Be Part of the 2018 “It’s Only Too Late If You Don’t Start Now” Book Club!

Still Wondering What You’ll Do With Your Life?

Hitting your 40th, 50th, 60th or 70th birthday can be frightening. There is no question that things are different in midlife and beyond. But if you fear it’s too late for your big dreams, you have some reading to do — because it’s not. In fact, most dreams will become easier to achieve now.

This is our eleventh Barbara Sher book club, a chance to read one of Barbara Sher’s books, do all the exercises, and discuss them with book club members all over the world. For 16 weeks, as you read and work through this exciting and unusual book, you will share what you’re learning about this new stage of your life with others who are having similar experiences. Fresh insights will come as others in your group share their experiences and you’ll open a deeper understanding of how it all applies to you. The combination of exciting reading and the chance to meet regularly to discuss it will make this book club a wonderful experience.

It's Only Too Late book coverSounds great, doesn’t it? But where will you find the time?

That’s the blessing of an online program: you’ll discover the convenience of attending class whenever you want, in whatever you’re wearing, with no travel time or traffic to contend with.

You’ll experience this life-changing book in a new way, and make friends with fascinating men and women from all walks of life. Do the exercises when you have time, never rushing or hurrying.

But will you have the same kind of closeness as an in-person book club could give you? Hard to believe if you haven’t done it, but the answer is yes — perhaps even more. Why? Because you can comment whether you’re shy or outgoing. You can ask questions about anything you don’t understand. You’ll be able to help your new friends. You’re going to love it.

Join us for this next book club, starting on February 8th. For sixteen weeks, we’ll share Barbara Sher’s guide to living a life you love after 40, It’s Only Too Late If You Don’t Start Now: How to Create Your Second Life at Any Age. Together, we’ll read every word. We’ll do all the exercises. And we’ll share it with each other on password-protected, members-only web pages.

Your Guide: Patty Newbold, Sher Success Teams Director

Patty has been a Success Teams Leader since 2004 and director of the Sher Success Teams program for the past four years. She helped Barbara launch her WriteSpeak program and worked side-by-side with her at three WriteSpeak retreats and online since 2015. If you’re a member of Hanging Out, you know her as Webmaster, the MIT alum who figures out all the techie stuff Barbara hates being bothered with. She’s a full-blooded Scanner who’s had a great Scanner career and lots of hobbies, and thanks to many of her MIT pals, she really gets Divers, too. And she celebrated her 40th birthday over 25 years ago.

Here’s what people said about Patty’s role in our book clubs for I Could Do Anything and Refuse to Choose:

By the way, Patty…I want to give you the highest praise I know…you so often sound so much like Barbara! It makes me get a huge smile on my face and then I imagine Barbara getting a huge smile on her face when she reads what you have written and then that makes me have an even more huge smile on my face. —LisaMancelyn

“Welcome back, Patty:) I’ve missed knowing you’re out there, — processing, responding, and CARING so much about all of us. —Amy M.”

I also want to say that with each of these exercises that I work on being honest with myself and devoting time, energy and thought I can feel myself understanding (finally!), growing emotionally, and changing inside….Thanks a million to Barbara for designing them, to Patty for her support and to everyone in the Club for reading, or just for being there. —Alicia

The It’s Only Too Late If You Don’t Start Now Book Club

We begin on Thursday, February 8, 2018. If you don’t sign up by 11:55 pm NY time on the 7th, it’s likely to be a year or two before your next opportunity. We’ll read part of the book and do the exercises in it every week for sixteen weeks. We’ll finish up on Wednesday, May 30, 2018.

We’ll meet here on this website, discussing in written form each chapter and each exercise. You can choose how often to check in each week, how much you want to participate and when.

We expect a lot of members, but everyone will be assigned to a discussion group of 35 members or so, which turns out to be the perfect group size. If you bring in your friends to join at the same time you can be in the same group. (But don’t wait until the last minute, as the last group could be smaller or larger than the others.)

You will need a copy of It’s Only Too Late If You Don’t Start Now to work from. Choose the hard cover, the paperback or the Kindle edition, whatever suits your reading style. You’ll receive an email (optional) each Thursday with a reminder of the week’s assignments, or you can look them up in your Member Profile on this site. To share in the comments left by the other members of your book club group, you can subscribe to be emailed each comment as it appears. Or, you can choose to visit each week’s pages and read them all at once.

