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How Does the Online Idea Party Work?

You have a dream or a wish, and an obstacle to getting there. (If you don’t think you know your wish, work through my kick-starter and read this post. To learn why you must put logic aside to find your dream, read the following.)

The online Idea Party is here to help you – and the other fellow party goers – with your wishes and obstacles.

Voices from Success Teams and Idea Parties:

Having a team to report to and hearing what everybody did each week is very exciting. It’s kept me moving all year. In the past I made some good starts on my own, but found, every time, when the energy ran out, I ran out. Now it doesn’t run out.
Jade G.
Children’s Playroom Therapist, New York Hospital

I would do a painting a year, a sketch a year. If it was only me I know I would never do it. Having to tell you makes all the difference. It’s crazy why I didn’t do this years ago, it’s so easy all of a sudden.
Caroline R. Personnel Executive, Macy’s Dept Store

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2,925 thoughts on “Barbara Sher’s Idea Party

  1. Another one…

    Goal, to make a device to harmonize 5G radiation and other EMF hazards over HUGE distances from a single affordable/cheap device.

    The issue here is testing, live blood analysis seems to be one of the best ways to see the damage from EMF to cells.

    Problem, while I have an idea of how to harmonize the 5G radiation hazard, I need to test what works and what doesn’t, and this require access to equipment that I do not have a clue how to get my hands on, this needs volunteers, maybe in the medical field so that when something that works is made we will know it and know to make this whatever it is, more widely available.
    I can make forms that create energies strong enough to blanket large areas with energy so my hope is that very few of these will be needed say, per state or country.

    This is a more recent and less grand dream as it is just a sort of emergency necessary stop gap to combat the growing damage done by EMF.

    How is this possible? This kind of thing has already been established as possible, one example is the “Hamberg Emitter” used to balance the energy in Hamberg after things went really bad, but to enhance the power many many fold. By sending such energy into the grid I believe that it can help “fix” almost all sources of EMF.

    So, anyone know someone concerned about 5G?
    Anyone know someone with live blood analysis or other means of accessing damage done by EMF in real time? Sort of “alt medical”?

    • Twisted Sage makes copper tensor tools for such things. They also show people how to make their own. twisted theses tools take harmful and transmute into beneficial. also for water and other things…. if you want to check it out. incredibly harmonizing beautiful energies.

  2. My wish is for our family of 12 (10 kids, 2 adults) to travel to Europe and to study old buildings, their structure and their energy lines.

    My obstacles are – not enough money, where can a family of 12 stay? I don’t know how we could travel around Europe with such a large family. I don’t know how to keep everyone safe.

    • That’s an unusual group. You might find a magazine or an organization that wants publicity for what you’re interested in to finance and set up the program for you and photograph it and write the whole thing up. Not sure who that would be…

    • Hi Beccie,
      how old your children? Do you come from the US?
      In fact, Europe is very safe, much safer than the US. Airbnb is an option. There are also cheaper countries than others. Eg Greece, Portugal and parts of Eastern Europe are inexpensive. The North (Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland) and Central Europe where I come from (Austria, Switzerland, Germany) are very expensive.
      Or maybe you split up your trip and travel 1-3 countries at a time, stay in a central place (a cheap house), buy at the supermarket and cook for yourselves. From there you can rent a car – we also got cheap public transport (family tickets): train, metro, tram, bus with superb connections. On some days entrances are free (museums) and in many countries churches do not cost anything. The historical town centres can be walked and boat trips are actually cheap, too.
      In Europe English and many other foreign languages are widely spoken, so there will always be someone to help you. Facilities are excellent, a much higher standard than in most other parts of the world. In many countries tap water can be drunk, because we are very eco.
      There are many free concerts and performances you can visit – just inform yourself via the web. The cinema is cheap too, especially if you are a group.

      All the best

  3. 1. I want to build an online software-as-a-service tool that generates passive income for me so I can quit my job, but I’m having trouble staying engaged and motivated to keep going.
    2. I want to become a published fiction author, but I get distracted or procrastinate instead of finishing my book.
    3. I want to travel the world and see new places, but I don’t have a lot of money and I have two small kids.

