Lisa! That’s a good idea! I’ve listened to many of the speakers who attended the write speak classes. So much talent and so much great information!

    • Dear Kathy,
      I tried to reply to your post, and the computer ate it! Computers Beschmuters!! I’ve been using the dingblasted things since 1984, and my ongoing war with them has never stopped!
      What I was trying to say was, have you considered becoming a life coach? Coaches do many things, among which is that they are support specialists who work to help people be more and see themselves as more. My business card says, “Life Coaching–A pathway into finding your purpose, developing your desires, activating your dreams, healing whatever is standing in the way.” I am a life coach. Do you know of any coaches in your area whom you could ask if they would be willing to talk to you about their profession? (Get a list of questions ready for them.) It’s an old technique called interviewing for information, and it really works. People like to talk about their careers. And talk to several of them. Offer to take them to coffee or lunch. This should provide you with a lot more of the “how to’s” that you are looking for.

      • Thank you for the great advice! I’ve been thinking of the coaching route myself and need to investigate and invest more into this!

        • Dear Maggie,
          It is high time to go to a criminal prosecutor and to the police and get them to track down this individual, and press charges! That, unless it’s already been done, IS the “Right Next Step!” The guy is a criminal who has made off with the family fortune, and you must do everything in your power to go after him. And prosecute. Sometimes, love, pink light, and wishing just doesn’t cut it at all. This guy’s a criminal, and he’s massively ripped you off. Period. And you can’t let him get away with it. It’s going to take a lot more than visualization and prayer.
          You sound like English is your second language, is it? Are you European? I can’t quite tell what you’re trying to tell us. When you say, “I’m writing for a naturopathic doctor, does this mean that you are in med school, training to become a naturopathic doctor? Or, does it mean that you are seeking a naturopathic doctor to meet your own health needs? And you say that you need more to have home and a life. Does this mean that you are homeless? If so, was the homelessness caused by this criminal rip-off artist? Are you on the streets? Living out of a car? What are your real, present circumstances? These are the beginning points to this business, as I see it. Let us in on what’s really happening to you, and geographically where you are.

          • I do not understand quite how this group works. Can you please explain to me? I would like to answer your email but not sure if I’m writing to a group or individual, thank you. M
            In Wisconsin

        • Dear Kathy,
          You’re welcome! It’s a good gig if you can get it. In the U.S., coaches can get $150 per hour, and some of them make six figures. Besides, it’s immensely rewarding work, and doesn’t take a ton of red tape to set it up.

  3. Hi Everyone, I have been following Barbara since I first saw her speak on our local PBS station in St. Pete many, many years ago. I went to one of her seminars in Tampa and was so impressed. I have a few of her books and felt so bad to hear that she is no longer with us.

    I have two websites that I purchased from someone. I should have researched the site more before buying, but….it’s done. Now, I am working on the facebook pages for both sites and also the Instagram pages. ( one for person, and one for each of the websites) 3 in total. I had someone put the two business Instagram sites together for me and they are all connected. So, if I post something on my business account, it goes to my person Instagram. I am trying to keep the business separate from the family matters.

    I was wondering if there is anyone out there in Barbara land that can help me with this? If yes, then perhaps we can speak on the phone so that I can explain it a little better.

    Thank you all for reading and I wish you a very safe rest of the week. Stay home everyone.

  4. Hey guys! I’m Jade. I live in Brooklyn NY, I’m 23, and I’m trying to figure out what to do over the next year or so. Below I’ve outlined my dream, the touchstone, and the obstacles I’m facing. I’d love to hear any ideas you lovely people might have about how I can get closer to my goal. Thanks in advance!

    – Become an architect
    – More specifically, I’d like to have my own architectural firm that allows me to work by myself or with a small team. I want to work on both self-directed projects (I own a small rental property I fixed up myself and would like to buy more neglected properties to restore and turn into rentals) and occasional client work. Sustainable design is a major area of interest, and in addition to restoration projects I’d love to work on new construction using byproduct materials from other industries, or other alternative means of construction.

