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How Does the Online Idea Party Work?

You have a dream or a wish, and an obstacle to getting there. (If you don’t think you know your wish, work through my kick-starter and read this post. To learn why you must put logic aside to find your dream, read the following.)

The online Idea Party is here to help you – and the other fellow party goers – with your wishes and obstacles.

Voices from Success Teams and Idea Parties:

Having a team to report to and hearing what everybody did each week is very exciting. It’s kept me moving all year. In the past I made some good starts on my own, but found, every time, when the energy ran out, I ran out. Now it doesn’t run out.
Jade G.
Children’s Playroom Therapist, New York Hospital

I would do a painting a year, a sketch a year. If it was only me I know I would never do it. Having to tell you makes all the difference. It’s crazy why I didn’t do this years ago, it’s so easy all of a sudden.
Caroline R. Personnel Executive, Macy’s Dept Store

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2,925 thoughts on “Barbara Sher’s Idea Party

  1. I do what I love already a long time and very professional! I am an artist specializing in the transformation of garbage (primarily textile and plastic) into art. I have all the necessary certifications (academic studies, worldwide invitations, a good website, participation in biennials etc.). Obstacle: I sell nearly nothing and live on the brink of subsistence level. I finally want my art to be valued on the international market and sold well! Greatful for any hints and help!

    • hi, I live in Berlin, Germany and at the moment there is a huge upcycling, food-saving, re-using trend. I see many artist pieces like that, for example interior design made from old bicycle parts, in cafes, public places, etc.. so i think this city could be an entry door, also because of its internationality and visibility. I don’t have contacts in the art world, I just recommend you to link yourself to this city. But I have met these people briefly…
      It’s run by a woman who is all about saving and re-using materials of all sorts, which you can see in the “katalog” online. Last time I heard her talk, she was having the idea of a gib warehouse for collecting and redistributing materials. I don’t know her well personally, but you could just write her and maybe create a project, her material, you make the art and in Berlin FOR SURE there would be a place to show it. All the best to you! 🙂

  2. Hi community. This is such a cool concept, and I hope to help others in a meaningful way. Here’s my dream: I’m a freelance writer and want to use my skills to help mission-driven causes or write a kid’s book about consciousness! Obstacles: not sure where to find social-impact organizations that need writing services and not sure where to begin finding a publisher that would be interested in a conscious kid’s book.

    • Hi, I think you should look at Louise Hays website. She has a publishing company and it sounds as if your book would be a perfect fit for her company. Hope this helps.

    • publish the book yourself. I used for my book. e-books are also quite popular. just merged with Kindle and is now called KDP. Unsure yet of what that offers in the way of self-publication.

  3. Hi everyone!

    Dream: Have my own production company, act in the movies we produce, be rich and happy.

    Obstacle: I don’t like writing scripts, although I have general ideas. No financing, yet. Need good producers, directors, writers.


  4. No amount of positive thinking can replace information, encouragement and accountability. You need input and support from other people. They’ll tell you things you need to know, encourage and believe in you and keep you moving toward your dream.

  5. Firstly, this is an incredible idea and concept. I love it.
    Dream: To work in surgery (I’ve wanted this since I was 5) I have a BS in speech and hearing sciences with an emphasis in audiology
    Obstacles: I’m currently a homeschool teacher, I don’t know anyone personally who I could apprentice under.

    Thank you to anyone who has ideas/help!

    • Erica–

      Ummm…I’m not sure you can get into surgery simply by apprenticeship. You need schooling, training, residency programs, and professional licenses.

      You might start with lower-level (but important!) medical training first, then work your way up. Various forms of nursing; nurse practitioner; physician’s assistant (different from a medical assistant); paramedic, etc. You might also look into veterinary assistant training. Is there a community college near you? They often have courses related to these fields. You could probably also find courses online.

      But those will take years, too. Might be worthwhile to figure out *what* it is about surgery that draws you: e.g., the intricacy, the puzzle aspect, respect, helping people/animals? Sometimes, it’s possible to find the important bit elsewhere.

      Oh, and I recently heard of a car mechanic who just finished medical school. I think he’s in his 40s. He wanted to be a doctor, when he was a kid; but it just wasn’t feasible, and wasn’t the kind of thing people in his neighborhood did. So his curiosity was channeled into car repair, from around age 5 or so. He had a good career as a mechanic. Then his doctor wish came back, and he decided to go for it.

      Wishing you good luck, and whatever’s best! 🙂

    • There are operating room nurses who are nurses: that means a 4-year bachelor’s degree or 2-year associates degree. Often the OR nurse will be “in charge” of the room or of several rooms, managing them, as it were.

      But then there are surgery technicians (surgery techs) who go to surgery tech school for between 9 and 15 months. These are the people who stand at the case across from the surgeon and hand them the instruments, and things like that. I believe you could look for an evening program, if someone could watch the kids for you.