    • Hi Todd
      Great dreams! Here are some suggestions:
      1. Dedicate a maximum of 30 min per day to this project or 2 hours if you have it eg in the weekends. Then you can stay interested. Motivation is the result from doing.
      2. Finish your book first, so don’t think of the publishing process yet. Focus on writing in bursts of 15 minutes: pure writing, no editing allowed. Increase the length of writing but stop on a high so you love to return to it the next day/week(end). Mindmap the outline of the book for 15 min (if you haven’t got it yet), then characters, settings etc. You’ll stay energized. Set a timer then stop. Keep motivated by moving to different parts/sections of the book.
      3. Affordable family travel is possible by doing A. voluntary work with the whole family. Eg or check (click ‘host list’, then choose country, then under ‘more search options’ click ‘can hosts families’.
      Or B. House sitting, check or google other platforms or see what’s out there on Home owners love families if they are a family themselves so their pets are used to kids.

      OK, hope this helps. Happy to answer some questions. My biggest insight was that I can do ‘a lot’ by just doing a project for 1-2 max to keep energy flowing and make steady progress. And that we could travel far longer by doing voluntary/house sitting jobs.

      Go for it!

      • Thanks Marianne! Lots of gems here.

        1. I did have a streak going where I was taking action every day and feeling motivated. Fell off recently and have had trouble getting back into it. But you’re right, consistent action would bring that motivation back.

        2. Just started writing again after a hiatus. Writing was one of the activities I loved to do, but set aside. I’ve been reading through Wishcraft and started to make time for writing again. I’ll try your 15 minute method.

        3. I recently learned about house sitting. Had never considering the voluntary work option. I’ll do some more research on those.

        Thanks for your help!

  4. The best way to quit smoking is to read both Allen Carr books! First the 100 page book and immediatly afterwards the big 655 page version. I smoked 80 cigarettes a day and after 21 days without cigarettes I forgot how cigarettes taste. Nothing else worked for me. I even paid hundreds of €uros for hypnosis and all kimd of other stuff… But AFTER READING 800 pages of Allen Carr I really stopped!
    It works!

    • Why go to the UK, they aren’t doing well because there are too many people, the same type that you want to escape.
      Try a country that isn’t allowing ISIS and such into their country, try a Muslim country that is more prosperous and safe.

  5. I want to 1- teach people how to get freed from their mind and self heal with engaging massage in the world.
    The obstacles are my demons
    and there is always something i need to fix so get stuck
    i am alone
    i am afraid of islamification in the world
    I am not a great speaker yet
    I am working with intuition most of the time rather than scientific anotomical data
    I need clients who go with it
    The blue chip mafi a pharmaceutical do get rid of people that are healers

    I have other dreams too

    • Islamification is a very valid fear, but how does that stop you?
      Look at some of the reasons not to live your dream and ask, are these actual barrier, and are these barriers really unable to be overcome?
      And there are risks, but I think you are getting carried away and in the end life carries a 100% chance of death.

  6. I want to move to New York City with my band.
    The obstacles we face?
    My band and I are still in high school (we graduate this year though)
    We have no money
    We don’t know how to record our songs
    We don’t have a drummer.

    But we have really good, new ideas. We have hope. We won’t give up.
    But if anyone can spare it, we need some help.
    Thank you

    • you could make some street music to earn a little bit and put a sign in front “looking for drummer”
      N.Y. has lots of day jobs in cafes, stores, etc. you just need a little bit to get there until you find sth; aunts and grandparents are often supportive of these endeavors! 😉
      any of you has an iphone? they make great recordings. or buy a used zoom recorder. no need to go crazy on the production level, just yet.
      imusic is an easy program to get accustomed to for recording.
      maybe one of you is inspired to learn about recording and take a class about it.
      you could add a “recording hour” to your band rehersals where togetether you research recording possibilities.
      took to people about it, there are a lot of hobby musicians out there, who basically have a full little record studio at home. that could be any of your friends dad or weird uncle.
      just play some gigs, at parties, at your school, you will meet a lot of people, that have things to offer you need.
      keep enjoying your music, if you really enjoy it you will have the courage to do some steps.
      all the best to you!

