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How Does the Online Idea Party Work?

You have a dream or a wish, and an obstacle to getting there. (If you don’t think you know your wish, work through my kick-starter and read this post. To learn why you must put logic aside to find your dream, read the following.)

The online Idea Party is here to help you – and the other fellow party goers – with your wishes and obstacles.

Voices from Success Teams and Idea Parties:

Having a team to report to and hearing what everybody did each week is very exciting. It’s kept me moving all year. In the past I made some good starts on my own, but found, every time, when the energy ran out, I ran out. Now it doesn’t run out.
Jade G.
Children’s Playroom Therapist, New York Hospital

I would do a painting a year, a sketch a year. If it was only me I know I would never do it. Having to tell you makes all the difference. It’s crazy why I didn’t do this years ago, it’s so easy all of a sudden.
Caroline R. Personnel Executive, Macy’s Dept Store

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2,823 thoughts on “Barbara Sher’s Idea Party

  1. My wish: To find a job where i can directly help others and serve them.

    My obstacle: I am lost with my Aerospace Engineering degree and came to a point that i realized i am not going to pursue a PhD because my mental and physical health started to warn me.
    I had a back injury 4 years ago. I couldn’t apply for internships so now i have 1 month of experience in the field. I am healthy now and i lift weights. but i still can’t sit in an office in front of a screen for hours, not even close 3 hours, but i can move around and around and do all my daily tasks with no failure.

    My interest/skills: I love cosmology and astrophysics, my passion for the Universe is what kept me hopeful for years, i have been conducting my own space research book for years since i was in high school, writing equations and numbers. I speak more than 4 languages. I love reading and practicing sports. I love traveling and discovering new things. I am a very active person, passion drive and enthusiastic, i believe that someday i will be happy and proud with i’ll achieve.

    • Hey Sally,
      you wrote your obstacle is that your lost with your degree. So actually my impuls is: Seems like you have to make a decision here? Do you want to stop or not? What is holding you back? You write your lost, you tell us how its damaging your health, but your still there. Why? What is holding you? That seems to be the obstacle to me…?

      I don’t know anything about Aerospace Engineering. But I understud, that you successfully finished something like a masters degree? That should mean, that you earned different skills, like math things, economics and so on, doesn’t it? I mean, not as a main subject, but along the way. Maybe you can think about those qualifications that you earned on the sideways and how you can use them somewhere else.
      To give you an example that poped into my mind: A lot of NGOs have mainly social workers as employes. That often gives problems with finances (or at least finances don’t go as smooth as they could) because social workers don’t learn a lot of math and economics in their education. But most organisations are too small to invest in a person that only works on finances.
      If you would find an organisation that- i don’t know- conducts sports lessons for children in poor neighborhoods and you happen to be good in fundraising and have a knack with numbers, your education is not wasted, you would be SO useful for the organisation and you could probably also work in the field and help directly. This is just an example.
      My point is: Search what parts of your education could be useful. Maybe not just your education, but everything you do. What are your skills? It sounds to me like you know what you like to do. So maybe just scan the job offers and find your corner. Be courageous enough to be creative! I’m sure your a box full of wonders 🙂

      Sorry if this wasn’t helpful. I think its great that you take your health warning signs seriously. Thats a huge step and most people don’t get enough credits for it, because its so hard and so important. So, from a stranger to you: I marvel your selfcare! And you seem so widely interested and I get such positive vibes from you, that I’m somehow very sure, that you will find a good place for you! All the best, Lina

  2. My wish: To own my own business
    My obstacle: I don’t know what kind of business to own
    My interests/skills: I have a strong memory for autobiographical events, I like computers, I have an eye for taking photos (but only a cell phone camera,) I like scrap booking, I can cook and bake and I like personal finances (bookkeeping)

    • Hi Marie

      The best way to know what kind of business you want to run is to learn about different business by working at them. Since you don’t want to be leaving every job in a month, you need to figure out a way to learn about them. One way is to tell the owner you’re researching businesses and interview them – what do they like most and least about their business, etc. Another is to ask as many people as you can, especially those that own their businesses. Join clubs of solo entrpreneurs, and start answering questions. Also, there are books on the subject in most book stores. I used to enjoy reading them.

      The good thing is that you understand that running a business is a thing of its own, and most businesses share certain things. My parents owned a tavern. I never considered running anyplace where I had built in expenses, like rent or inventory, so I went into a service business, which I could run without those things. I think the only thing I learned from my family’s business experience was that it’s not very scary to work for yourself.

