365 Days of Help with Procrastination and Resistance

If you’ve got a dream (or wish you had one) it’s time to stop being stuck. This new program is designed to give you exactly what you need to finally get moving. Here’s how it works: One day at a time for a full year I’ll be with you, helping you get past the procrastination and resistance that have kept you from achieving your dreams.

Survival Guide calendar, day 1This year-long program is different from my Book Clubs and from Hanging Out. You’ll receive messages in your email inbox. I’ll be writing to you every day.

Here’s how it works. You’ll receive an email I want you to read, and then you’ll just get on with your day. You won’t have to get involved with another group or be asked to do any exercises or take part in any discussions. What you read each day will do its work without any need to react or do anything extra with it.

Best of all you can start whenever you choose!

There is no need to wait for registration dates. When Resistance has you stopped, you need to get started again right now!

The messages are short and sweet, but you’ll soon see that they are teaching you everything you need to get past ever being stuck again.

You’re going to learn exactly how to handle procrastination and how to get past those voices that hold you back. I’ll be giving you advice and methods for changing, a day at a time, everything that’s been stopping you so far. This change will take only a minute or two of your time each day. For a full 365 days you’re going to learn the secrets that will free you to go for your dreams.

You can start the minute you’re ready. Right now, for just $1.82 (1.55 euros) a week — the kind of change you might find in your couch.

I call these 365 emails my

Survival Guide for Dreamers
Getting Past Procrastination & Resistance One Day at a Time

I did a brief voice recording for you, just to help you decide if the Survival Guide is right for you. It was fun and I was thinking of you dreamers as I spoke.

Let’s make this a very unusual year, shall we?

No risk – full refund if you cancel your subscription
within the first 7 days

7 day money back guaranteeJust $96 for all 365 daily emails

Buy the 365 Day Survival Guide

Contact webmaster@barbarasclub.com if you encounter any problems with payment or your subscription.

Here’s a transcript of that recording, just in case you prefer reading to listening.

When you want to go for a dream you really care about, you will feel more fear than a less important dream, and that fear will create more resistance. That’s why you need these emails.

You need someone to be there with you every day. You need someone to remind you that it’s wonderful but frightening to go after a dream that really matters to you. And the more the dream matters, the more dangerous it feels.

Fear wakes up Resistance. I’m hoping that having me there with you every day can lower it. That’s the secret behind these emails. And that’s the secret behind overcoming resistance and procrastination.

I always say Isolation is the dream killer, and I mean it. We won’t be able to make a dream come true on our own — not one we really care about. You know that. You’ve been trying for a long time.

So here is your companion. I wrote these words for you and was thinking of you when I wrote them. I hope you’ll feel that when you read each day’s message.

I want your dreams to come true. I know how happy that will make you — and how happy that will make me too!

So let’s get going. Roll up your sleeves and get ready. Now sign up, read your daily message and get to work. I’ll be right here with you.

No risk – full refund if you cancel your subscription
within the first 7 days

7 day money back guaranteeLess than $2 a week — Just $96 for all 365 daily emails

Buy the 365 Day Survival Guide

Contact webmaster@barbarasclub.com if you encounter any problems with payment or your subscription.

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53 thoughts on “365 Days of Help with Procrastination and Resistance

  1. I was reading many of the comments and started laughing. We are all so caught in procrastination and resistance! One person needs payments, not a yearly price. Another wants Barbara’s voice, and another wants audio files, not emails. We need Barbara’s sage advice and support, but we must use it as she intended —as a TOOL for us to support our intention and our decision to do this for ourselves. One of the biggest roadblocks is our need to be spoon-fed, held, and carried to our goals by someone, instead of doing as she demanded in her workshops: Stand up and speak your dreams! Be aware of the blocks you place in your way and step out of resistance into what is possible today, this hour, this moment.
    Note: I am not in any way part of Barbara’s team or advocating any products from this Club. I just want to be aware of my own resistance and it’s easier, unfortunately, to see it in others before I see it in myself. Thanks for giving me insight.