    – Being an expert, having my ideas and knowledge respected by others, people caring about my advice/opinion
    – Having opportunities to learn about myriad unrelated things (to better understand the context for whatever project I’m working on, so what I design works well with all the systems it interacts with).
    – Being able to solve problems in a way that makes people happy
    – Creating beautiful, functional things that positively impact daily life and the planet in general
    – Managing people (?) and logistics. I really like being the boss and making everything work smoothly. I like making decisions.
    – The potential to create something that will last several generations and continue to be useful and pleasant. Like the feeling of hosting a party and seeing your friends enjoying the food you made, but on a more long-term scale.
    – Plenty of time to work alone, balanced by feedback from others. I’m not working in a vacuum- the work collaborative, to a degree, but I have lots of autonomy to work as I please and make design decisions freely. Being my own boss, yet being accountable to others.
    – Holistic, generalized thinking. Synthesis of unrelated fields and ideas.
    – Honestly… I also just want to be able to wear heels on a daily basis and have a cool job title. I’m tired of having to wear ugly shoes and getting sweaty running around at my damn coffeeshop job.

    – I’ll have to wait a year to begin formal studies. What should I do in the meantime? Is there a good-enough job that would get me a little bit closer to the touchstones listed above?
    – It takes many years to become certified, and I’m worried most of that time will be spent working on the tedious aspects of the field rather than the touchstone drawing me to a career in architecture to begin with. My dream seems so far off! How can I keep myself from going insane in the meantime?
    – There’s lots of red tape associated with being an architect. I hate the idea that I’d get lost in the weeds of precise measurements and building codes rather than focusing on solving design problems. Maybe there’s an alternative career that would be a better fit for what I want to do?

    • Hi Jade
      In the interim perhaps learning a CAD design software program would be helpful and also brushing up on math skills if they are rusty.

      Peace.. Debra

      • PS for Jade
        I am a budding miniaturist and have seen some incredible structures aka dollhouses or dollshouses across the pond. Check out Mulvany and Rogers as an example of exquisite work. They do reproductions of historical buildings but many others do all kinds of original designs. Of course model building building is an integral part of architectural training, I believe.

        Here is a link to Mulvany and Rogers:
        Peace. Debra

        • Debra – Breath-taking is THE word for your miniaturist aspirations. WOW! I can see a whole world in them -I imagine the field of movie-making would find this discipline perfect in many ways, because scale doesn’t matter and building rooms tiny would cost less than full-sized versions.
          How long have you been interested in doing these sorts of things? Do you have any pictures of YOUR OWN work somewhere online?

  5. Hello! I am an Archaeologist with a Masters degree and I dream of making reconstructions of archaeological finds like statues and clothing.
    Unfortunately, there are no jobs available in this sector and so maybe I will have to work in another field.

    • Invent the job. Figure out who could benefit and pitch it to them. A member of one of my Success Teams found this new photographic technology that fascinated him, then realized it could be used to make exact duplicates of damaged architectural elements on gorgeous old buildings.

      Perhaps there are retail store chains that would pay for reconstructions — a potentially profitable stepping-stone to landing jobs in old castles and tombs and museums, just because your work would be seen by so many people.

      Or maybe you could hook up with an interior decorator for the very wealthy, and get your reconstructions into Architectural Digest, again to be seen by potential clients you don’t even know are out there.

      You might volunteer for this project as a way of meeting others interested in the field:

      Yours is not a field in which the jobs are going to shop up on You need to seek out people and organizations that need and value your skills.

      • Where are you? ( which country)
        Ypu could voluteering in a Museum or Institute or try to find a Job at a gallery or antiques trader

        • Thank you for your reply!
          I am in Germany and the system doesn´t care for cultural stuff a lot, so they barely finance any good jobs in museums and galleries. During this crisis, our jobs were the first ones to go. I think I will have try out things on my own.

          • I am in germany too. There is the opportunity to a Volontariat and practicum for Restauration at Islamisches Museum berlin.

        • Thank you for your reply!
          I am in Germany and the system doesn´t care for cultural stuff a lot, so they barely finance any good jobs in museums and galleries. During this crisis, our jobs were the first ones to go. I think I will have try out things on my own.

