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Barbara Sher’s WriteSpeak Program is now available online. Learn more from the recordings of Barbara Sher’s Dare to Soar Telesummit: Celebrating 8 Life-Changing New Books and Courses and the WriteSpeak Showcase.

Registration will open on February 8, 2020.

Part 1: 6-Hour Teleworkshop – (Three dates in March 2020)
Part 2: 48-Week Online Course – (March 23, 2020 – February 21, 2021)
Registration: Open Now
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Praise from Past WriteSpeak members

For many years, at the end of my workshops, people would stand up and say, “I want to do what you do.” I’d ask how many other people wanted the same thing and dozens of people would raise their hands! My answer has always been the same: I want you to do what I do, and I’ll do everything I can to help you!

And I’d try to do it then and there.Barbara Sher, speaking

If you’re one of the people who took notes like crazy while I rattled off the bare bones of my system for finding your own message and the perfect audience, becoming a well-paid speaker and writing a first-rate, successful book that will really help people (without sacrificing years of your life) I think you’ll be glad to read the following announcement:


This long-awaited online (and much less expensive) version of my WriteSpeak program will begin again in March 2020 with my six-hour WriteSpeak workshop by telephone.

You’re in for an exciting and profound learning experience. I intend to show you exactly what you must know to bring forth the visionary leader inside you.

“Visionary leader?!” you might be saying. “Don’t let my family hear that one or they’ll die laughing.” But if you’ve wondered about whether you have what it takes to share what you’ve learned with the world, listen carefully.

If you’ve ever confronted difficult problems in your life and you sought and found ways to solve them (from raising a kid to building a home), you know something you should be telling the rest of us. And if you’ve felt the urge to share your knowledge to help others, then chances are very good that you have three of the four essentials you need to be a successful author and speaker.

  1. You have personal experience with the struggle to create a good life, so you know how tough that struggle can be.
  2. You’ve searched long and hard to find a solution, so you know the steps that are needed.
  3. You dream of sharing what you’ve learned and you’re happiest when you’re helping someone with your knowledge.

What’s the fourth essential?

  1. You need someone to show you how.

You don’t need another cheer-leading session that creates a temporary surge of enthusiasm; you need to know the actual steps to creating a successful career from those first three essentials.

You need an experienced hand to guide you and keep you on message, someone who will teach you to be a compelling speaker with fire in your words, not by throwing a handful of glib suggestions at you, but by walking you through hands-on experience and making sure you get supportive critiques.

You need someone to bring out the quality book that’s inside you and show you where to find capable, ethical editors to help you organize and polish it.

And you need to know the many ways you can get published, including the traditional route with an agent and major publishing house.

Maybe you’ve been to one of those huge, overpriced conferences with dozens of presenters pitching their products and promising to make you a multi-millionaire. Maybe you’ve gotten something useful there, or maybe you felt disappointed: you know you really need a small class and a dedicated teacher who is powerfully motivated to bring out the very best you’ve got inside you because she wants you to share it with the world.

Barbara Sher booksIf you’re on my mailing list, I assume you know about me. If not, click here to read my bio: About Barbara on barbarasher.com. I love what I do. I never thought I’d be passionate about one career for over 40 years, but that’s what has happened. In that time I’ve designed and given hundreds of well-received speeches and workshops to associations and Fortune 100 companies, appeared nationally on dozens of major television shows and had 5 of my own public TV specials airing year after year.

But when I started running workshops in 1976 I had never heard of a ‘speaker.’ I was completely on my own, a single mother with two little boys and not an extra dime in my pocket. One friend designed small flyers and loaned me the money to print them up; two others helped me slap them up on lamp posts (illegally, I think) in the middle of the night. When no one signed up, we wrote “sold out” on that date and slapped them up again the next week. Finally I hauled everyone I knew into the room for no money at all, just so I could give the first workshops.

I had to learn this business step by step, every step by trial and error. I learned how to get written up in major magazines and newspapers because I couldn’t afford advertising. When those articles resulted in calls from literary agents, I learned how to write a book that had my real voice (though I had never done it before) while holding down two jobs and taking care of my home and kids.