  3. Hello Everyone!

    So delighted to have found this little corner in Barbara Sher’s world!

    First of all, I want to apologize as I am definitely a Scanner with LOADS of interests, mostly in the arts. I don’t want to overwhelm anyone so I will start with my first love and feature the rest in future posts.

    My wish is to be an Opera Singer (doesn’t have to be in a lead role, could be a supporting, small role). I fell in love with the Flower Duet featured on Yanni’s Live at the Acropolis recording.

    My obstacles?

    I’m 42 years old. I reached out to a trained opera singer who still sings professionally for a living. She was kind and honest enough to tell me that to sing professionally is a long and difficult path. It’s not cheap as I would need to invest in the best mentors.

    She went on to say that the conventional path would mean going back to school to study voice then joining an apprentice program (but there are age limitations, around 30 years of age).

    Then there’s the stiff competition. Opera is not for dabblers (although I think this option is the only one for me in this season of life.)

    A final obstacle is that I’m an Introvert. I don’t like to be surrounded by loads of people for long periods of time. It zaps my energy. I looked into my local Opera organization, and it looks like they have their singers go to constant social events, tv appearances, and other public relations activities to promote their upcoming events. That would be the death of me!

    I would greatly appreciate everyone’s input and I hope to be of service to you all as well! Barbara, if you are reading this, I’m sending you a big HUG! Thank you for your gift to the world and giving us Scanners Hope! Another dream of mine would be to meet YOU!

    Thank you!


    • Connie, what’s the part of opera you love the most?

      Who says you have to be a professional? How about finding a teacher/coach and some others who love opera, and letting her or him train you sufficiently to put on your own small operas in your living room or a local theater? Is anything crucial missing?

      • You can learn to sing opera well enough to sing in an opera cafe. What’s that? Well, I was at a restaurant once where the waiters all sang arias, while working. They loved it. Said it was fun and relaxing and the audiences were wonderful.

        Its very important to distinguish between doing something, and doing something professionally. Find the part you love the best and you can always do it one way or another.

        • Hi Barbara!

          I was so giddy to see your response!

          You really got me thinking about doing what I love in a different way. I’m definitely up for taking lessons and maybe one day getting folks together to put on an amateur show. That sounds like fun!

          I’m going to keep these ideas in my back pocket as I forgot to mention that I’m also a very busy stay at home Mom of two very young children. So my time is severely limited.

          I’m glad to know that I can still pursue this in a way that fits me.

          Thank you so much Barbara for taking the time to help me.

          I LOVE the way you think outside the box!

          Warmest Regards,


          • I understand. But you can always play opera during the day, and you and your kids can make up operas and sing them to relatives, too! 🙂 And you can sing arias while you’re cooking dinner.

          • And driving was made for loud singing! Just roll up the windows and belt it out. And play opera nice & loud at the same time. (Kids don’t often like this, but you can do it when you’re alone in the car.) You can sing high soprano or deep baritone while driving about. People tend to look at your face, being as your mouth is often unusually wide open, but you’ll never see them again.

          • You are right, Barbara! The inside of your car is the perfect venue for singing!


      • Sorry Barbara,

        I wanted to answer the beginning of your response.

        What part of opera do I love the most? Gosh, it’s hard to limit this to one thing. When I see Pavarrotti, Bocelli, or Sara Brightman belt out the climax to Puccini’s Nessun Dorma with such passion, I just feel my heart swell with emotion that wants to burst through. I feel that need to sing likewise, express and belt out in the same fashion.

        Unfortunately, it can’t be in my home because opera is such a powerful vocal art that is best suited for a theatre, otherwise, I’d scare my kids! Ha-Ha!

        • Dear Connie,
          thanks for sharing your wish. I have the same. I would like to suggest you to find other people with the same wish and have an Ensemble – like five or six or eight people so that every participant is a soloist in his/her part (soprano, tenor…), but you are able to study and play some little scenes of an Opera and train your ability to play and interact together with other people.

          There are also many teachers offering workshops and open sinsing classes where you can learn ensemble singing. workshops are also very good for comparing different teachers and methods in singing where you always can find other people with the same interests of you.

          Another suggestion is to ask your local Opera house if you could take part at performances either as a supernumerary (is this the right word for someone who has just a liitle role without any text to say like a servant or part of a group of people who are just walking around on stage and play passers?) or as a member of the chorus.