      • Hello,
        thank you so much for your answer! I did not even expect someone to care for my question. Most people would just tell me to get a “real” job.
        I will definitely try out some of your ideas.
        I especially like the website you showed because I am interested in educate people on archaeology, too.
        The idea about the architects is also great. (Hope you can open this link)
        These are some reconstructions of the polychromy of a statue of a muse I did in cooperation with a museum. The problem is that making these is really expensive, I don´t have any resources and therefore have to wait until someone wants to finance a project first.

        Hopefully, I will have some good news to reply to you in a few months.
        Best wishes

        • Bianca, one of the happy side effects of money becoming so concentrated in the hands of a few (and reducing the money available for publicly supported projects whose budgets must be balanced against the costs of a public health crisis or an economic downturn) is that there are now more people who can afford to sponsor such projects. Educate them!

          And maybe start looking at websites like for ideas on how to reduce some of the costs. For example, are there less expensive ways to duplicate a statue to show the polychromy or new ways to recreate old paints?

          Please don’t go take an ordinary job, unless it’s a simple, fun one that pays for your extensive volunteer work in archaeology.

    • There’s definitely a market for historically accurate clothing!

      Here are some examples of people making money recreating historical objects:

      Bespoke historical clothing:

      Historical fashion YouTube channel (earns money through ad revenue):

      Another historical fashion YouTube channel:

      Medieval-style folk artist (earns money via commissioned paintings and fabric design sales):

      I agree with the advice to invent your own job. All the creators listed above are running lean one-person businesses, and you can too!

  6. Hello all!

    I have a goal to do voice-over work. I have already done one short wine commercial and a non-profit story for children.
    But I want to do more, and in particular, earning money doing so.

    My native language is Swedish, and I can also speak English with an accent. Maybe someone here has some leads to voice over jobs? Either something that needs to be translated/recorded to Swedish or something in English where my Swedish accent is fine.
    I am a 43-year-old man with a smooth bass/baritone voice.

    I would love to do things like:
    a company/product presentation video
    audio books
    podcast interviews
    instruction/teaching videos

    • Hello @Joel Ring.
      The pay is probably very bad but if nobody has mentioned it yet, I suppose that you could be offering some very small jobs on web sites like the Freelancer and Fiverr.
      I remember also there is a voice acting talent website –not a Freelancer type site but an actual talent directory site– that I came across one time a few years ago. Maybe someone else here has immediately knowledge of it and could provide a quick pointer for you. If they cannot, and if I can find it, I would paste a link here for you.

    • Hi Joel,

      I’d love to hear about why you’re interested in voiceover acting. What’s the touchstone? What makes you excited about it? What’s the core thing that’s drawing you to this line of work?

      • Hi!

        For one thing – encouragement and positive feedback. I did one commercial job, and got “have you done this before?”, “you have a good voice”. I enjoyed doing the job, and it paid well.

        Barbara Sher used to say: you love doing the things you have a talent for (or something along those lines).

        There is also something about creating. To literally putting my voice out there. To be heard. And if, in the long run, I can create content that makes people happy, that helps them grow, that would be even more rewarding.

    • To add to your portfolio, you could read books on YouTube. In the text part below the video you could let people know you’re available for voice overs.

      I have recently been doing a a lot of Duolingo (for French) – do they need more Swedish speakers? Also, I listen to ‘Slow News’ in French for French as a second language speakers/beginners. Maybe there is a demand for this among Swedish language learners?

      How’s your singing voice?

      Hope this helps.

      • Hello!

        Yes, I like the reading books idea. However, I did a few sample recordings, only to find out that there are copyright issues with recording someone else’s books.

        Yes, there are books that are released as public domain. The challenge here is to find a free book that is interesting to a broad public. Maybe you have an idea about what book I could record?

        I do have a decent singing voice.

    • Hey Joel Ring —
      I know you’re in Sweden, but have you ever checked out

      It’s based in the US, and mostly focused on the acting scenes in LA and NYC. *But* they list casting calls for everything from feature films to voiceover work to TV series to pro theatre, AND you can also sign up for their newsletters and get all kinds of great articles and videos about how to navigate the industry, how to get more training, how to create professional demo reels and performer websites, and everything in between.