I wrote my first book in 1978. It was published by a major publisher and has now sold more than a million copies. Since then I’ve written six more books. They have been translated into many languages and have stayed in print and continue to sell well. They’ve appeared on bestseller lists, have won awards, and I’m very proud of them. Best of all, I get letters and emails every day from people thanking me for how my work has helped them. Along with my speaking career, my books have also provided me with a comfortable and deeply satisfying life.

I understand completely why you might want to do what I do.

In 2007, I decided to act on my wish to pass on my knowledge to those of you who are talented and as passionate as I am. I ran WriteSpeak teleworkshops, retreats, and telecourses through 2011. And I ran out of steam. It was intense work. And it was more expensive than some with great ideas to share could afford. Now we’re doing it online, in a form lots more of you can afford. And no travel for either of us. 🙂

I believe with all my heart that the world needs the talent each and every one of us was born with. If your desires lie in the direction of speaking, coaching, and/or putting your message in a book, there’s a high probability that you have gifts in that area. I’d be interested in helping you find your gifts and your voice, and, if you find this career suits you, I’d be honored to help give you the start you need. I know how to do that. It’s one of my gifts.

And it’s the gift I still owe to the world.



We’ll do these by phone.

You’ll need access to a computer, too.

And there’s an hour or two of mandatory prep work before the teleworkshop.

To accommodate time zones from Australia to Central Europe and all across the US and Canada, these will be 2-day events starting at very different times each weekend.

I’ll do this three times, all in March, and I can teach up to 18 of you in each one. You’ll get to know each other. And me. You’ll discover who you should write for and what you should write about. You’ll learn why speakers need to write books and authors need to speak and how to make both of these a whole lot easier and more fun than you imagine.

Here are the tentative dates. Please choose one. Make your choice and register quickly, because I must close each one as soon as we have 18 people registered. The times listed are in the NY time zone (EST or EDT). Click on the links to see when that is where you live.

Saturday, February 29, noon-3:15pm EST and Sunday, March 1, noon-2:45pm EST
Friday, March 6, 7-10:15pm EST and Saturday, March 7, 7-9:45pm EST
Saturday, March 14, 2-5:15pm EDT and Sunday, March 15, 2-4:45pm EDT



(March 23, 2020 – February 21, 2021)

With help from some of my genius WriteSpeak graduates, I’ve pulled together all the best stuff from my famous 6-day WriteSpeak retreats and my wildly productive year-long telephone course into a beautifully designed, coherent 48-week online course for you. If you are ready to Write Your Own Success Story and you can devote 10 hours or more each week to the exciting work of writing your book, creating workshops and presentations you’ll be proud to deliver, and telling the many people who need your book and your in-person works who you are and what you can offer them, then this is for you.

Part 2 is where the rubber hits the road. You’ll have learned in Part 1 what you want to say (really, what you need to say, and people need to hear) and now you sit down, roll up your sleeves and create your new career.

No time to attend meetings or even webinars? Don’t worry. Part 2 will have step-by-step, online assignments you can do on your own, following your own schedule. They’ll show you exactly how to create your book and your career. You’ll decide when you can do them.

But what you’ll be reading won’t be any book you can buy anywhere. You will have transcripts and handouts and email discussions and audio recordings from my six WriteSpeak retreats and two telecourses. The best of the best, the exercises and explanations that did the best job of getting my earlier students (now author/speakers) where they are today.

And you won’t be on your own. You’ll be part of a community of writers and speakers with vitally important messages, discussing what you’re learning and trying and doing in comments you can pay attention to on your own schedule.

You won’t get the kind of speaking advice you can get from Toastmasters or a public speaking class. You’ll be speaking with passion and purpose about something that matters to you — and matters just as much to crowds of people who will gladly pay to hear you.

My approach to book-writing isn’t like anyone else’s. My goal isn’t for you to make big bucks but to live a life you love and contribute your gifts to the world. What I reveal isn’t how the game is played, but where the shortcuts can be found. Life is short, and I want a published book in your hands next February.