Register by February 7th

No one admitted after 11:55 pm February 7th (NY time)

Money back guarantee through February 14, 2018

Money back guarantee throughFebruary 14, 2018

$77 for all 16 weeks

Contact if you encounter any problems with payment or if you don’t receive two emails from us within an hour after paying.

It’s Only Too Late If You Don’t Start Now: How to Create Your Second Life at Any Age

Is this the right book club for you?

  • YES if you’re a coach or want to be one. Barbara Sher knows more than almost anyone in the world about living a life you love after 40. You cannot get the tools and perspectives in this book anywhere else.
  • YES if you’re approaching or past your 40th birthday and trying to figure out how to craft a life that you love or still looking forward to going after more of your dreams.
  • YES if you got distracted from actually finishing It’s Only Too Late If You Don’t Start Now or putting into practice what you learned the first time you read it.
  • YES if you are drawn to help others who are older than you and facing different challenges.
  • YES if you get more out of exercises when you do them with other people.
  • YES if you are isolated and don’t know a lot of other over-40 dreamers like you.
  • NO if you are still hoping to have kids or more kids or take your current career to greater heights.
  • NO if you believe a positive attitude is the best way to real results. (If you ever went to school, held down a job or raised a child, you know the reality: you did it with whatever attitude you woke up with each day.)

What can you expect to gain from the It’s Only Too Late If You Don’t Start Now book club? Well, here are what members of our I Could Do Anything and Refuse to Choose Book Clubs said:

This has really been an eye-opening week for me. I hadn’t realized how engrained many of these messages were inside of me. And how many of them still play out to this day….It’s tough work, but I feel so much more motivated doing this as a group than being a lone, unsupported wolf. I love reading what all of you have to share. —Angela

“I never would have completed the exercises without this book club!” —Beverley Anne

I’m so glad the book club was started, because I wouldn’t have done the exercises either & I find they are super helpful. The book stand alone is amazing but I think the transformation is in the exercises and doing them in your head when you are reading & calling it done like I do with soooo many books — doesn’t really cut it. —Aeryn

As a first step (also prompted by this book club – I must add), I have four events planned per month at my house for the next six months. The flyer went out two weeks ago with a reminder email a couple of days ago….Thanks Barbara for writing this book. I am in ACTION! —Ruth

Hi…i am wow’ed. I wish I could take time off and do nothing but CATCH UP…darn it! I now want to read and participate in this terrific club and its members 24-7!!!!!! —Maria-Franziska

I am a “little behind” the rest of the group. But – it’s for a good reason. It has – OMG wow …. amazing … yowsa … have I been having some epiphanies! I am literally having some Good weeping moments here. I have done several (as I’m sure many of the group has) “self-help”/introspective programs. Nothing touches this. —Pat

“Thank goodness for this book club. I’m inspired by the stories and visions of others here to find out and do something about it.” —Christine

This course is proving invaluable in not only making me appreciate how blessed I am but also how much I can do to refine and further enhance my life – and connecting with this group is wonderful <3 … THANK YOU for creating this book club. —Stephanie

Many of the things I’ve written here I’ve never told anyone else in full, as the context wasn’t available (as in therapy, other workshops, or even in a journal). The questions by Barbara Sher are so well formed that it pulls our insights out and enables us to more see the whole and make more sense of. Loving it too! —Patricia

This is your chance. The doors close at 11:55 pm EDT on February 7th and the Book Club begins on February 8th. Patty’s ready to introduce you to a lot of great people and take you through the entire book. And the earliest we can possibly offer this again is 2019. Sign up now and start changing your life. You owe your gifts to the rest of us. We owe you the support you need to find those gifts and do what you were born to do next.

Register by February 7th

No one admitted after 11:55 pm February 7th (NY time)

Money back guarantee through February 14, 2018

Money back guarantee through February 14, 2018

$77 for all 16 weeks

Contact if you encounter any problems with payment or if you don’t receive two emails within an hour after paying.

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61 thoughts on “Be Part of the 2018 “It’s Only Too Late If You Don’t Start Now” Book Club!

    • We’ll open registration for our next book club (Refuse to Choose, both English and German clubs) the third week of November 2015. Be sure you’re on the mailing list. (Use the form right below Barbara’s photo on every page.)

  1. I saw this advertised a few days ago and did not have the funds to join. Now I do…….I’ve long had the book and am asking if I could still be admitted to this discussion group.

