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Our next Barbara Sher book club begins on December 3rd with Live the Life You Love (in Ten Easy Step-by-Step Lessons). The exercises in this one will carry you along from not knowing what you want right into accomplishing the work required to add it to your life. Sign up below by 11:55 pm, NY time, on Wednesday, December 2nd to be part of these powerful 16 weeks of reading, discussing and moving toward a life you truly love.

Live the Life You Love paperbackAnd please don’t worry whether this will fit with your schedule. It will, no matter where in the world you live.

This book is different from the other ones we’ve done book clubs for. Live the Life You Love is the book that helps you figure out what you want and takes you step-by-step to achieving it. By the end you have found and are doing what you love to do. It’s the do-it-yourself version of Wishcraft.

Except you won’t need to do it yourself, because you’ll be part of a group sharing what you’re learning, and the steps you’re taking, through the exercises in each chapter. You’ll get more out of the book. And you’ll get the accountability that helps you make the time each week to read some more of the book and really work through the exercises.

Sounds great, doesn’t it?

For the same cost as sharing a cup of coffee with your neighbors while you discuss the book at a local coffee shop, you can show up for this book club in your yoga clothes or pajamas. At whatever time and day suits you. And the other members of your book club are not just your neighbors. They live in New York City or Taos, in London or Montreal, in Perth or Hong Kong or Frankfurt or Stockholm. They live on a farm in Idaho, in a Lake District cottage in England, or next door to Disneyland.

That’s what we’re creating here, and we want you to be part of it. For sixteen weeks, we’ll share Barbara Sher’s Live the Life You Love (in Ten Easy Step-by-Step Lessons), winner of the Books for a Better Life Award for best motivation book of 1997 and a five-week Publisher’s Weekly bestseller. We’ll read every word. We’ll do all of the exercises. And we’ll encourage you on your transformative journey from wherever you’re stuck today to a life that makes you happy.

Hurry! Registration is open only through December 2nd.

Your Guide: Tammy Garver, from my very first Scanner Retreat in Corfu

Tammy Garver has been immersed in Barbara’s work and using her methods and philosophy for more than 3 decades! A true Scanner, Tammy is honored to include teacher, writer, artist, consultant, certified life coach, practicing helping professional and holistic thinker on her list of loves and pursuits. Tammy is an alumna of Barbara’s first Write Speak Retreat and used ideas from Refuse to Choose to raise money to attend the first Scanner Retreat in 2006 where she finally “met her tribe” in Corfu. Tammy’s education includes degrees in Human Services, Family and Individual Studies, Early Childhood and a special concentration in Teaching Adult Learners. Tammy loves having fun, robust conversations and discovering new things with Scanners and Divers alike.

Here’s what people have said about Tammy:

“Tammy is a great person to brainstorm with! She always has loads of ideas and she’s very supportive.” —D.J.

I have collaborated with Tammy for a couple of years now in a professional setting, and I am always amazed at her vast knowledge. She is very passionate about the helping others and it shows in her desire and willingness to mentor, coach, and lead others in so many ways. Tammy makes learning and exploring new ideas fun and rewarding. —Rachel

“Having a knowledgable, supportive guide for the journey enriches the experience immeasurably. Tammy is a natural: she seems to have an intuitive feel for when the group as a whole needs a nudge, when individuals need to be encouraged, and when it’s time to really dig into someone’s response(s) and make it clear they’ve been heard—and perhaps, most importantly, that they’re not alone.” —Marian

The Live the Life You Love Book Club

We begin on Thursday, December 3, 2020. If you don’t sign up by the night before, it’s likely to be a year or more before your next opportunity. We’ll read part of the book and do the exercises in it every week for sixteen weeks. We’ll finish up on Wednesday, March 24, 2021.

We’ll meet here on this website, discussing each exercise and each chapter in the comments on its own web page. No phone calls or webinars to fit into your busy schedule. Read what the rest of the club has to say and write about your experiences any time during each week. We’ll email you the comments that come in after you’ve posted yours, or you can just check back later in the week.

You will need to purchase or borrow a copy of Live the Life You Love, but they are plentiful and inexpensive. Choose the hard cover, the paperback, or the Kindle edition, whatever suits your reading style.

You will get an email every Thursday with a reminder of the week’s assignments, or you can find them in your Member Profile on this site. You can subscribe to be emailed each comment or you can visit the week’s pages to read them all at once.

As with all the previous Barbara Sher book clubs, we expect a lot of members. We’ll assign you to a group that’s just the right size for good discussions. If you want to join with a friend, do it at the same time to be part of the same group.