I won’t be able to participate in the discussion or correspond with you individually — I’m amazingly healthy for an 82-year old, but I’m not Superwoman. However, the same WriteSpeak grad who runs my online book clubs, Patty Newbold, will be there and let me know if there are questions I need to answer. Patty completed the full WriteSpeak program and helped me with three of my six WriteSpeak retreats. And my editor, Matthew Pearl, will be there, too. You’ll have two great coaches.

I’ll also be relying on you to help each other. You’ll have a buddy system to cheer you on, blockbusters to get past your procrastination, scheduled and unscheduled chances to learn from each other.

Most of you will be writing self-help style books, but some of you will tackle narrative non-fiction, fiction, maybe even comic books. There are many ways to share your hard-earned wisdom with those thirsty for it. All are fine approaches.

The length of your book doesn’t matter. Neither does whether it’s hard cover, paperback, print-on-demand, downloadable, or all of the above. If you’re aiming for a contract with a publisher, I encourage you to self-publish a small book during the course, while your proposal is making the rounds of agents and editors. When you hold your book in your hand or see it on a Kindle, you’ll experience a real thrill.

Book Launch Party and Telesummit

There is another reason I would like you all to finish a book during the course. In week 46 of our 48-week course — on February 7th, 2021 — we will throw a big, online book launch party. I’ll be there. Wouldn’t miss it for the world. Publicity. Prizes for the reading public. Book reviews. Of your books.

And wrapped around the partying, a widely publicized telesummit: a day of 20-minute and 30-minute teleworkshops by our newly published authors, including you. And me.

You and I will be speakers at the same telesummit.

4 of the books launched at our 2016 telesummitAnd we’ll record each teleworkshop for all to listen to at their leisure from the Barbara’s Club website if they cannot be part of your live audience. For a full year. With a link to wherever they can buy your book. Check out our 2019 telesummit and book launch. I really want to include you and your book in the next one.

There are folks out there who announce you can write a book in a weekend. Maybe, but we’re talking about books that change lives, books that show the way to something better, not those books. So let me be very honest with you. I said you need to put in 10 hours a week for 48 weeks. This is enough to write a book, start a blog or newsletter, create a presentation or workshop, start making a name on social media, and all the rest — but only with a good bit of help.

I’ll show you all the places where others can help, and you will need to pay them or barter with them for their expertise and time, as I do. If you are a do-it-yourself sort, please expect to put in at least twice as much time or keep your book very short. Either way, I’ll give you the training you need to follow in my footsteps.

With my assignments, you’ll develop your message, step by step, and create your book and your presentation using a completely new method of writing that you’ve never used before. When you finish Part 2 you’ll have your published book and your presentation ready to go.

But that’s not all, because throughout the course we focus on letting the world know who you are. You’ll have your own website, mailing list and blog or newsletter. You’ll be completely comfortable speaking on your subject and setting up teleclasses. You’ll know how to get into print media and be published online as well as setting up a press kit to send to associations and companies that will hire you to speak.

You’re going to have everything you need to create your lucrative speaking career.

Some students become paid speakers by the 10th month of the program!

If you run into trouble on any of this, we’ll help walk you through step-by-step or troubleshoot what went wrong and fix it.

In other words, you’ll be in business, doing what you love, helping your listeners and readers lead better lives, and you’ll be thanked for it. You’ll be paid for it, too. You’re going to make a real difference in this world doing what you love best, and you’ll feel the satisfaction that comes from that amazing combination.

WriteSpeak Silver

I want to keep the price of Part 2 low, so all the discussion is written and online, except during member-run blockbusters (an end-run around procrastination or fear), buddy calls (quick, encouraging check-ins) and teleworkshops you offer each other.