  2. Oh no! New York time? I’m on the west coast. I guess I blew it 🙁 I just tried to pay but there isn’t a way. Very sad.

  3. You’re charging to be a part of a book club? I was going to see if I could stretch some money to buy the book, but I can’t afford that.

    • This is a good bit more than your one-and-done book discussion book club, Angela. We spend 16 weeks together, for less than $5 a week. Matt (the guide for the German version) and I (the guide for the English version) spend a lot of time on this over those 112 days, and we’ve been two months getting it set up online. Barbara has gathered up a fascinating group of members from all over the world, ready to help each other get free of the beliefs and isolation that stop us from going after our dreams. I’m very sorry to hear you cannot afford to join us, but if you’re in the US or Canada, and your library isn’t one of the many that have this book available to lend, you can get a used copy, including shipping, for only $4 on Amazon. It can change your life.

  4. Hello Patty,
    Sorry for writing at the very last minute.
    Question: I am french and living in France, near Lyon.
    Is it still worth for me to participate?
    My doubts concern the fact that there are almost no success teams in France.
    I have got the idea that it is very difficult to implement some concepts or ideas here in my country, because of the different culture and mentality.
    On both an administrative & economical perspective, launching yourself in business can also be very complicated respect to other places in the world.
    So, I would like to sign up to the book club, but is it a reasonable decision?
    My finances being limited, I need to evaluate every investment.
    I await your answer and thank you in advance for it.
    Marie Anne

    • I’m in France, Marie Anne. But the book club is online. It’s everywhere. It’s about who you are, not what’s going on in your country or your town. With friends all over the world, taking a completely new look at what the reality of your life is, everything changes. In your position, I would join this particular book club in a minute!

      • Hello Barbara,
        Ok, then I will participate!
        I was waiting for your comments in order to decide to participate or not; by now, the regular time to sign up is over.
        Is there any possibility anyway for me to jump in the Club?
        It would be great!
        If not, thank you anyway.
        Kind regards,
        Marie Anne

  5. I had signed up for the previous “I Could Do Anything…” book club, but fell behind and never caught up. Would I be better served waiting for the next “ICDA…” book club?

    • Your book club is still probably open, Kris. It stays open for a whole year. Go back and look for your friends. People who fall back get together and go through the whole process together and it’s just as great as it was for the first round!

    • Hi, Kris –

      It wasn’t my first time reading the book, but I fell behind too, in completing some assignments, and I’m still here. I’m not sure we were in the same subgroups, but do you still have things you’re working on?

    • NewGrrrl, you do not need a PayPal account to register. You can enter your credit card or gift card information if you don’t have an account with them. Will that work for you?

  6. I first read Barbara Sher’s book Wishcraft in 1986 and have read it twice more since then and have done all the exercises. I also heard her speak. She inspired me to follow my dreams even though it took me another 27 years to finally do it. I could never find a success team in my area, and hope that signing up for the book club will help me stay motivated. One of my favorite quotes of Barbara’s is: “Isolation is the killer of all dreams.”

      • I appreciate your reply very much. In my previous comment I should have added that I have already embarked on 2 new dream careers that have been in the making for the last 27 years. After getting laid off from a series of miserable job experiences 3 years ago, I started the new careers at the age of 62. The hard part is not having the same level of energy that I had 27 years ago, and my friends are in retirement mode.

  7. I’ll be 60 next month and I’m looking for my ‘next’ career. This might help. I may have to just go thru the book alone, tho. I am currently studying an online real estate course and redoing b school. I’d love to join tho.

    • I’ll be just a couple of years behind you next week. I just want to get started, for once. Getting to the point where I don’t care now. It’s not that I want to lose the wisdom ( and pain) of the last few years. And it’s not that I want to ” live my dreams”. I’ve been trying for decades to follow what I’ve always held as ” my dream” but having started reading the intro to the book, maybe it’s always been the wrong dream?? A self imposed, external ” image” dream, not an authentic deep inner dream. Hmmm.

    • People who read the book through the book club actually do the exercises, Pam, and that makes all the difference. I’m going to show you something most people don’t see until they’re much older. You’ll get years you might have wasted. I hope you’ll sign up. It’s not time-consuming and you can read and come in and talk with everyone whenever you have time. And in this book club, I’ll be looking in. (I’m a lot older than you are, so I won’t do that forever.) 🙂

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