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Hanging Out with Barbara Sher Registration Re-Opens in January 2020

Hanging Out with Barbara Sher will be the jewel in the crown of Barbara’s Club. To be honest, I think it’s going to be the jewel in the crown of my lifetime’s work. That’s what it feels like. —Barbara Sher

I call this membership site Hanging Out with Barbara Sher, because I want it to be like those wonderful moments when we’re just hanging out together at my retreats and weekend workshops.

Registration Re-Opens January 4, 2020
$247 for a full year

I’ve put together my most beloved ideas and stories and written my best stuff ever for Hanging Out. This is bigger than writing another book. It’s a huge job, but every minute has been a labor of love for me. And with this program I can give you videos from my retreats and workshops, loads of audio, new interactive stuff and other amazing things I can’t describe here or I’ll go on forever. All this in addition to the exercises that made a big difference to you in the past.

After almost a year HO is still my favourite thing on the internet and in my inbox. So many things I could just read over and over and find something each time. The world didn’t change but I’m different in it. -JD

I’m excited about this exercise. I’ve printed it out to work on over the weekend. Barbara, I look forward to working it through and circling back. You’re a gemstone! -A Hanging Out member in Week 38

Once you’re a member, the rest will be easy. Every week, three times a week, via email, I’ll send you some very special things to read, watch and do. They’re not what you expect, I’m pretty sure of that. As much as you may like my books, what you’re going to find in Hanging Out is very new and very different. You’ll want to make comments, compare notes and talk to the other members of Hanging Out, and that’s exactly what happens here. It changes the whole experience into something entirely new, something most of us are missing and need as much as vitamins and sunshine. The effect on most members has been profound.

Registration Re-Opens January 4, 2020
$247 for a full year

You can’t buy Hanging Out all at once like a book that ends up on that pile of books you plan to read, and you can’t stick it back on your bookshelf and forget what your life is supposed to be. I’ve learned too much about what’s important for us humans to take that kind of chance.

Hanging out has really developed clarity in my life. One thing that I love about you Barbara is that you never tell anyone to just try harder and you don’t shame in any way. You support and encourage which is so very rare. You make sense of the non-sense. This group has provided something wonderful for me. Even the subtle messages are always very powerful. —Michelle

So what is it?

It’s easier to say what it’s not. Hanging Out is not a how-to course or a motivation program. I sometimes think it’s designed for people who have worked too hard and forgot what it’s like to wake up in a goal-free world full of fresh, stimulating ideas, fun and camaraderie.

I’ll always have courses for you on Barbara’s Club so you can find your dreams and achieve your goals, but Hanging Out is not about goal achievement. Instead, it’s more like what one member called “a profound and delicious form of Identity Rehab.”

I absolutely love the idea of Barbara’s Club being integrated into the everyday world—nothing to leave behind—and a consistent source of inspiration. Thank you! —Victoria, by email

If you join me here, I’ll be popping into your life briefly, happily and relentlessly, over and over, waking up your senses, making you laugh and go exploring and, most important of all, helping you remember who you are and how good life is supposed to be.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for creating Hanging Out with Barbara. There have been so many “favorite” posts. One that stands out is your description of how you decorated your apartment with all the glorious references to color. I wanted to sink into one of your armchairs and absorb it all. Finding our originality. Yes. Discovering ways to express it. Yes. Realizing that time is short and excuses long. Yes. Boxing up all our should, would and could and relaxing into today, into now, into this moment. Yes. Finding that joy is the reward for allowing oneself to just be who you are. Yes. So many wonderful lessons I have learned, relearned, and unlearned this year…What I have learned this year has changed my life. For that I am eternally grateful. – A Hanging Out Member at the end of the year

No risk – full refund if you cancel your subscription within the first 30 days

30 day money back guarantee$247 for a full year

Registration Re-Opens January 4, 2020

OR pay by the month – $29 per month

Contact webmaster@barbarasclub.com if you encounter any problems with payment or if you don’t receive a “Thank You! And Welcome to Hanging Out with Barbara Sher” email within an hour after paying. Before paying by the month, check out PayPal’s PayPal Credit option (US only) on the full year price.

Registration Re-Opens on January 4, 2020

Buying a membership for someone else? Purchase a gift certificate. Good for a full year of Hanging Out with Barbara Sher at the then-current price whenever your recipient registers, which must be during an open registration period.

Purchase a gift certificate
$247 for a full year membership gift certificate

Pay $247 for a gift certificate to Hanging Out with PayPal or Stripe

Gift certificate mailed within 48 hours. Contact webmaster@barbarasclub.com if you do not receive yours.

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717 thoughts on “Hanging Out with Barbara Sher

  1. Dear Barbara

    Yesterday was a very H Day for me! I met You for the first time in form of a CD
    I cant wait until 20. January to Hang out with You.

    Jacqueline, who loves your sence of Humor and wise words. ❤️
    Thank You

  2. Is it too late to sign up for the rest of 2019? I just found this site and realized July 9th was an opening. I retired in January and while I thought I would enjoy some white space and leisurely creative work as well as community service, I find I have completely filled all my time with not 1 not 2 but 3 non-profit board seats, other volunteer work, and the usual 500 partially completed projects that I started up obsessively – buying all the books, taking all the courses, getting all the supplies like I’m gonna master it on the spot. Sooooo, I really need advice and a community where there are very energetic and active scanners like me who are in that part of their second life and trying to figure out where to focus. May I sign up now???

  3. Hi, I live in Australia.
    Will I be able to listen to the Hanging Out on my own time?
    Is it recorded?

    Thank in advance

    • Hanging Out is all in written form, so that everyone can participate fully, no matter which time zone they live in or travel to, Jozelynn.

      • Thanks Patty,
        So it’s like a written form without a video?
        I think that a recorded message 3 time a week, for a closed group would be better via YouTube or Podcast. Thousands can listen and join around the world.

  4. Delighted to have found this wonderful programme. I’ve spent the day listening to Barbara as I literally just found her today.

    Looking forward to settling in and working on procrastinstion as deeply as I neec to to make my dreams come true.

  5. Hi, I’m feeling a little overwhelmed with my inbox. Is there a way to get the comments in a digest form once a day? Thx.

    • Hi Nancy! Most e-mail boxes allow you to filter incoming emails and store them into seperate folders automatically (that’s what I did). Or you could delete the option which sends mails everytime someone posts a comment (in the member profile) and go look at the comments once a day…. 🙂

  6. If I send a private message to someone, and we both want to get to know more of each other, is it ok then for us to exchange email addresses?

    • You communicate with them right here, Mike. The good conversations between us are one of the best things about Hanging Out because such interesting people are members. I like seeing discussions here, which is one reason I do almost no private emailing with members who write me: I want everyone to share what we’re talking about. I wish more of you would jump in and make comments. The members of Hanging Out are quite amazing. They’re from every part of our culture and have so much to share with us!

      • And by ‘here’ I mean, of course, as part of Hanging Out itself. I love our discussions there and join them much more often than I join conversations anywhere else.

  7. Hi,
    I would like to register for your annual membership for Hanging Out with Barbara Sher. May I register now , or do I need to wait until July 6,2019. Please advise.

    Thanks, Oksana

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