      With homeschooling, the kids really need you there as their teacher: are you planning to send them to school to do this instead, or are you thinking about preparing now so that when you are done homeschooling you can move into this career?

      Also in “surgery” is the anesthesia tech. They aren’t gowned and gloved for surgery, but they help ready the anesthesia equipment. I was trained on the job for this, but there are apparently now “anesthesia tech” schools. I wonder if some hospitals still hire people with a high school diploma and then train them.

  6. I want a new career. I have some ideas but there are many obstacles
    – money
    – being single
    -some restrictions due to health

    • You have to first decide on what career you want, what would really float your boat.
      And then trying to work out the obstacles will be easier.
      Hard to do for something so vague.

      At what job would you love so much you’d never “work” again?

  7. Last Summer, I accepted a position with Americorps in Alamosa, Colorado. My son and I gathered the money to travel there and moved into a small apartment provided by the program. After 3 weeks, I was diagnosed with chronic altitude sickness and forced to return to Arkansas. Everyone agrees that should be the end of my dream of starting over and living in Colorado with my son. I’ve done some research, and shouldn’t have an issue with the altitude sickness if I stay under 5,000 feet. I am an LPN and can easily find work there but I really need a place to stay for at least a month while I find work. I’ve looked at lots of cities that are under the 5,000 feet altitude, Loveland, fort Collins, anywhere near Denver or Colorado springs, Pueblo. I’m looking for work now and I’ve even applied for some jobs there. Reality is, I can’t afford the travel the first month’s rent utilities while I’m renting here, now. I believe in divine intervention so the city isn’t as important— just that we get there. I tried and I failed. But, I’m just not willing to give up on this dream.

    • Greetings Sherry, I lived 50 years of my life in Colorado, and it is indeed a great place to live, However, I retired from one career and moved to Northern California where I have lived in various areas for 20 more of my 83 years. I am facing my own financial crunch right now and crowdfunding would be my answer for you. But I cannot do it right now because I live in government subsidized housing right now and I cannot “make” more than $200 in any month, or I lose $1000 worth of benefits of my low income status. I feel caught between a rock and a hard place!
      Anyhow, for you it seems that crowdfunding would be a good option. I Googled crowdfunding yesterday and found a site listing 40 companies of that type. Problem is that that site is apparently made up by a company called Fundly, somewhat local for me, so they are probably writing the info in a rather prejudiced way. Especially since they list themselves as #1 and Best. They do seem like a good company though.
      Also, I can’t believe that your medical problem was labeled CHRONIC in just three weeks time! I don’t think that fits the definition of that word. I think that you probably just didn’t allow enough time for your body to adjust to that altitude and that your body just needed some extra help to speed things up. If you can, I suggest that you find a doctor trained in Functional Medicine–could be an M.D. a D.O or D.C.. Or could even be a person highly trained in Nutrition (not just a dietician!). Someone like that could possibly help you.
      I also like the book “The Auto-Immune Solution” by Amy Meyers M.D. Her book became my “healing Bible” and her protocol helped me heal myself from a rare and labeled deadly auto-immune disease. Perhaps some of her information could help you???
      Lastly, have you heard of “Astrocartography”? It combines Astrology with Maps of wherever you want to know about and can give insights as to the best place(s) for you to live in this World. It is fascinating and a little “woowoo”, but helped me check out this area where I now live, as well as the world! Other places that would have been good for me were Bali, Nova Scotia, and Ohio–quite a variation. Do you have any idea what thing(s) is/are drawing you to Colorado??? BTW Pueblo used to be not so desirable, but it may have improved. You could also use either muscle checking or a pendulum and a Colorado map to see which places might be best.
      Enough for now, I think. Good Luck from my Whole Heart!

      • You might want to google the Wim Hoff method.
        There are two main parts, cold exposure and deep breathing and breath holding.
        It has been fond that the Wim Hoff method can help people climb mountains without oxygen IIRC.
        There are plenty of benefits to the system, and I am pretty sure that if you went though it for long enough you would find you could accommodate to a higher altitude.

        But, it is not effortless.
        It has been shown others can learn his record breaking methods.

      • Krystalargo de Lindachrist aka Linda Sue Plant Powers

        I’m starting up in a specific crowdfunding. would you like the link of a short video for yourself and others you come across ?

    • Hi, How are you doing? Have you discovered anything useful to assist you in making some new decisions? And how does your health feel? Hope you easily find your “Heart Place” in Colorado!

