Barbara Sher’s Dare to Soar Telesummit
Celebrating 8 Life-Changing New Books and Courses

Thank You to All Who Help Make This Telesummit Happen
Saturday, February 9, 2019

Our Masters of Ceremonies

Thanks to all of our Masters of Ceremonies throughout the day. They keep the celebration going, keep us on schedule and keep the call quiet enough for you to hear our great speakers. I hope you’ll visit them on the web.

Matthew Pearl
Tammy Garver
Michele Vosberg
Krista Dyson
Patty Newbold

Those Who Donated Our Prizes

Lots of them come from me, Barbara Sher, but we have some really great ones donated by others.

Rachel Z. Cornell, The ProNagger PopUp Productivity; When You Want to Stop Procrastinating Now: guided instructions to get you unstuck and productive in record time

Janice Dean A 50-minute coaching session via phone on your challenges as a speaker

Pat Edwards, author of Exploring the Magic of Your Hero’s Journey A free Skype coaching session to see your goal as a Hero’s Journey

Tammy Garver, MS, Personal Development Teacher, Speaker, and Certified Professional Life Coach The course Taking Your Power Back: 8 Ways To Quiet Your Inner Critic

Patrice Jenkins A free online course, A Guide to Take the Weirdness Out of Retirement

Patrice Jenkins A signed copy of What Will I Do All Day? Wisdom to get you Over Retirement and on with Living!

Edith Johnston, PhD, LPC of “How To” Life Consultants, LLC, Resources for Multi-Talented Individuals A 50-minute counseling / coaching session (2 prizes)

Edith Johnston, PhD of “How To” Life Consultants, LLC An audio program on CDs: Multi-talents MIA | Beyond Mediocrity

Laura Kingston, Certified Christian Life Coach who wants everyone to use their God-given talents, author, and artistic doodler A signed copy of her book, The Gardener’s Gift, plus a gift certificate for 1 hour of life coaching

Andrea Brigitte Klee, Diplom-Mathematician, Creative Workshop Leader and Barbara Sher Coach A gift certificate for a one-hour coaching session

Patty K The self-study Planning Course: How to set your prices, figure out how many clients you need and make a marketing plan, plus her book, The YOU-Shaped Business: Authentic Marketing for Self-Employed Professionals

Patty Newbold, WriteSpeak Coach and blogger An Enjoy Being Married zippered tote bag

Matthew Pearl, editor of Barbara Sher’s Refuse to Choose and a WriteSpeak Coach A 30-minute phone coaching session for any stage of turning your message into a book

Kimberly Stewart, author of Be Weird, Make Money A $40, 30-minute Business Divination, where you’ll find your “A-HA! That’s IT!” money-making idea that fits you perfectly and get some ideas for getting started right away

Claire Wild, Bodymind Therapeutic Coach / Facilitator An 8-week Sparkling life Coaching Calls series, including a free 1-on-1 coaching session (6 prizes)

Those Who Donated Our Book Buying Bonuses

Janice Dean 10 Things People Forget to Do Before Delivering A Speech

Pat Edwards 20 Tips to Turn your Life’s Tests and Trials into a Life-changing Hero’s Journey

Tammy Garver Taking Your Power Back: 8 Ways To Quiet Your Inner Critic (an online course)

Elyse Hudacsko A Year of You PDF workbook

Edith Johnston PhD LPC Aspects of a Multi-Talent : Reflect on Being a Multi-Talent with Clean Language

Edith Johnston PhD LPC Thinking It Through: The Many Aspects of Being Multi-Talented

Jana Lindberg How to Thrive With Too Many Interests: My best English articles (so far)

Patty Newbold Best of the Assume Love Blog

Patty K Planning Course: How to set your prices, figure out how many clients you need and make a marketing plan

Kimberly Stewart 3-Part Be Weird, Make Money Course

Michele Vosberg, PhD 5 Days to Ramp Up Your Life Mini-course

Claire Wild Audio guided meditation: “Unplug & Sleep”

And, of Course, An Extra Special Thanks to All of Our Speakers