41.7 Optional: Contact Your Blog Book Tour Bloggers and Local Media with Details

Remember this assignment, way back in Week 18: 18.3 Create Your List of Blogs and Podcasts for Your Book Tour? The one where you made a list of people to tell about your book launch, people who could interview you about your book for their blog or podcast? Folks who might even do a giveaway of a copy of your book for you, or at least refer people to your mailing list signup form and your website?

Now is the time to give them a heads-up and get on their publication schedule for the days right after February 6th. Maybe tell them all about the telesummit, too.

If you did not create your list back then, you can get to work creating your list after you publish the book. But if you’ve got the list, you could send out those emails in an hour or less and be all set up for a launch week or a launch month, instead of a launch day.

That’s all for this week. Next week’s assignments will arrive on Monday.

If you need any help, please check the WriteSpeak Help Page or send an email to webmaster@barbarasclub.com.

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