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11 thoughts on “Dare to Soar Telesummit Books and Courses We Celebrate

  1. Hi Patty,
    This is Janice Dean. Thank you so much for all your hard work!

    1. My site cannot be reached as the link is incomplete.
    (janicedeancommunications – without.com)


    2. FYI have spoken to my web consultant RE: the google error message. Should be fixed soon.

    3. Below are minor changes:

    A. “Two Ways to Win Prizes”
    A 30-minute coaching session by phone on your biggest fear in speaking with voice and acting coach Janice Dean.

    A 50-minute coaching session via phone on your challenges as a speaker with Janice Dean, Master Coach in Speaking.

    B. “Those Who Donated Our Prizes”
    Janice Dean A 30-minute coaching session by phone on your biggest fear in speaking.

    A 50-minute coaching session via phone on your challenges as a speaker with Janice Dean, Master Coach in Speaking.

    C. Purchase any of these books or courses on February 9th (within 5 hours from the end of the Telesummit) and get all of these free bonuses

    10 Things People Forget to Do Before Delivering A Speech A PDF eBook by Janice Dean, Master Coach in Speaking. Ever wonder why some speakers are bursting with energy and aliveness? What’s their secret, how do they do it? Top speakers prepare not only their words, but also their mindset and physical being before stepping in front of an audience. I’m sharing insider tips so you, too, can be on fire and ready to deliver a dynamic presentation to your next audience!

    D. Those Who Donated Our Book Buying Bonuses

  2. Can we change “Encouraging young adults to seek an exceptional life by discovering their authentic self (an online course)”

    “Encouraging Young Adults to Seek an Exceptional Life (an online course)”

  3. So sorry that this is taking forever, folks. I’ve run away screaming a few times, but I always come back. I believe this page is good enough to go live now. It will need, whenever you have them:

    A book cover image from Kris.
    A course logo from Tammy.
    A different course logo from Claire, if she creates one.
    A different course logo from Michele, if she creates one.
    A different course logo from Kris, if she creates one.
    Better purchase links from Laura, Tammy, and Kris when you have them.

  4. Hello Patty,
    (Sorry for the late reply, got the mail in the night, and today was a no-internet day off)

    Nice job!
    Could you add “(slow-nomad)” after “slow-mad”… I realized that people don’t get it, and then they imagine strange things!
    For the links: can you take facebook & instagram out, and keep only those two:
    Website: http://www.integrallyalive.com
    Facebook Group: http://www.facebook.com/groups/integrallyalivecommunity

    The link to my course is directing to this page. It should be: http://www.integrallyalive.com/sparkling-life-online-program-intro-from-resistance-to-resilience/

    Didn’t understand you needed a logo for the course… I don’t have one. I can make one and send you by mail.

    Thank you so much for your dedication!

  5. Hi Patty –
    As per your request about the Books test page:


    (1) ADD a hyphen to Life Changing (if it is not automatically fixed as a header from the last page I mentioned it on):

    Celebrating 8 Life Changing New Books and Courses

    (2) Is the TBA info ready for the below?:

    Get your copy of The Gardener’s Gift from [TBA].

    (3) In Michelle V.’s:

    (a) I would delete the periods in both uses of Ph.D. below as a matter of style consistency:

    Author: Michele Vosberg, Ph.D. Author, teacher, international speaker and coach
    Michele Vosberg, Ph.D. believes

    (b) Delete the extra space in between award and the hyphen:

    award -winning

    (c) I know I said in email that I wasn’t fussing over comma usage when the author wrote it, but this sticks in my craw. Something is not right in:
    Michele loves to redesign homes for herself and others, create gardens and travel, all activities which are full of potential waiting to be brought to life.
    REALLY, I think this would be much clearer:

    Michele loves to travel, create gardens and redesign homes for herself and others–all activities which are full of potential waiting to be brought to life.
    [[[I have lost my em dash, so I am using 2 hyphens kissing]]]

    (4) In the Strange Pull section, ADD an s onto decision below to make it plural:

    After completion of the course you will be guided to using your authentic self in making decision that impact college choices, career, and your entire life!

