Audio: Three Part Teleclass Series for Scanners

Do you (or someone you care about) feel stuck because you want to do so many things you can’t decide on just one? If so, you’re a Scanner, and a very lucky perScanner Teleclass Set CD Case Coverson. What you thought was a handicap is actually a gift.

This is Barbara’s hugely popular 3-session Scanner teleclass, your chance to hear Barbara Sher explain, in person, to a live audience:

Teleclass #1: What is a Scanner and are you one? Different kinds of scanners. Can you change — and should you?
Teleclass #2: Time management for Scanners; how to do everything you love.
Teleclass #3: Great careers for Scanners.

Each session runs approximately 90 minutes.

“I recently purchased your Scanner Teleclass and absolutely loved the information contained within. I am such a Scanner!! And learning this has really helped me stop beating myself up for NEVER sticking to one thing (or finishing most things) and for feeling frozen/overwhelmed by life’s possibilities. I thank you for this.”

“With the teleclass format, I find that many of my concerns/questions are being addressed by the participants and then answered by Sher. If you are a Scanner, hell even if you are not, you can’t go wrong with this series. Very therapeutic indeed.”

“Not only are you hilarious, but also so sensible and logical—what a great combination! Thanks again. You have really motivated and enlightened me. I’m looking at my life in a totally different way and not only forgiving myself for being a Scanner, but loving it!”

3 downloadable MP3 files
Price: $56.00