Register by December 2nd

No one admitted after 11:55 pm December 2nd (NY time)

Money back guarantee through December 9, 2020

Money back guarantee through December 9, 2020

$77 for all 16 weeks

Contact if you encounter any problems with payment or if you don’t receive two emails within an hour after paying.

Live the Life You Love
in Ten Easy Step-by-Step Lessons

Is this the right book club for you?

  • YES if you’re still trying to figure out what you want to be doing with your life. Or if you have an idea but aren’t making much progress toward it.
  • YES if you’re stuck in a rotten job or a boring life and want some helpful, friendly accountability as you do the work to create something very different.
  • YES if you get more out of exercises when you do them with other people.
  • YES if you are isolated and don’t know a lot of people who have figured out what they love doing.
  • YES if you’re a coach or want to be one. Learn to use my organic strategy for achieving a life your clients love.
  • NO if you believe you can create your own reality just by thinking about it. (Try that on a busy highway!)
  • NO if you believe a positive attitude is the best way to real results. (If you ever went to school, held down a job, or raised a child for three years or more, you surely did it with whatever attitude you woke up with each day.)

What can you expect to gain from Live the Life You Love? Well, here are what other readers have said:

If you’re in transition — or want to be — this is a fantastic book to help you redefine your life and make it a joyful one — that you yourself design.
—Gardener on

At a difficult point in my career, I turned to this book to help me move to something new. I followed the steps described and it really worked. I had a dream of teaching environmental ethics at university, and now I am!…Another great thing about this book is that, just as she promises, all the exercises suggested are actually fun.
—R. Griffiths on

Live the Live you Love helped me go from being a starving artist with a few drawings on the wall to a successful international toy designer.”
—Zstein2 on

This book is very different than the usual “you can do it” book. If you follow the simple steps with this book “you will do it”! A wonderful book! You can start implementing the steps right away and be on your way to the life you love!
—Lee Mellott on

“This is one of the best books I have read for improving and understanding your life.”
—Jeremy S on

Who are you, and where are you going? If you don’t know, this book will help you find the answers.
—-J. Adams on

“Very straight forward with none of the usual self-help fluffy stuff to get in the way.”
—Amazon Customer on

This is your chance. The doors close on December 2nd and the Book Club begins on December 3rd. Tammy’s ready to introduce you to a lot of great people and take you through the entire book. And the earliest we can possibly offer this again is more than a year from now. Sign up now and start changing your life. You owe your gifts to the rest of us. We owe you the support you need to find those gifts and do what you were born to do.

Register by December 2nd

No one admitted after 11:55 pm December 2nd (NY time)

Money back guarantee through through December 9, 2020

Money back guarantee through December 9, 2020

$77 for all 16 weeks

Contact if you encounter any problems with payment or if you don’t receive two emails within an hour after paying.

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46 thoughts on “Be Part of the New “Live the Life You Love” Book Club

  1. Dear all at Barbara’s Club,
    you seem to invite me to join this clubtime at the right time. I have started out once before, and somehow slippered out. I have a wish to become a Success Team Leader which sprung to live at first contact with Barbara’s work some years ago, but hasn’t yet been turned into reality, and I lost sight of it a few times. I would like to dive into the subject again now anyway. Is that a reason to join? Will there possibly be a discount for coming-backers?
    Thank you.
    Greetings, Susanne

    • The big difference is that most people who read the book don’t actually do the exercises, Rosa. Doing those exercises makes a huge difference in how helpful the book will be for you. Having kind, supportive people to discuss the exercises with increases the likelihood that you’ll do them in all ten lessons and gives you varied feedback along the way. Plus, you have Tammy, gently encouraging everyone. Helping others live a life they’ll love is in her blood.

        • Yes. You won it during the Dare to Soar Telesummit, Rosa. I sent you an email announcement. I guess that email did not reach you. Glad the book did. It traveled halfway across the globe to you.

          • Thank you so much. I have read a few books of Barbara and loving them. N who knows maybe this is exactly the book I so desperately need at this point in time!

  2. Hello,
    Just a quick question- is this Book Club a good precursor to “Write Speak” ? Or is there another club better suited when you want to create but need accountability? I listened to the recent Telesummit and really loved it – but still I feel too stressed/intimidated to join at this point.


  3. Dear Ones,
    I’m getting my Life Coaching business cards printed as we speak, and even if I have to eat bread and water for the rest of the month, I will figure out how to join this book club. All of the money making ventures that I usually do to bring extra income to afford to do things like this have been cancelled due to snow, and it is snowing and snowing and snowing. In all my life, and I am north of 70, it has never done this here! Part of the Earth Changes. I still haven’t finished the other book club, for Scanners, and I need to get back to that one too. I got derailed Thanksgiving Day when an assignment came in on that day and there was no possible way to get to the library and do it. But that’s no excuse. Gotta keep pluggin’!