    (5) In the Taking Your Power Back section:

    (a) I would make it say self-criticism & self-judgment. The lack of the hyphen. She means self for both. One hyphen will make it just criticism from self & the judgement could be from anywhere:
    Dealing with self criticism and judgement

    (b) Too many commas in the below. I would suggest…life experience—one choice at a time.

    In 2007, she launched Creating Success Stories with a goal of giving women who face poverty, or a myriad of challenging situations, the tools and support that foster a better life experience, one choice at a time.

    (c) DELETE the period after the question mark:

    Hear Tammy Garver’s mini-workshop, How Do YOU Define Authentic Success?.

    (6) In the Ten Tiny Things section:

    (a) ADD an a below:

    Ten Tiny Things is little book with a bold mission

    (b) ADD hyphens below so will say once-upon-a-time:

    will help you to rediscover the secrets that you learned once upon a time and still hold deep within you.

    (c) ADD a hyphen below to make feature-length:

    producer of “When All That’s Left Is Love,” a feature length documentary that goes behind closed doors with

    (d) ADD a comma after Windfalling before the closing quotation mark below:

    Her screenplay, “Windfalling” was a Top 5 Finalist at the Citizen Jane Film Festival’s Screen Grab Contest.

    (7) Do you want to make something into a live link below?:

    3-Part Be Weird, Make Money Course An online course by Kimberly Stewart at BeWeirdMakeMoney.com, worth $97.

    (8) DELETE the period after the exclamation mark below & the periods in Ph.D. to be consistent with other people’s alphabet soup:

    Give me 5 days and I’ll help you ramp up your life!. From Michele Vosberg, Ph.D.

    (9) In the Thinking it Through section:

    (a) DELETE the space between the hyphen and Talented below:

    Thinking It Through: The Many Aspects of Being Multi-Talented

    (b) DELETE space before the colon below:

    Aspects of a Multi -Talent : Reflect on Being a Multi-Talent with Clean Language

    (10) ADD a hyphen to thank you (since used as an adj) below:

    Many thanks to the generous people who donated these PDF and audio thank you bonuses!


    (1) Link below took me to right page, but to the top & I had to scroll for miles to find hers:

    Hear Laura Kingston’s mini-workshop, The Gardener’s Gift.

    (2) The link below goes to Books we celebrate. It should go to Claire’s website, right?:

    Get your access to Sparkling Life – From Resistance to Resilience on Claire Wild’s website

    (3) The links below goes nowhere. Same error message mentions Barbara Sher for all four links:

    Preorder your copy of Ten Tiny Things from Amazon, available in Kindle and paperback format mid-March 2019 or Preorder from Nook or Kobo or Apple Books/iBooks

    (4) The link below goes to the top of the Books page instead of to her section:

    Get your copy of 3 Days to Unstuck

    (5) In the section for 5 Days to Ramp Up Your Life Mini-course, the link below yields a 404 Page Not Found error. It looks like a page on her site, but has error message on it:
    From Michele Vosberg, Ph.D.

    (6) In the section for The Planning Course, for the link below, here’s whatcha get –Sorry! That page doesn’t seem to exist:

    Patty K.

    (7) Yeeeeeeehah, no 7th needed.

    Bye for now,

  6. Hi Patty…on this page may we go to the first sentence of the course and add a hyphen to self-critsism. The next sentence after that should read “the habit of, or the need to, put yourself down”………
    Last sentence of bio on this page making authentic success not gaining. .
    Also, when I go to the test link my course doesn’t show up in the freebies for ordering with the others at the bottom…but it is on this page and the thank you page.

    For others…..beweirdmakemoney.com is not a hot link yet. Patty K and Michelle’s link under bonuses come up with an error or not found. Claire’s mini workshop below her bio says live the life you chose…up above it says live the life you choose.

  7. Hi Patty,
    Thank you for all of your hard work! It is amazing how you put all of this together. You make it look easy, but I know better 🙂 I am pasting three possible pics I have here including the one that wouldn’t copy for you. If any of these will work, they can be used. I will continue to proofread, thanks!!
    OOPs, will not allow me to paste pics here. I will send to you by email.

    • Thanks, Tammy! Got your photos, added one to the site in two places. People are going to swoon when they see this Telesummit and the team’s wonderful offerings.

      Remember to be a Noodge if you see any missing info that a fellow WriteSpeaker could provide. They might need help coming up with something to say.

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