For an additional fee, you can include monthly Success Team type meetings by phone with other WriteSpeakers and my Director of Sher Success Teams, Patty Newbold, or my Editor, Matthew Pearl. Patty completed the full WriteSpeak program and helped me with three of the six WriteSpeak retreats. Matt edits most of what I write, including my last two books, and helped me with one of the WriteSpeak retreats. There will be twelve meetings, on the last Wednesday of every month from March 2019 through February 2020, from 2 to 3 pm NY time for Matt’s group or from 8 to 9 pm NY time for Patty’s group.

WriteSpeak Silver Plus

Want to step it up a notch? WriteSpeak Silver Plus adds three one-on-one coaching sessions with my Editor, Matthew Pearl to the WriteSpeak Silver package. So, you get your choice of 6-hour Teleworkshops with me, my online course, twelve monthly coaching sessions with Matthew Pearl or Patty Newbold and three 45-minute coaching sessions with Matthew on the same three key assignments for which I coach our WriteSpeak Gold members. Keep reading for more about this.

WriteSpeak Gold

I wish I could coach each of you individually. I really do. And without charging you a penny for it. But my calendar is quite full and I have bills to pay like you do.

So I will work with just three WriteSpeak Gold members on 3 of the assignments. We’ll do three half-hour coaching sessions by phone. We’ll discuss your Message-Media-Money strategy in Week 6. I’ll work with you on one or two of the exercises you create for your book or workshop in Week 11. And we’ll review your book’s table of contents in Week 15, so your editor can get to work in Week 20.

But I can do this with only three of you, so sign up early because this will be on a first-come, first-served basis. Only the first three to sign up and pay the WriteSpeak Gold registration fee will be offered this amazing opportunity.

This is important: If you happen to be one of the lucky three, should I decide at any stage that you are not a suitable candidate for the sort of recorded coaching I have planned, I will refund the difference between the WriteSpeak Gold and the WriteSpeak Silver fee. I reserve the right to a sole and final decision.



If WriteSpeak sounds right for you, please choose your package and then your Teleworkshop dates. See below for important information on payment plans, emails and refunds.
$627 – Part 1 Only – 6-Hour WriteSpeak Teleworkshop with Barbara Sher
(by telephone – long distance charges may apply – Part 2 may be added later)

Discount Prices for Part 1 and 2 Packages

$1,467 – WriteSpeak Bronze Package
(includes the Teleworkshop and the 48-Week Course)

$1,990 – WriteSpeak Silver Package
(includes the Teleworkshop, the 48-Week Course and 12 group coaching sessions with Patty or Matt)

$2,200 – WriteSpeak Silver Plus Package
(includes the Teleworkshop, the 48-Week Course, 12 group coaching sessions with Patty or Matt and 3 individual coaching sessions with Matt)

$3,250 – WriteSpeak Gold Package
(includes the Teleworkshop, the 48-Week Course, 12 group coaching sessions with Patty or Matt and 3 individual coaching sessions with me)

Part 2 registration will also be available by email invitation at a slightly higher price after your Teleworkshop, until the course begins. Those who completed Part 1 in 2008-2020 should email webmaster@barbarasclub.com for an invitation. These invitations will include a 4-pay payment plan option.

IMPORTANT : Watch for an email confirmation within an hour after paying. If you don’t receive it, or if your PayPal email address is the wrong one for us to use, please email webmaster@barbarasclub.com right away.

100% MONEY-BACK REFUNDS: Hang up no later than 20 minutes into the Teleworkshop and email webmaster@barbarasclub.com within an hour to request a full refund for the Teleworkshop. Email webmaster@barbarasclub.com no later than 4 pm on March 29 to request a full refund for the 48-Week Course or Group Coaching.



Here are some of the incredible success stories I’ve heard about from those who completed the WriteSpeak program.

Kerry Ann Rockquemore co-authored The Black Academic’s Guide to Winning Tenure–Without Losing Your Soul and left her academic position to launch the remarkably successful National Center for Faculty Development & Diversity, where she now has a staff helping her give lectures, workshops and boot camps at universities around the country and the world.

Patrice Jenkins self-published What Will I Do All Day? Wisdom to Get You Over Retirement and on With Living! It launched a speaking career to get people ready for retirement. She also does organizational consulting and runs a 9-month telecourse on the subject.

