43.9 As Time Allows: Add Your 12-Week Course to Your Website

In case you did not get to it last week, add a page about your 12-week course (or other fall workshop) to your website. Here are some things to include in your description:

  • How the lives of those who take it will be changed by taking it
  • What problems keeping people up at night you’ll offer solutions to
  • Whether there’s an upper or lower age limit
  • What group this course will most help
  • Why people should register now instead of waiting (a discount? some prework you’ll email them? a meet-your-classmates call? limited space in the course?)
  • Maybe a photo of yourself, especially of you doing something relevant to the course topic
  • How the course will be delivered: downloads? teleclasses? webinars? emails? videos?
  • When the course meets
  • For how long it meets on each date
  • Whether there will be a way to make up missed meetings
  • How much homework, if any, you’ll assign
  • What you’ll do about any holidays or religious holy days that fall within your schedule
  • If they get a certificate of completion
  • What guarantee you offer and how long they have to request a full or partial refund
  • What you’ve done before or written that qualifies you to offer this course
  • Kudos or testimonials from those you have helped or taught
  • What information you need from them to get them registered
  • And a way to send you their money

That’s all for this week. Next week’s assignments will arrive on Monday.

If you need any help, please check the WriteSpeak Help Page or send an email to webmaster@barbarasclub.com.

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