  4. Hello! I am really happy to have found about Barbara Sher.

    My wish is to be so deeply touch by a work of art that it makes me cry.

    I finished reading I could do anything… at the beginning of this year and it definitely helped me. I was a college drop out with no idea of what I wanted, very confused and lost. And had underpaid jobs because I was to scared to ask for what I deserved.
    I quit a month ago and decided to go back to university, also started to take ballet clases which is something that I always wanted but felt too old. I am taking a couse about baroque art as well!

    Anyways, I still feel a little lost. I am doing things that I enjoy, but don’t feel completely passionate about any of this.

    Is this normal? Maybe because I had been so numb during such a long time, it is diffiult for me to feel things. Especially when it comes to art.
    I feel like I can only appreciate art from a technical point of view, I can like it or dislike it according to the colors and themes. But I’ve never felt what I’ve seen other people feel. My mind gets in the way most of the times. I want to feel frenetic about something, like painters that can’t help themselves but paint or mathemathicians that can’t do anything else but think about numbers. Maybe my idea of what it means to create is not healthy and I should be okay with being mildly interested in things.

    Any suggestions or words are appreciated. Have a nice day everyone that has read so far. 🙂

    • Dear Sara,
      I don’t really know, but when I read your message I thought, that you are very passioned in searching. Even though you did not find anything, you keep going. I find that fascinating. Seems like there is a strong emotion waiting for you.
      I’m not sure what your obstacle is. Maybe you’ll have to find that to be able to find a solution?

      When did you ever experienced what you’re searching for? Think about that occasion and go from there.
      If you never did, think about something you experienced that planted that wish into you. What is this about? Why do you crave it?
      Maybe you’re really touched by people being touched by art? Maybe it’s not colours and stuff but eyes and bodys and emotions of living people that get to you. Sounds like a valid thing to me. You could just go to art places and look at the people instead of the art. If they fascinate you you could create art which features people being touched by art. That sounds pretty interesting to me, now that I think about it.

      About being numb: not a very much liked advice, but therapy or coaching might help if this is your condition. They probably have some ideas how to get back your emotions.

      From the artist point of view: I often need some distance before I can appreciate my work. Maybe don’t look at the stuff you just created. Give it a few weeks, maybe a month or more before you look at it again. Helps me.

      Good luck to you! I keep my fingers crossed!
      All the best, Lina

      • I had never thought about that!!! I do like a lot looking at people but I try no to stare much. Also my favorite paintings are either portraits or where people’s faces are super expressive.
        I guess the reason why I want that feeling so badly is because at my art history course (and at classes when I was in high school) I saw other people have a connection and be somewhere I could not understand.

        Thanks a lot for replying!!!!

        • My friends in college were almost all painters and they helped me see things I hadnt seen before, things that made me really happy. But only two times was I overcome with emotion when looking at paintings. The first was a small Cezanne at a private NY gallery. I hadn’t realized it was so small, and I had never been that close to a Cezanne before. It startled me by taking my breath away. I didn’t feel that way about his other paintings in the room. I really saw it, somehow. One other time at the Gardner museum (in DC?) I saw another small painting of a few pieces of fruit on a table, and the same thing happened. Bother were totally unexpected, and that has happened to me very few times.

          Many more times I’ve been shown all the greys in a portrait of a woman in a white blouse and it changed the painting totally because I saw it so differently. I’ve had experiences like that second one, usually with the help of friends who are painters and tell me what to look for.

          But I understand perfectly how you wish you could have that powerful emotional response to a painting, and it’s uncommon for many of us, even when we enjoy paintings enormously. (I love some painting enormously but have never felt like crying.) My advice: go to small galleries whenever a painter’s works are being shown and walk through slowly, stand near the paintings, and just try to see what you think the painter was doing. It’s great that you took Art History.That will turn out to be a great help.

          • Oh!! Thank you so much!!

            I am going to try to go more to museums and galleries and shut down my brain.

            I normally skip all these beautiful events because I feel scared of not being able to feel them.
            I sometimes go to concerts with my friend who is a huge fan of classical music, and while he is lost in the music I can’t feel much.

          • I think that lots of us have to be taught to listen to music. There are things going on in classical music that only composers can hear, and other things that only musicians can hear. Some people are natural listeners and some are not. I once listened to the first movement of Beethoven’s 3 symphony after reading about it, how it’s the longest first movement of symphony, or was until that time, and I heard things that really startled and amazed me, things even some of my musician friends didn’t hear. I love to read Donald Tovey, though I often don’t know what he’s talking about. I can’t describe it right now but reading him is so much fun. He’s so knowledgeable,and so grumpy! And he gives you an amazing look into what it’s like to *really* hear music!