      Since Covid hit, they’ve also been featuring lots of live Zoom webinars on various facets of the entertainment industry, including voiceover work. I think you have to be a member to register for the live stuff, but the videos are available via YouTube after the fact for anyone to watch.

      You also have to register with a membership to be able to apply for any of the casting calls listed, but you can read all the casting calls without a membership to see the kinds of things available. Sometimes there are casting calls for projects filming in other countries, and of course, there are many projects that are recording remotely now (in addition to remote auditions).

      I’ve seen casting calls this past year for literally every type of VO project you mention wanting to do. Having a Swedish accent is a unique feature, and might be a pro in some cases, even if it works against you for other projects in the US market. I’m sure there must be a similar organization in the EU — have you tried Googling “voiceover work” and “actor training” and “casting calls” to see if anything pops up in Sweden or EU-wide?

      Good luck! And do tell us what you find. Personally, I’m curious to know the Euopean counterpart to Backstage. 🙂

  7. Dream: At 78, I pull together and publish/republish a variety of writings about 1) how to make our elder years our best years; 2) the natural genius that comes loaded in our DNA, gets trained out of us and how to retrieve it; 3) finding more integrity, purpose, joy and creativity in any job or business; 4) conscious, socially responsible small business; 5) inspired planning and stress release; 6) how any challenge can be a catalyst to new inspiration, growth and joy.The writing pays well and leads to paid talks (I have a track record here!), mentoring and other opportunities.

    Obstacles: Though I am a brilliant editor/writing coach for others, I can’t see my own back or distortions. The past 12 years my husband and I have both had cancer. Mine was minimal, but the brain fog from radiation was not. John’s is in remission and slow growing; treatment makes for less bone strength.

    Just as I healed from cancer, we discovered that he had mild cognitive impairment, which led last year to his diagnosis of early stage Alzheimer’s.
    All along, he has had serious immune deficiencies, which means both of us have to be extra-careful with COVID.

    Special gifts: We have a solid marriage that has become richer every year, and we are supported by many people in many ways. John has no shame about memory issues — he’s one of a growing no. of people who are changing the conversation about dementia the way others changed how we saw cancer, AIDS, and other illnesses. He’s blossoming from several kinds of art and eagerly exploring personal and emotional growth.

    What I need to fulfill my dream: 1) grants or other support to engage the perfect professional editor/mentor for my work; and/or 2) a partner who can exchange professional-level editing/writing support for several hours a week; 3) grants to increase respite time and space for me; 4) grants to increase creative ways to support my husband’s memory issues and overflowing creativiti; 5) help to write marketing content; and 6) lots of best wishes and good will.

    Offer to all lovers of Barbara Sher’s work: I’m loaded with inspiring, practical writing, and I’m a resource/research expert. Let me know what you want to know, and I just may have something for you! I’m still like a 5-year-old who just can’t wait to share something I’ve discovered with others!


    • Pat Sullivan awesome genius. What a great description of you, your husband and your qualities. I love you.
      Is it an idea to open a Patreon account so people can sponsor by subscription or incedently.
      I am 57 . I wish I have my 5year old self alive and bubbling for a long time.

      You have great gifts to share. Are you online with your recordings. Can I hear some of your work?
      Are you in a succes team group. That might help with finding the fundings or other creative collaboration.

    • Check out “Linda Hollander” at Her email is: Linda Hollander
      She teaches people how to get money from sponsors of businesses and corporations.

      Also, I suggest not telling people your age. In some areas of the USA, ageism, (although it’s illegal to do) is a big factor in whether or not people are going to believe you can do what you say you’re going to do.

      Yes! I’d love to experience some of your work so far too!! Tell us how?

      I have a number of writing projects too that need an editor. It’s common to not be able to edit your own work, so don’t feel bad about that. I find that writing, then waiting until what I’ve written “ages” enough so that I’m reading it as if I didn’t write it – this is one of my strategies for editing. But it means that I space out my projects too long and they remain unfinished for too long, unfortunately.