  7. I lack technical skills
    I have fear of failure
    I have ADD
    I am lazy
    I am not charismatic or social
    I can’t do complex math
    I am not great with technical stuff
    I’m not skilled at building stuff
    I feel easily defeated
    I don’t have money
    But, but I have discovered something so important, such a breakthough that if I could overcome those obstacles, or, get around them, if I could actually have my scientific breakthrough studied, I kid you not, we would be beyond Star Trek, we could travel the universe, have abundant health, wealth, and technology that would put a scifi show to shame after a relatively short while.
    I can prove the reality of this to “MOST” people, as it is with no cost able to be proven to a majority of people as I can make forms most people can feel the energy of. This energy, if energy is the right world is the basis for an absolute transformation and I can prove it, but most people lack the vision, or don’t appreciate the importance, or, they don’t feel it.
    Can prove this to anyone, even those insensitive can witness others feel the energy to become convinced.

    I already have evidence as to what this energy can do because I got here from studying experiments and phenomena that broke the laws of physics as we know them.
    I need people with the skills and resources that I don’t have.
    Also, there are people who will try to stop this kind of effort as it breaks down the current money/power structures.

    If you have an open mind, and a positive vision for the future maybe we can change the world.

    • Maybe you should be a bit more precise on what kind of energy you are talking about and how it could be applied. Where would you like to see yourself working on this, in what kind of environment with what kind of people around you?
      But I can tell you the planet is ready for this kind of stuff. 🙂

      • Hi, thanks for replying, well, ok, so here goes…
        I became interested in physics, absorbed books, then I came across claims of seemingly impossible things, “Antigravity” or, “Free Energy”, anyway I looked into these claims cautiously and concluded that these things had been achived, and sometime in the same device, it wasn’t a trick or a scam, but the details of how were lost.

        So, I researched many many many of these claims and I saw a pattern, a correlation among them, that correlation was something that my physics loving head didn’t want to see, an “ether” or “aether”. Maybe or maybe not the lumiferious (light bearing) one that was meant to have been disproven (but wasn’t) by science.

        I couldn’t ignore the strength of the correlation, I had to pursue it, I put my life to this, and the next 17 years were fruitless despite more correlations… but all just theory.

        But, finally in 2012 I made an unusual coil, and I could feel an emanation issue from it, faint and first, then stronger, to the point of it being uncomfortable.

        It continued to work after I turned the power off, so it couldn’t be explain away. So i tried it on others, some people can feel this energy, some can’t, and some it depends on the device and which way the wind is blowing, but for physical devices as often been about 80-95% success rate.

        As I could now feel energy, it moved well past that one coil, but, I had another shock coming…

        Turns out, light, or images can also affect this “energy” call is Chi, Orgone, every culture has had a name for it, and so has science…
        And so I found the easiest, fastest way to experiment is with images, and that is only felt by about 50% of people, but if you are lucky, you might be able to feel something.

        Here is an image to try, open it ideally on a computer not a phone.

        Give it a few minutes, feel around in the space infront of the screen, close, far, move your hand toward and away…
        And you might feel pressure, warmth, tingle, a shock like feeling, body effects, your head might be affected…

        This is science not magic, indeed, there are far far far far far weaker design in a book by Dan A. Davidson called “Shape Power”, and my work is not a copy of his in the least, but it dovetails.

        So the point I am at now, really it probably won’t take much, I have got this to a very sophisticated place where extremely strong energies can be created with minimal engineering.

        The challenge is even getting people to ty, and not to be freaked out if they can feel anything.

        It’s like I’m demonstrating a battery to people and they are getting shocks and don’t see the world that can come from electricity, well, what can come from this is infinitely greater.

        So, there you have it, those who would be the most interested (physicists) are too closed minded. But many who feel it easily are just “whatever” and don’t have an iota of interest. It’s not spiritual enough for some, and those looking for Free Energy and
        Antigravity are chasing the effect but ignoring the mechanism which is modifying space, or the quantum vacuum, or the zero point, or whatever name this should be given.

