What you love is a message from your DNA

Not many people understand that when you love doing something – anything at all – it’s a clue to your genetic abilities. Nature (and survival) speak to us in one way only: they make us like what we are designed to do, and they make us dislike what we’re not supposed to do. So enjoying any activity is an indicator that you have innate abilities in that area.

It’s not so easy to know that, and once you know it, it’s not so easy to translate it into something you can actually head for: “What if I like looking out the window on a snowy day?” “What if I liked being 4 years old?”

That’s data. Everything you list that you sincerely enjoy is scientific data, because pleasure is a telegram from talent and it has an important message in it. I can show you how to read that message.


(from the upcoming class “Your Dreams – Why you must do them”)

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There are no self-made people

Support: There are no self-made people. Behind each person who has realized her or his potential, you find a string of crucially placed individuals who believed in the person, encouraged and aided her or him and helped smooth the way. Assuming that you should have made it on your own by now with no support is debilitating and unrealistic.

No ads for problem solvers

What if you’re a brilliant problem-solver, and you absolutely love doing it? You rarely find an ad for ‘problem solvers.’ What if you’re a great explainer and can get anyone to understand anything? No ads for ‘great explainers.’ So what to do?

Take any job you don’t mind, preferably in a place with a decent corporate culture, and let these abilities show. Pretty soon you’ll be asked to use those very valuable skills and admired because you can.