      • Dear An8el,
        For 6 years, from 1976-1982, I had my own editing and manuscript preparation business, and worked it out of my home in Seattle. Most of my clients were getting their PhD dissertations and master’s theses done and their reading committees knew they needed editing help. I was also a book editor during this time and I can still edit, although I have not edited on line.
        Have you ever written an academic paper and revised it three times, instead of turning in the original first draft? If you have ever revised a paper, you have edited. Editing is no more than making sure that you are following the correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation and that your piece is following a certain style, which is particularly true with academic papers. Editing can, at times, also involve condensing a piece of writing. The style manual I used to use was the University of Chicago Press Manual of Style, the standard for the industry. There are other manuals for academic papers in different fields, particularly the APA Style Manual–American Psychological Association. It’s important to have a current one because they are always changing the rules about the placement of subject headings.
        During the years I was an editor, I also served on the editorial board of a major Northwest publisher. I helped to decide what we would and wouldn’t publish and wrote authors’ critiques. I can still edit any hard copy that I get my hands on.

    • Dear Pat,

      How absolutely wonderful you and your husband are. You’ve filled my heart with your love and life stories.

      Have you made any progress realizing your Dreams? I am eager to know. I am most excited about Dream 1) How to make our elder years our best years. What a wonderful gift such a book would be to the world.

      If you still need a partner for editing ,grant/finance ideas and the marketing slog after completion, maybe we’re a good fit. I’m always up for a bit of 5 year old play.

      I send you and your husband kindest wishes, Noirin

  8. Marlene,

    It sounds wonderful. I believe this is very similar in heart to the strong dream that I’ve had for owner-operating a country inn — potentially a “farm inn” — in the USA.

    One bit of difference is that I became convinced that the best way for me to keep it going is to have a portion of this operate as an ordinary business. I would LOVE to have a donation of the physical property and buildings. I would also very strongly consider about forming a non-profit organization that would deliver some of the services to some of the recipients.

    Yet I would also picture to have an ordinary business also in place, delivering some of the services and that is capable of paying many expenses and having ordinary earnings and helping to sustain the operation over a long term.

    • Hi Tom,
      thanks for your suggestions! Will jot it all down. Right now, I am only putting the idea out there and these technicalities still seem way of (besides me not having a clue about them). This where I need people who know the legalities (is there such a word?!)
      How’s your own dream coming along? Where in the US are you based?
      All the best!

  9. Hi – I would love to be in a success team but I am unemployed and don’t have a lot of money to pay to be in one. Is there anything for someone like me other than reading the books? Maybe a Zoom meeting that’s not over $50? I’m on a really limited budget but want to start a new business, but I have no support out here. My bf is against the idea (and anything else I want to do) so would love to find a new tribe. Any ideas welcome. Thanks Patty.

    • Kathleen, Barbara’s 8-Week Workshop for Success Teams is a 16-hour workshop for 4 to 6 new team members, run by folks just like you, who need to earn some money to fund their own dreams or pay their electric bill. They’ve invested many hours and a good bit of their own money in becoming qualified to run the workshop. They are self-employed and would net much less than minimum wage if they offered the workshop for $50.

      But this does not mean you can’t be part of a Success Team. You can recruit a few friends or unemployed neighbors and use the free, online copy of Wishcraft at to guide you as you help each other. Or you can find a non-profit organization that helps unemployed people in your community and ask them to sponsor you. If they provide the publicity, the workbook copying, an mp3 player with speakers, and space for 4 to 6 people at at time to meet for two hours a week, you may qualify for a free leader’s kit. Check out to see what’s involved in leading teams and to contact us.

      • Hi Patty and Kathleen
        I am re-inspired by your conversation. My long year dream is help people find and do their dreams. Especcially people no one regards. The unseen people. I am one of them. Was…
        Since reading Barbara and consumed all her YouTube videos (which are far too few) I have been daring more. Little by little.
        I had no team but throuhg reading and minimal posting in the facebookgroup for scanners and here I gained the courage and support to some steps.
        I have proposed the idea to start a social cooperation. Here a group of max 15 people on welfare will come together to find and start doing a small parttime business.
        These will be people who have a hard time finding work, or have disabilities to get where they want to be in live.
        My own obstacles are belief in self (haha), very bad planning habits, chronic illness, no money (I am in a debt helpprogram after failing on my franchise business). The coming 3 years I live on the minimum of the minumum. After that I am free of debt.
        Still I try to hold on to the genius in me, Barbara gave me that love and belief.