        • Hi Sara,

          I agree with Barbara. I think most of us can benefit from being taught more about a specific piece of art or music. I think it’s completely understandable to not feel anything because we were not the ones who created the piece in the first place.

          We need to be enlightened with the knowledge of how the art was created. What emotions were they experiencing? What inspired them to create it? How did they feel after it was created? There are so many unknowns that we can’t possibly appreciate it enough. I really don’t know if we can ever fully appreciate it as the creator did.

          • So nice all of your answers!!! I think you are right Connie!! I should start creating to find those feelings instead of looking for them outside of myself.

          • That is a brilliant way to resolve this Sara! Simply create your own art when you are feeling most inspired. That way, the art will embody your feelings and expressions. 🙂

  5. If you live in a city – when was the last time you saw a butterfly? When did your child or grandchild see a butterfly that was not plastered dead on a car’s windshield or in a comic book?
    My wish: to create a “Butterfly Bus” that brings these beautiful, magical creatures, alive and flying to be experienced by children in kindergartens, to old folk homes, to shopping centers. The objective? To raise awareness for the fragility of nature’s network and to just provide a beautiful, peaceful experience to visitors of the bus.
    My obstacle: Finances! I have worked out a business plan and have talked with expert lepidopterists, bus outfitters, etc. They all attest to the feasibility of the project. For 3 buses (it doesn’t make any sense to just make it for 1) including all the necessary structural changes (powered by solar or natural gas, humidity and temperature regulation), personnel, garaging, importing of cocoons, PR & marketing, etc. etc., I need a solid 6-7 figure sum. And sponsors and partners. I am a fit-and-fancy-free 69-year-old and would relocate to anywhere in the world in an instant if I had the financial support to make this wish come true.

    • Dear Zenaida

      I love your idea of bringing butterflies to the city, showing them to kids and awakening awareness for nature.

      Even the idea with the bus is a fancy idea.

      but what comes into my mind: (instead of the bus, but for bringing butterflies in the cities)

      what about this:
      urban gardening, guerrilla gardening.

      create places with flowers in the cities, gardens, flowerpots, so that the insects will have food again and will stay longer (longer than the bus)
      provide special flower seeds to the kindergardens, so that the kids can see the flowers grow, their variety, and see how the bees and butterflies and so will enjoy the diversity.
      Encourage people to create little private gardens. (with vegetables and flowers)

      I live in Germany, and there are many little projects, even small areas around the trees in the city are used for gardening (look here, at min 9.18 ) . Or create gardens in neighbourhoods, the suburbs, communities; people love to do something meaningful for nature – even if it is only a tiny bit, it might raise awareness.

      Or even make the project biggger: analyse and explain to the public, why there are no more insectes (as soon, the birds will disappear too, as they need insects as food) : due to monoculture in agriculture, to poisons, and so on (I will not name the products)

      Oh I get goosebumps when I imagine the impact of this idea ….

      good luck!!!
      with love Astrid

  6. Hi, I am a scanner/autodidact. I realized this in 2007 when I read Buckminster Fuller’s work. I felt a huge sense of relief when he said “You are a tremendous bundle of experience” All of a sudden my life had value and that I could leverage this experience. In 2010, I had a life changing relationship with a woman. We had known each other previously and were drawn together though the process of producing a TED event, A weeks after we got together, she found out that her cancer had returned, We wree together for five months before she left her body. I held her in my arms when she left,
    A close friends said, “She had everything but the guy. Then you came along, It’s a miracle”

    She left me her estate. I took a year off to figure out what I wanted to do. I decided that I wanted to started a clothing line of menswear, produce TEDx event (I am a good showman) write a book about our story and option a book to be made into a movie. I began to live an abundant life

    I shut down the clothing line in 2015 as I had run out of money. I was traumatized feeling as if I blew it, I let her down, and that I would never have this opportunity again, One reason this happened is that I didn’t ask people to help me. I remember crying. “Why won’t people help me”

    I’ve struggled making ends meet since then, mostly beating myself up in the process. I found temporary work that interests me but which barely pays me a living wage, I am moving forward renewing my initial dream and am producing a TED-like event on Fuller in July, beginning to teach yoga again, and have gotten an interest free loan to purchase a car. I am in crisis mode as for the past year I have been living with friends. I am now living in an AirBnB tent bear where I work, A friend told me about Barbara last week and the importance of reaching out to a group (not family or friends) to help as someone always has and option/solution.

