44.8 As Time Allows: Set Up Your Amazon Listing and Author Page

One way to list your book on Amazon is to publish it through Kindle Direct Publishing, which also includes a Print on Demand options. Just follow their instructions to put it in both their book store and their Kindle store.

If you printed your book, there’s a good chance your publisher helped you get it listed for sale on Amazon. If not, you’ll want to read these:
Programs for Listing Items on Amazon.com
Listing Books on Amazon

Amazon offers you an Author Page in addition to listing your book for sale. Here’s my Author Page. It’s free, and you really ought to create one as soon as your first book is available. Then tie your Author Updates section to your blog or to a special purpose blog you create just for your Amazon page. Remember to list all your workshops there.

To create your Amazon Author Page, you’ll need to sign up with their Author Central program. Use the same account you use to purchase everything from Amazon if you want to keep your life uncomplicated.

That’s all for this week. Next week’s assignments will arrive on Monday.

If you need any help, please check the WriteSpeak Help Page or send an email to webmaster@barbarasclub.com.

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