        Patty I would love to get a chance to become a succes team leader.
        I have much in place, like a room to gather, material support for copying and mp3player, computers
        But not the amount for the kit…not yet.

        Some women on welfare who would pay some but can’t afford yet the price the trainings value and worth.
        I would also like to start with a system like if what you learn brings you forward… then pay later, when you start earning. An offer for succes hungry people.

        This has become much longer story. I love this platform. It is honey to my scanner soul.

        Love to all of you.

        • What a wonderful thing to do for people, Shirley. Happy to help with a free kit if you find a non-profit sponsor.

          And please cross off “belief in self” from your list of obstacles. You don’t need to believe in yourself. When we accomplish big things, we do it because we must (like keeping your expenses way down for 3 years, as you’re already doing) and because others won’t let us stop. There is no need to believe in yourself. Leave that to your team members.

          • Hi Patty, I have found a organization to sponsor me. Actually I have choice of several. Never thougth it would be so easy and fun to get support for facilitating this idea. Thank you for the nudge. And getting belief in self from the obstacle list.
            I also have 4 women. Not all are good in English so that will be an extra challenge. What is my next step:)
            With love, Shirley

        • Hi Shirley, I would be very interested in joining your group when you get it going. On assistance right now until it runs out, am relying on odd jobs until things open up and I can go back to regular work again hopefully soon. It’s really tough and would love to find a group of positive people. Just broke up with my bf which sucks because though he was not nice to me he did help out financially and now that help is gone. I look forward to hearing from you. Peace and thanks for stepping in to help people. Kathleen

          • I hope you find whatever jobs could support your life. Don’t worry about lost a bf, it’s better you live without other treat you badly just for getting some money support. I am sure you can do it

  10. Hi people, this is Marleen. Feel like it’s time to put a dream out there, looking forward to reactions: 😀
    I am dreaming of a small farm in Israel (or at least a sizable house with a larger garden) to make and run a home, a place of color and beauty, laughter, family and LIFE that I can share with others:
    I want to create spaces for all sorts of creative endeavors (arts & crafts, music, dance, writing, photography, …), so people can just come, find the material and the headspace to express themselves.
    I am dreaming of a large open kitchen with a café corner so we can prepare and enjoy all kinds of good food and drinks, of a garden full of flowers, shading trees and homegrown herbs and vegetables with beautiful corners to enjoy and rest, of celebrations and BBQs and game nights and sleepovers. People can come for a day or book themselves in for longer to just be, talk, dream, recover, think, be in community, talk recharge, share joys and sorrows, learn, debate, enjoy, dance, LIVE fully.
    What I would need:
    – people who share the vision and want to live it along with me, and who have the necessary expertise such a venture would require – my favorite option would be the right man, and eventually also a few kids running around the yard 😉
    – a suitable place & location (out there surrounded by a measure of nature, but accessible for people to pop in)
    – a visa to stay in the country (I am currently volunteering for another good year)
    – finances (though I think those could be raised if there is a good concept), as I would prefer a hospitality/donation based concept to a business

    • Hi Marleen,
      Your dream sounds inviting, for sure many people out there share this kind of dream but location independent ie on couchsurfing Europe for example they had a group “ecological-alternative lifestyles’ farms and communities.this was popular. Just curious, why Israel? Because the political situation sadly may scare lots of people. Israel is a great place, loved it. So i understand if you want to stay. liked Galilee a lot.Catherine

    • Hi Marleen,
      Your dream sounds inviting, for sure many people out there share this kind of dream but location independent ie on couchsurfing Europe for example they had a group “ecological-alternative lifestyles’ farms and communities.this was popular. Just curious, why Israel? Because the political situation sadly may scare lots of people. Israel is a great place, loved it. So i understand if you want to stay. liked Galilee a lot.Catherine

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