Rachel Z. Cornell invented a brand-new form of coaching and telecourse business, helping academics and authors “take action when action feels impossible.” She wrote me this: “Thanks to you I not only got clear about my message but also got the support I needed to embrace a unique aptitude I have and turn it into a thriving business.” That business is pronagger.com.

Barbara Richards of visionworkcoaching.com ran a summer webinar series for her solopreneur coaching clients on Attraction Marketing: 7 Steps to Cracking the Code on Attracting (Great!) Clients, Your Way. She’s become a speaker and published Give Your Dream a Plan: 7 Questions to Ignite Extraordinary Results in Your Business.

Beth LaMie now runs ethical will and family story workshops. She wrote Granny’s Guide to Fun & Fabulous Family Stories For Kids from 8 to 98 and has co-authored books with two of her family story clients, including Blue Skies and Apple Blossoms: Stories of Faith, Family, and Food. Her latest book, released in 2017, is Legacy Letters from Your Heart: Finding Peace of Mind by Leaving a Piece of Your Mind.

Edith Johnston has written two books — A Myriad of Ideas : Personal Development for Multi-Talented Individual and Discovering the Intensity of Brillance: A Mandala Journey — and is working on a third. She runs workshops and teleclasses for multi-talented individuals.

Christi Daniels runs group classes and private mentoring sessions. She’s working on an online course. And she’s the proud author of Sabbatical from “Yes”: Reconnect with Your Inner Wisdom, Energy and Creative Fire through 30 Days of Putting Yourself First.

Let’s include you on this list next year!



Hi, Barbara!
I am overcome. I am speechless. You have showered me with ideas and encouragement…I’m going to pore over this and absorb it today… every nerve ending is crackling!

My immediate reaction was that I was trying to drink from a fire hose! There was so much good information and it was coming at me so fast I didn’t have time to think or digest it all. I have been thinking of almost nothing else since. I am realizing that this workshop is changing the way I talk to myself and to others – everything is lining up behind the desire to finally identify my message and do the work to get it out there.

The Write Speak Teleworkshop is excellent. Barbara’s depth of knowledge is incredible. She truly is a master at what she does. She has so much to offer and she does it with warmth, humour and kindness. In one day, she has helped me to clarify and define my message – wow!

Your insights and approach are invaluable! I keep re-reading my notes and continue to learn even after the session is over.

What an amazing day! While it will take me weeks to fully digest everything that I’ve learned, I already feel that have found a place that feels like home. Surprisingly — to me at least — is that I learned more about myself than specific tools for writing. That was a lovely gift. As an aside, while I very much look forward to meeting Barbara at the retreat in January, I am also very excited about meeting in person the folks with whom I spoke today. What a great group with such amazing energy!

I’ve never heard anyone describe what ‘drive’ really is until today, or explain ‘excitement’ and its real purpose and why it often awakens resistance and how to work with it in such creative ways! I don’t know where to start listing what I learned today; it was amazing. No one says what you do. I will never forget this.

You always seem to come up with some totally original content and you’ve done it again on this workshop! The way you’ve told us to write and to come up with original content is great. And the process for coming up with a really compelling core message has been moving and revealing. Thanks for telling us we don’t need to have all the answers before we start too! I feel like I’ve now got a good idea of how to come up great content for books and talks.

Barbara Sher is just like a real person, only shorter.

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132 thoughts on “WriteSpeak: Write Your Own Success Story

  1. Hi Patty

    I just wanted to check. I tried to book the upcoming teleworkshop late last night at about 11pm. your time. ( I left it to the last minute because I’ve been very unwell and unsure whether I would be able to take part. I still am unsure.) However, last night, it said there were spaces but the booking button wouldn’t work. This morning, I see that it’s sold out and I wondered if that is actually the case or whether it’s a deadline thing?

  2. Has any info been mailed out yet about the 48-week program that starts in less than a week? I registered a few weeks ago but so far only got the info about the first tele class part, with Barbara (which was wonderful!)