    I am looking for a space around Hollywood where I can house sit or rent an inexpensive room or studio. I’d like a place to land and where I can land, rest, breathe, feel I have a home (good light and space) and to have a good, kind, fair roommate. I am doing Craigs List, Facebook posts etc. What is holding me back is that I have poor credit and am current not making enough money, limiting my choices and my ability to lay down last months rent and deposit.

    My operating principle is that ‘There is enough to go around for everyone” If I work at advantaging others I will be taken care of. I am reaching out for assistance so I can continue making my dreams come true

  7. Hello!
    I’d like some friends. I don’t know how to approach people or make have lasting friendships. People tend to be friendly towards me, but the relationship never goes past small talk. I try to invite people to things but they always cancel last minute… How can I find people who will enjoy my presence and be willing to hang out?

    • Hey there,
      I have a few suggestions:join group’s that share your hobby. Maybe a sports team (they exist for every age and level, just start searching), or an art class (in Germany we have the Volkshochschule, but I’m pretty sure there are affordable art classes in every country.), maybe a book club, a religious meeting or volunteering. As soon as you get to know people in an environment where you do things together that all of you like, you will have a foundation. That you’ll meet regularly helps too.

      Join a self help group. Again: those exist for about everything in the world. You might find one for some problem you have. The good things about self help groups: people there usually accept you no matter what. They often crave contact and are happy to find friends too. (They might have some serious problems, but honestly: everyone has problems and I came to appreciate that with these folks at least you know exactly what kind of problems you get. They are usually pretty open about what’s going on, that makes it so much easier to build friendships)

      It could be that you’ll find yourself in group’s where you are the only person your age with far distance. This depends on your circumstances but I find that you can find great friendship with people of a different age (too). When you meet them doing something you both like to do you already have a foundation, common ground. That seems to be far more important to me than age. (Although of course it can be useful to also have friends your age because they probably share problems that older or younger people don’t. Don’t stress about it now anyway. You gotta start somewhere!)

      Personally my rule is: others open up as much as you do. They will share important and personal things with you when you do the same. Initiate the deepnes (in opposite to small talk) yourself. Don’t wait for them to do it- you might be both waiting forever. If your unsure if your doing alright- ask! Really. Asking people instead of assuming is so helpful!
      Also ask them what they want to do. You mentioned that you invite them but they never come- plan together with them maybe. Don’t be afraid to say: hey, I really would like to meet you.

      Show them that they are important to you and they will start giving it back.
      There are always exceptions, people that are just taking. I’m afraid that it will be your responsibility to walk away when you realize that your friend is someone like this. But honestly I think that the probability is not so high.

      Be someone trustworthy. I have no idea about you, I guess you are alright because most people are. But also some are not. If you already reflect about this, just skip and go ahead, but if you never thought about it, maybe ask your self: would I be my friend? Is my behaviour trustworthy? If you find the answer is no- there you have a new obstacle! Work on it, everything will be fine!
      (Honestly: everyone has flaws. It’s good to know them. And to be open about them.)

      Also check out Brene Brown’s talks about vulnerability, I found them quite helpful.

      So: 1. Find people that share your interests or problems
      2. Open up. Be honest. Be kind. Be vulnerable. Be relateable. Be reliable.
      3. Trust that the other person will reciprocate.

      I’ll pray for you and wish you all the very best!
      All the best, Lina

  8. Hello! My dream is to be a photographer and filmmaker. My obstacle is that I am a vet (DVM, MSc)… and I don’t know how to take the leap without knowing anyone on that field. And I also think that I am wasting my previous studies by pursuing my dream. I’m from Uruguay, South America. If there’s someone out there with an idea of how to achieve it, I’d be glad to hear from you!

    I send a hug to all the dreamers,
    Matilde 🙂

    • I have a friend who earns his money as an Alexander Teacher and writes books on that subject. But he also writes screenplays and plays for the stage as well as directing and acting in his own films (made on a very small budget) and he also auditions and gets parts in off-Broadway plays. I think it might be easier and less time consuming to keep your job (as a veterinarian?), and at the same time be a photographer and make your own films as my friend does. That way you wouldn’t be wasting all your training, you wouldn’t be completely broke, and you would find your own people in that field as he did. Go to colleges with theater & film departments and ask for people to be in your films and plays. They’ll understand that they can’t be paid and it’s good for their future to be on the stage and in films anywhere.

