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How Does the Online Idea Party Work?

You have a dream or a wish, and an obstacle to getting there. (If you don’t think you know your wish, work through my kick-starter and read this post. To learn why you must put logic aside to find your dream, read the following.)

The online Idea Party is here to help you – and the other fellow party goers – with your wishes and obstacles.

Voices from Success Teams and Idea Parties:

Having a team to report to and hearing what everybody did each week is very exciting. It’s kept me moving all year. In the past I made some good starts on my own, but found, every time, when the energy ran out, I ran out. Now it doesn’t run out.
Jade G.
Children’s Playroom Therapist, New York Hospital

I would do a painting a year, a sketch a year. If it was only me I know I would never do it. Having to tell you makes all the difference. It’s crazy why I didn’t do this years ago, it’s so easy all of a sudden.
Caroline R. Personnel Executive, Macy’s Dept Store

Post Your Wish and Your Obstacle Here!

And help your team mates out when you can. Use the Reply link to help, the form below the comments to add your own Wish and Obstacle.

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3,520 thoughts on “Barbara Sher’s Idea Party

  1. I hope to be able to be part of this wonderful group, but without having to go through Facebook ( as you
    know most social media can be useful in some ways, but it can also be a waste of time.

  2. I wish to have clarity on what is my purpose in life is. And, I have my GI Bill to pay to get a Master’s Degree. I just don’t know what to take.

    • You don’t need a purpose in life, Glen. Find ways to do what makes you happy. And don’t require that those ways be what you do to pay your bills until that becomes the easiest, happiest path.

      • Hi Glen,
        I agree with patty. Work should be what we do to pay our bills, and not necessarily where you will find meaning to your life. Meaning in life is found in development of relationship with our creator and, others. It’s a good idea to start with those closer to us such as family members, and searching for a mate if you are single. Some may feel that having children is too much work, too expensive or too much trouble but in reality becoming a parent and raising a child is the most amazing joyful blessing one can hope for.
        Now for the easy part;. There are some professions that would allow you to help others and that can be meaningful in itself such as counseling, teaching, or social work. A MSW degree it’s very useful and it opens many areas that you could work. Obtaining a master’s and teacher certification along with it is useful it can open some doors for you to teach in foreign countries which can be very exciting and allows you to travel and enjoy other cultures. I think some research and conducting some informational interviews in those careers areas the may appeal to you, and take your time to make a decision as to what you going to go into don’t feel rushed and don’t allow schools whether they’re public universities or private school to sell you on whatever program they have. instead do your own research and you make your own decision as to what path of study you will choose. I like the large public universities as they have a great many resources available to students.

    • Hi Glen~

      While there is certainly no need to dwell on “finding a purpose,” I DO find journaling helps me to get clear on what it is that I truly want to spend my days doing and what talents and skills align with those wishes. My own journey to clarity inspired me to create a free challenge for others looking to find work that checks as many of the boxes as possible. If that is something you might be interested in, you can access it here:

      Wishing you luck!

  3. Hello everyone,
    I am a 30 year-old cabin crew from Turkey and I don’t feel so good nowadays. I have been meaning to change my job. I find it so hard to keep going and I feel so lost about what kind of a job would be suitable for me. The pandemic makes it even more difficult. I feel so worried about everything. I feel so indecisive and even as I’m writing this, my brain hurts. I have a tendency to have anxiety and depresssion and it is rare for me to feel just ok. I receive therapy, I love my therapist but I am not sure if I can keep seeing her. Money became an issue nowadays. I am not sure if this therapy style fits my situation the best. I have a very turbulent character I’m afraid. I burn out so easily! I read about CBT but we don’t use that in our sessions.
    I have certain abilities that I like using. Certain passions… Here are some:
    1. Communicating in English is one, talking to many people from around the world.
    2. I love being in a nice place in the nature but not for long! Love a change of scenery every now and then.
    3. I love babies. I just do 🙂
    4. I love solitude. I am an introvert and love being one. I love being home.
    5. I love good stories(whether in music, film, and literature) and keeping a diary.
    Obstacles are many:
    1.I am very absorbent of the energy of the people and unfortunately I may get stressed out and burned out easily.
    2. I find it hard to open up. To start something new. I don’t feel very self confident.
    3. I keep worrying about money all the time. I love my independence too.

    If I quit I have to vacate my apartment. I may buy a car and feel more independent.
    I just wish I could live in a place where I would feel safe and in control. Where I would work hard at times and enjoy that hard work. My heart aches in a bitter sweet way when I see people leading a happy life in a nice village. Also those who live off grid, those who live simply. I envy the owners of some permaculture homesteads who host volunteers from around the world.

    I sent my resignation letter but I feel so scared. I would love to try doing some new things (visiting farms, travelling) but I fear I
    May lose my motivation. I wonder if I will ever be able to work and earn a living again. I feel so stuck!

    Thank you for your time and support in advance!

    • Hi Berna~

      First let me say it must be overwhelming to have all of these feelings inside you at once! Step one might be to take some slow, deep breaths, do some guided meditations or spend some time in nature. It’s hard to make progress when your brain is spinning–I’ve been there.

      Some lovely, FREE meditations that I enjoy are from Tara Brach. They focus in large part on self-acceptance, and are especially helpful for dealing with overwhelming emotions like anxiety and fear. Take a look here:

      To your point about wanting to feel in control, that is such a slippery desire. While it is common to all of us, the truth is that very little outside ourselves is within our control. All we can do is control how we react to situations, people, and our environment. A book I invite you to listen to is “Loving What Is” by Byron Katie. I say “listen” because the chapters are formatted as conversations, so it’s very easy to take in in audiobook format. I consider this book life changing for me.

      Lastly, I offer a FREE challenge on my website for folks trying to figure out what career path to pursue. It involves journaling (which it sounds like you already do) and helps you gain clarity around your values, strengths and curiosities so you can either design a job that suits you perfectly or find one out in the world that lights you up inside. If you’re interested in checking that out, you can find it here:

      I wish you the best of luck and feel free to write back if you have questions about any of this!

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