    If you’re about to send out the call-in# and any prep info, no worries. If you already sent it though, please re-send to me as I didn’t get it.

  3. I already wrote my book ( Barbara has a copy of my manuscript) and am interested in developing the speaking career and workshops around it. Is the program suitable for me and can we work around the Saturday schedule since I am a Sabbath observer?

    • Probably not a good match, Shifra. The Teleworkshop is the heart of the program. It’s live, and the exercises are intended to be done in groups. And while the Course does cover speaking, workshops, and promotion, they are interwoven with assignments intended to produce a book (or blog) that fits with what members discover about their message during the Teleworkshop.

  4. Question -Patty do I need to sign up for part two of the write speak program before the Oct 22-23? I plan on using the payment plan and I’m not sure how that works? Dont want to even think about missing it!

    • We send out information on the payment plans (with links) right after each Teleworkshop, Laura, to anyone who is not already signed up for the 48-Week Course. The course begins on the 24th, so we hope you’ll sign up on the 23rd or 24th, but we can even allow you to take a few extra days. You’ll have access to the week’s assignments as soon as you make your first payment.

  5. I’m so looking forward to WriteSpeak now! I’m so glad Barbara still does the Teleworkshops this year to help us find our original message! That’s why I’ve signed up. And I’m crazy about the WriteSpeak knowledge we’re getting in the 48-weeks-course. I’m 45 now, I can either do whatever I’m going to do the next years and hopefully decades WITH or without that knowledge! That’s why I’m part of this year’s WriteSpeak group. Thanks Barbara and Patty for doing this. Thanks everybody in the Telesummit, I listened to several of the recordings and loved it.

  6. Thanks so much for your comprehensive reply Patty. It’s all reassuring stuff and I’m increasingly tempted. Just need to give myself a little more time to consider the practicalities.

    Will be in touch.


    • My pleasure Diane.
      This course has certainly been a wonderful and life-changing experience for me this year (and even those words don’t seem to sufficiently describe it).

  7. Hi Patty,

    I have only just seen details of the Write/Speak course and am very interested in joining it. Could you help by answering a few questions that I have please?

    First, could you let me know if there are any spaces left on the 22/23 Oct. telework shops and if so, how many?

    Secondly, if I choose to book the tele-workshop ONLY initially and then add the 48 week course afterwards, I understand that I will pay “slightly” more. Can you tell me how much more?

    Finally, there is a mention that the telework shop might attract international phone charges. I’m wondering what the word “might” means in this context and whether there are criteria that would make these charges definite?
    If it is highly probable that international phone charges will be accrued, can you tell me if it will be possible to use the audio version of Skype or FaceTime to phone iin to the workshop? Alternatively, will it be possible to phone in using a discounted international phone card that requires a password prior to the ‘phone in’ number?

    Thanks Pattiy. Look forward to hearing.


    • Hi Diane,
      From Australia I used skype to call in and it was clear and cost less than $1 per hour. Apparently this is a more reliable connection than the free VOIP, however I know that some people have used that too, some with a few problems and some with none.
      All the best.

    • As Regina said, you can use Skype for WriteSpeak, Diane. For Buddy calls, it should be free. For teleconference calls, you’ll need Skype Credit, and it’s as inexpensive as Regina said. You can also use most international phone cards for either of these. The only Voice over IP option we’ve found so far that doesn’t work is Google Voice. They won’t connect you to our teleconference company’s numbers. And there are still plenty of spaces in the 22/23 October Teleworkshop. The Silver package add-on is US$1,400. The Bronze package add-on is US$900. I hope you can join us, Diane.

  8. HI Patty,

    Following on from the last question, if one was looking to transition from owning and running a business to coaching business owners to improve and run a better business, via the web, bloggs and possibly a mastermind group, with no book specifically in mind. Would that maybe suggest I should seek out a coaching course instead?

    • I think so, David. If you know how to promote and run a business and you’re not looking to write and speak, then coaching sounds like the piece you need to master next.

      Once you’ve got that under your belt, it turns out the writing and speaking are a terrific way to market a coaching business.

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