    • Nancy, I agree. And yet, it’s been through Barbara’s work over the past 40 years that I realized how crucial it is that I honor and pursue my own primary learning methods (and not continue to think I’m broken because it’s different than most seem to assume). Emails would do it for me, yet hearing Barbara’s knowing voice was so reassuring, I would have loved the option of brief audios.

      This program is no doubt well worth the price. Yet a lump sum is not feasible for me at this juncture, and I too would love a payment plan (paying an additional fee for the additional costs, of course). (Thank you, Patty, for explaining that!) I’m not writing the program off; just will need to find another way or wait.

      I’m glad people ask for what they want. That’s a big piece of what Barbara taught me.

      • I am glad, too, Orsina. No decision yet on how to add this. We’re also considering a free course on how to come up with the cash for our programs and all the other stepping stones to your big dream. There are some great ways.

        • Hi Patty,
          that sounds like a great idea: offer a course “how to come up with cash”, so that people may be able to continue their learning and developping – and of course pursue their dreams
          Looking forward to next

          • Thank you, Astrid. Hoping to finish it right after the current update of Sher Success Teams materials.

  2. Hi I signed up for these years worth of daily emails, but wanted to give you some feedback now that I am two emails into it. I got the impression there was a taping with Barbara’s voice to go along with each email. I’m guessing not? And maybe you just did that as a sample or she did that when she first started these?

    The content is good, of course.

    I would suggest that you would do the write up for it though to note that a) Tape-recording it’s just for that first sample email. Or b) eliminate the audio tape and just show that written email because that’s a true sample of what the person will receive. Much as I would prefer to hear Barbara‘s voice with each email. I felt like a bit of a tease with the audio. And I was so disappointed not to have that with each of these emails.

    That said, I’ll keep it for the year. Like I said, it’s still good content.

  3. Hello Barbara I love your talks and this great Idea you are spreading! I am unsure about the 356 day Programm and wonder whether my wish is specific enough. if it is more about an inner state or, for example, the question: What exactly do I want? could your emails help me too? Or is it intended for things that you can already specifically name, that you want to do or experience? Thank you for your effort! Kind regards from Germany, Romy

    • Hi, Romy. It seems you missed the notice of Barbara’s death in 2020: https://barbarasclub.com/obituary/ but we are keeping things going for her many fans here, as she asked us to. This email program, the Survival Guide for Dreamers, provides tips and encouragement to anyone already moving toward living a life they love, whether that’s an outer change like a job or place to live or an inner one. But it’s not so helpful with figuring out what that dream is. The book Live the Life You Love is perfect for anyone trying to figure this out. And registration will open on March 10 for our 16-week book club to do all of the exercises in that wonderful book. Be sure to put your name on the Barbara Sher Newsletter mailing list, and I’ll remind you as soon as registration opens.

  4. Hello Most Important Person In the World Barbara Sher!!!
    I would like to know if this is the best place to start as I am not sure of my dreams or what is most important to me about them. Is the email better suited for someone who has identified their dream? It seems I want your input in a few areas. Thank you for your answer!

    • Hi Sarah:) Alas I am not Barbara only poor Mike. Nonetheless, as Mike, I’ll venture an opinion about your query. Why not? If you don’t know what you want, why not say so? I’m not a thousand percent sure of what I want, Sarah. I think I have a right to acknowledge my ignorance, because that’s the first step towards trying out new things. Best always, Mike

  5. Well, I am now enrolled in the 365 day program. I find it really helpful How would I contact others similarly in this program for mutual support? Mike

  6. Ok, Patty. Then instead of $2/week, how $24 every 3 months? That would be fantastic easier for me to handle

  7. Hi Barbara:

    I really want to get the emails, but $96 is more than I can spend right now. Are there any coupon codes or discounts available?

    Thanks very much.

    Gary Ellis

  8. My money situation is lousy. Why not set things up so you automatically get $2 each week? I would sign a contract stating $2 would be deducted from my account for 48 weeks. Your emails would come to me every day for a year. Have a simple mailing list where people getting your emails can reach out for more support from each other. What do you think? Mike

      • Thanks,
        Very helpful. The thought that someone must get paid for each transaction never crossed my mind. I thought it had all been digitized and automated, and only needed to be audited say, quarterly…but of course, added volume always equals more work, as any housekeeper knows…lol.

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