    • Dear Matilde,

      Photos and movies about animals are wildly popular! You have an abundant resource of content to film and photograph. I can already imagine stories of animals coming in injured and you nursing them back to health (could start with Youtube videos?). People watch those over and over again. A short film telling your story about how and why you became a vet and your love for animals would also be undoubtedly popular. As Barbara shared, don’t wait for someone else to make you a filmmaker. You can blaze your own trail and that will make a great story, too. If you need movie-making lessons, there is lots of free advice on the internet. Try the Film Riot channel on Youtube. It’s a channel that teaches people how to make their own films, even with an iphone.

      Best wishes to you!

    • About not knowing anyone in the field: I mean, you could reach out for someone? Do some classes or an internship or a find group of people that share that interest.
      You could also create a group that share that interest in your local area. You can do trips together, share inspirations, critisis your works, create deadlines for each other, have fun!

      You could also just use the internet.
      The only community can give good advice and feedback.

      Create a Tumblr and share content. If people like your pictures they’ll share them. I know some people who, after a while, started to create phone cases, stickers and stuff with their art and people buy it. ( And it spreads because the images themself are free on the internet, they get shared widely.
      Others that became known take commissions or do a Kickstarter and finance books and stuff with their content that way. (Its possible to be insanely successful with that!)
      Some people also just like how their art is appreciated online. It really depends on what you want from it.
      Also check out etsy. And patreon. I follow quite some artists that live from creating free only content and live from patreons. It takes time to build the fan base though (obviously).

      Those are all things that are not contrary on being a vet. You could do them in your free time, after work.

      Start creating now and share it with the world! It will be great!
      Dream on! All the best, Lina

  9. Hey there!

    My wish is to write my final thesis.

    My obstacle:
    I feel like nobody cares.
    My social netwerk is not able to support me in this. And I’m not talking about help with content. I’m actually sure that I can do it. As strange as it might is, I’m searching for someone checking on me. Someone caring that I’ll make it. Writing a short message regularly, just checking: “hey, did you do anything? Any progress?” “Hey, I was so happy to read that you wrote 5 sentences! I’ll check on you tomorrow!”
    Or someone in a similar situation. I check on you, you check on me. Doesn’t have to be deep friendship, but caring for each other in this matter, supporting each other, so we can come closer to finishing.
    My deadline is in July, although I hope to be done before.

    If there’s someone out there willing to care or with an other idea or if you just have an idea where else to search: I’d be glad to hear from you!
    All the best, Lina

    • Hey, Lina!

      I remember feeling the same way when I was writing my thesis..I can’t check in daily, but I could set up a couple of days a week that I could check in…And I am wanting to impose a deadline on myself of having my canine hydrotherapy up and going by August, so could use a check-in buddy….Different goals, but we both want someone to hold us accountable. If you are up for it, let Patty the webmaster know, and she can give you my email address. 🙂

  10. Hey there!

    My wish is to write my final thesis.

    My obstacle:
    I feel like nobody cares.
    My social netwerk is not able to support me in this. And I’m not talking about help with content. I’m actually sure that I can do it. As strange as it might is, I’m searching for someone checking on me. Someone caring that I’ll make it. Writing a short message regularly, just checking: “hey, did you do anything? Any progress?” “Hey, I was so happy to read that you write 5 sentences! I’ll check on you tomorrow!”
    Or someone in a similar situation. I check on you, you check on me. Doesn’t have to be deep friendship, but caring for each other in this matter, supporting each other, so we can come closer to finishing.
    My deadline is in July, although I hope to be done before.

    If there’s someone out there willing to care or if you just have an idea where else to search: I’d be glad to hear from you!
    All the best, Lina

    • Hi Lina,
      If you are on Facebook, then join the group ” time4phd ”
      It is just made for people in your Situation.
      You will find lovely people and folks who also know Barbara sher’s books and coachings there.

      Good luck.

      And keep us on Track here


    • Hi Lina

      how are you doing with your Thesis?
      Did you find somebody to check in on a daily basis ?

      Love and good luck


    • Hey there, I’m sorry for not replying.
      Actually writing down the problem here already helped me so much! The fact that I started to be aware of my obstacle was so helpful. It helped me to reach out for friends and I found an elderly lady at uni who talks to me regularly.
      I still have problems with working consistently but it’s much better now.
      Thank you for answering and asking!
      All the best, Lina

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