  8. Karla, Thanking you again for your good suggestions. I really thought that my four children would split the cost to finance my travel costs. BUT I was wrong! So now I am kind of up the creek without that Paddle, but searching rather frantically for a new thing that I can use for my paddle! Or looking for my lemon squeezer so I can make lemonade! lol

    • Greetings! First, I want to sincerely thank you for your time and consideration. Last night, hopeless, isolated, and tearful, I ran across Barbara Sher’s Ted talk. A few searches and clicks later, I found this site. I’m still a little in awe. It’s so inspiring, refreshing, and exciting to get some feedback and you’ve given me so many new ideas! I have ordered, “The Auto-Immune Solution” by Amy Meyers M.D. and am looking forward to learning more! I also tried a “free Astrocartography reading” but found it rather vague and difficult to read from my mobile device. Do you recommend any specific sites for this type of reading? This idea is quite intriguing! I am going to check out crowdfunding, next. I’ll keep you updated! Thank you, again!

      • Good Morning! I am so very delighted that you found some of my advice pertinent and useful–already! I do not personally know of any websites or sources of info regarding astrocartography. Remembering in my mind the charts that the woman who investigated this for me in Denver, I can see how it might be difficult to see/read/understand on a small screen. I only used this divination modality that one time, so have not developed more knowledge. I will ask you again, “Do you have any hunches of just plain knowledge of why Colorado is calling you so strongly?” Perhaps I could give you some tips or info if I knew more of what was your focus of living in Colorado. Perhaps a little quiet time or meditation? At what age did you discover this desire? Was there an event or a happening that triggered this off? After I moved to California, I began to realize just how challenging Colorado winter weather was/is and really how dangerous! If you don’t prepare properly (cars, etc.) or don’t have adequate clothing of your own, for example, and for your son (how old is he?) you can have serious trouble.
        Many years ago I almost bought a farm in Arkansas. I wanted land on which to raise Arabian horses. Didn’t get to do that there but later I had my own horse boarding stable near Golden, CO and did get to raise some of those beautiful Arabian horses! High point of my Life. I was also working full time as a Dental Hygienist, too. Great combination of two very different careers. Yes, Barbara Sher’s work and books can definitely catapult you into ACTION in a good way. I am so glad you have a career whose skills are so mobile and so valuable. Great Advantage!
        BLESS BLESS!

  9. Karla, I have heard of both Go Fund Me and Indiegogo. They do both seem to have good reputations. It seems that these companies have different rules, fees and levels of help. These are what sets them apart. I am very delighted that you were helped by the “crew”. I didn’t know they could do that. Awesome!
    I will heed your advice about the airline ticket. I started out months ago checking the online travel sites. And, yes, I did get lots of later lesser priced offers. So I have just been watching and praying for ways to raise the money. My grown children don’t want to and say they cannot help. Disappointed but, onward & upward!
    Thanks for your interest, response and good information. I APPRECIATE YOU!

  10. Dream: I want to use my musical and leadership talents to educate young would-be singers as a Teaching Artist with El Sistema USA, (national network bringing ensemble-based music education to underserved and impoverished young people), as well as directing either a church choir (lifelong Episcopalian) or a barbershop harmony ensemble (member for over 20 years) – add in voice studio teaching, occasional writing and/or arranging, combine well with reasonable income: a living, AND a life.

    Obstacles: (deep breath) Attention/Executive Function issues (diagnosed), raised an only in a overcritical family setting (yes, both parents), could not complete student teaching some 17 years ago due to the attentional problems and the social disconnections associated (however, *could* direct a 10-piece orchestra for ten performances of Sondheim four years ago, so…), more recently (2012) burned the last bridge with alma mater’s music side due to same issues as before (yet did successfully prepare and direct children’s ensembles two semesters running up to that point). Right, and do not have working vehicle of my own just now.

    • Hi RIch,
      Here’s an idea… Have you heard of sites like Thinkrific and Teachable (I’m sure there are many others)? I recently came across them and am very excited myself to be designing and delivering courses. I thought it might be worth looking into because it means you can start designing and delivering courses using your talents without having to travel or spend any money. Once you’ve started making money doing it you can do more of the ‘in-person’ ensemble directing that you seem to be very good at. In fact you could teach people how to run their ensembles whilst navigating the challenges of poverty, I bet you have a wealth of experience to share. Maybe you could develop your own method and style and make it your own brand?

      I don’t know which online teaching platform is best but I noticed yesterday that thinkrific is free to start developing and then you pay once you get on a bit. Maybe other platforms will offer the same?

      So you don’t need a working vehicle or any of the figurative ‘bridges’ that you burned!!

    • People are having some truly amazing results with the carnivore diet, especially good for the brain.

      Check out these:

      I can’t say it will solve it, but once you have head enough about the results people have had from this, and also the Feingold diet which is also an elimination diet, really I think it’s the best chance you have of helping your brain fix those issues.

      I would add that my experience with the carnivore suggests supplementing with magnesium and potassium, magnesium is great for insomnia.

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