        Ironically, Conventional science openly admits there is a whole host of “stuff” in space that they have no idea about, no conventional way of detecting, this is the subject of dark matter, dark energy and beyond. But they won’t accept something you feel but don’t know how to measure and put math to…

        And, the certainly won’t accept that light can burn a “circuit” in the vacuum of space, despite the fact that light is known to burn circuits in matter, push matter around.

        • As for the second question “Where would you like to see yourself working on this, in what kind of environment with what kind of people around you?”

          Well it can’t be profit based, it has to be a non-profit setup to shepherd this technology.
          But, because I have got it to the current stage, I think it can start out small, with just modest funding of less than $100k which is peanuts when it comes to, well, anything.
          It will however need people to donate their time and effort with that money going to tools, equipment and materials, there would be people experimenting in low cost ways (continuing and expanding on my efforts) and those with better skills making prototypes, basically a small community of people bringing this experimentation to the next level.

          Really, what kind of people, anyone with a can do attitude and the desire to try some stuff. But, people who are skilled at fabrication, experimentation would be ideal.

          At that stage there should be enough success, some useful and physical demo that can drive funding needed for another stage, and so on.

          Importantly, I want to inspire the world too so the world uses this right.

          • Ok. I have seen places where people would experiment with sttuff like this, but more in very closed up places, alternative societies, like in Dhamanur, Italy.

            I get you are talking about the generation of energy within the human organism and any yogi would confirm that huge amounts of energy is possible to be received within the nervous system. most of it is due to getting the organism into a ceratin state of balance, intention and the mind into focus.

            what i don’t get is. isn’t your idea to harnest energy from the “energy field”, therefore you would nice a technological device, right?

            I find it very interesting but from my intellectual understanding and my purpose this is as far as it goes. but i do think, even in physics there are a lot of alternative thinkers out there. I can only encourage you to keep going. If you love it, it will be of benefit. And i hope someone else will give you the missing pieces. all the best!

        • i like this. I have become a body worker because i have witnessed the power of the chi and seen people rejuvenate in front me at least 5 years. People healed from many physical issues including anxiety and depression. However my chi is in my hands. It must be something similar. I would be interested to to know more but what i am trying to say is that i believe you can harvest it yourself…. to discuss more.

          • Please, try the image I included in the post, I’d love any feedback. Plus, for those who do feel it and report such, it helps other accept that I’m not a kook.

    • LET’S DO IT
      As a bodyworker for 28+ years, I have a good understanding of ENERGY. I would like to know more of your “invention”
      Also, learn and use on your self, the healing modality of EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique, created by Gary Craig. Or you can get same or similar info and help from siblings Nick and Jessica Ortner called The Tapping Solution. It is so easy and so awesome!

    • have you tried completely allowing yourself and enjoying it the most you can first? do that! be a smoke lover first!!

      and every time, or every other time, you feel the urge, stop for a moment, maybe hold the cigarette in your hand and just feel the feeling you are sensing, feel the urge, feel your body, how it wants it, become conscious of the whole situation, own it. maybe don’t smoke it just yet for a minute or two, or five. maybe even put it back down, or just smoke it if you feel like it, but then enjoy it, feel everything about it, how your mind reacts, your body, everything. become a smoke scientist, celebfrate it; see where that takes you…. 🙂 if you really want to quit, you will feel it much deeper and more concrete then , which will make it easier at some point to drop it.
      also when you feel the urge, go within and ask yourself whta it really is that you want from this cigarette, is it the buzz? the dullness? relaxation? calmness?
      it’s brutal to take smoking away from you without having something else to satisfy that need. try to figure out what you can do to get that elsewhere and implement that first while still smoking. meditation? going for a walk? more alone time? a different job? solving relationship-troubles i your life? etc.
      be easy about it!
      all the best!

    • The best way to quit smoking is to read both Allen Carr books! First the 100 page book and immediatly afterwards the big 655 page version. I smoked 80 cigarettes a day and after 21 days without cigarettes I forgot how cigarettes taste. Nothing else worked for me. I even paid hundreds of €uros for hypnosis and all kimd of other stuff… But AFTER READING 800 pages of Allen Carr I really stopped!
      It works!

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