  4. Will there be another book club in 2018? I missed this one, since I just got signed up for Barbara’s Club. Please say yes, and thank you in advance!

  5. I did it! After weeks of vacillating, and deciding and then un-deciding, I finally took the step and joined this “Live the Life You Love” book club! … just under the wire (i.e. at 11:47 pm on Oct 4).

    This is my first book club here. I’m glad to be here. And I hope that I really engage in it, and don’t kind of… forget all about it. I would certainly be grateful to find more joy in my life.

  6. Wow! Reading all the coments, questions, scheduling issues, and the like has me a bit overwhelmed. I only just go Sher’s first book “Wishcraft”. It’s enough for me to chew on that I’m afraid if I venture into this 16-week course, I’ll fall behind. Especially when my life is in flux and I feel like I’ve lost my way at age 63. But I’m willing to take direction, and if it’s for my highest good to wait and complete “Wishcraft” then I will. However, after seeing other books that might apply to me and life as it currently exists, perhaps it’s in my best interest to join. I can no longer afford the luxury of costly do-overs that leave me in a state of want. I truly desire to find my passion. Fact is, I’ve been living my passion for 3 decades – yet find I’m here passionless. Still, I keep seeking.

    • I don’t know that it helps, but I’ve only just discovered Ms. Sher’s books in the last month or two. While I had started with Refuse to Choose and want to work my way through that one again, I’m putting that on hold temporarily to do this 16 week book club because I think it will be invaluable to me.

      I’m at a stage in my life not only where I need to discover more about myself but I need inputs from new people–I think the give & take–hearing how people respond or discover more about their own life in the context of working through this book will be a great help to me. In any case, it’s the first time I’ve done something like this so I guess I’ll find out starting October 5. 😎

    • We post all of the exercises, so you can do those without the book. If you’re in the US, you might be able to find a copy in your local library or borrow a Kindle copy from your library. If you’re in Germany, you could look for the German version, Lebe das Leben, von dem du träumst, at your library.

  7. This sounds absolutely WONDERFUL. I do have one question. I see from the description it’s not at a set time, which is great. Realistically, how many hours per week should someone who joins expect to spend?

    I’m specifically concerned about just the first 4 weeks of the program, as during that time I’m studying to sit for my ACSM certification exam on 11/7, and that absolutely must take priority during those 4 weeks (and I work FT). I know the write/speak program says to plan for 10 hours a week. Is this the same kind of time investment? I hate to miss out, but I don’t want to short change myself either.

    • I think I may be able to answer that since I read along in a couple of these book clubs during some really busy times. (Especially the first one I took part in, It’s only Too Late If You Don’t Start Now – working fulltime with a doubled load and stuck in the messy part of a PhD). The nice thing is you get access for much longer than the 16 weeks, so there’s plenty of time to catch up, start late or revisit previous chapters. And when someone starts later the others can still come back and comment on what you write. As for the book itself, when it’s a really long chapter it get’s divided over more than one week. Sit down with any of the Barbara Sher books you have and do an exercise, that should give you a pretty good idea. It’s not the same kind of time intensity as writespeak at all. Some of the chapters in Live the Life You love also have exercises that are meant to be done over a longer period of time – like I still regularly revisit chapter two. It’s really more like reading a book with the added company of others, people to ask when you get stuck, people to relate to your experiences and to encourage you and the accountability of getting the exercises done. But the time in which you get it done is really adaptable to your schedule. Like many people go on holiday or have a crisis at home and then come back. Sorry, I go on talking for a long time. But really, doing all the exercises instead of just reading the book changed my year.

      • Thank you, that really helps. In that case, I think it’s totally doable. I can’t NOT read so I’ll have time to read each week, and I’ll need to take breaks from my studies so it sounds like I ought to have just enough time to read/participate/do exercises.

        And the timing is good because I’m just about to finish a book I’ve slowly been working through on The Texas Rangers (law enforcement, not baseball) so this book can replace that one for my snatches of reading time.

        Problem solved! 😎

  8. This book club literally changed my life. I’d read the book before and found it inspiring. But taking part in the book club forced me to do every single exercise thoroughly and it made a huge difference. I was at the end of one phase of my life and completely confused and overwhelmed. So I went into the book club not knowing what I wanted to do next. And now I do! After chapter 8 I had such clarity. But not only that, as I am sitting here I’m busy going after that dream and every time I get stuck, I use something I learnt in the book. Like the exercise in chapter 2. Those of you who know me, know that I’m a big fan of Barbara Sher and one of her coach trainees. But still, I was blown away by this book. I really didn’t expect it to work as well as it did.

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