Everyone knows what they want

So why do you think you don’t know what you want?

You’re wrong about that. Everyone knows what they want. (I know that’s true because I’ve worked with so many people and I can usually help them figure it out in 5 minutes. Well, sometimes it takes 20 minutes.)

You just think it’s impossible, so you’ve forgotten what it is.

So I want you to remember two things I’m going to say right now:

1: You don’t know what’s possible. (That’s because you’ve tried to do it alone.)


2: The part of your brain that loves things is not the part of your brain that figures out how to get them. The two processes are completely different. So if you’re thinking, ‘I’d love to be an artist but I’m too old to start, I’m not sure I’m any good, and I don’t want to live in a garret,’ your brain has gone into gridlock and your heart is lost in a traffic jam.


(from the upcoming class “Your Dreams – Why you must do them”)

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