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    211 thoughts on “Login

      • Ann, I am sending you your password, but I generally recommend trying the Forgot Password link first.

    1. Hi Barbara, I loved your idea of backwards flowcharting to a goal. I used it for pointless things and other less pointless…and have done many things now, even become a master of em at work. Even your comment about then not being useable in gov’t or business I think inspired me to want to learn those, and now I do those at work too.
      In 2008 I used it to decide to get over my fear of public speaking and leading meetings, get trained and experienced in project management, start teaching yoga (after 25 + years of studying and doing), learn to train diabetic alert dog for myself! Love that tool!
      I just can’t get moving on the next good goal. Holding onto this job in rainy Seattle for one more year doesn’t need backwards planning.

      But being ready and segueing to a new path, after I make it, will. I’ll sleep on that again. Thanks for the email.

    2. Paul-That is why I love Barbara and Victor Frankl. They show how to find the gift in any situation-no matter what. We decide how we will respond.

      • What is this about? Do we have something we are supposed to pay for now? Or is there something additional offered? I must have missed the post?

        • Pat, registration for Year One of Hanging Out with Barbara Sher is open now, through November 16 (NY time). Click on Hanging Out in the menu above for more information.

        • Jim-Just got your message-Sunday morning. I have something planned. Will try sending a text-but you have a ? Mark in the number. Is that an error?

    3. Hi…I am having a hard time logging in from MacBook with OS X Yosemite! I have an Apple Genuis Bar appointment on Monday to sort this out! Bummer.

      • Hi Maria… From a fellow Mac user.
        I know this isn’t helpful or comforting, but I just wanted to mention that I’ve been running Yosemite since it was released on October 17 without any problems. Is logging in to Barbara’s club your only problem? I have been using Firefox to login.

      • Were the Apple folks able to help, Maria? Or is it possible you’ve just forgotten the password that goes with your email address for logging in?

        • Thank you Patty, and Thank You Paul!
          Ugh, finally – I hope it has been resolved! No fun this sans eConnection!!!!
          I spent an hour at the Genius Bar and this morning another hour on the phone–hopefully, successfully. It seems to be okay, crossing fingers! Thanks again. Btw, Apple gave me free phone support–for one month following Yosemite release.

    4. Catrin and Jim-
      How do you feel a day after the nervous breakdown? I feel lots of energy and even got a new download -from the universe?- about new ways to think about the income goal.
      That exercise really released something. Is there a pattern in our rants? I went back to compare my rant to the list of obstacles and remedies. My rant matches mostly with the Impossible List and the Your the Problem-flawed -lists. Jim-yours sounds like mine. And-Catrin-where would you say yours fall? At any rate, we have the remedies. Yeah! I am really enjoying these rants. Can’t wait for Claire’s. I think she calls hers the Gremlin.

      • Wen,

        I have been in the Dr Deming Institute 4 day conference having conversations till 2 AM and then going back at 7 AM. I am just now sitting in my room in Monterrey, CA. Too bad, but somebody has to do it.


        • Jim – Poor thing! We missed you on the call Sat. Keep posting-we look for ward to hearing from you.

        • Hey Wen,
          Yeah, leave it to scanners, always scanning the horizon, to know who Dr. Deming was and what his accomplishments were. Someday I’ll try and find the time to dig in deeper myself. He was one of the great men of the past century. I’m glad to see you’re pursuing this beyond the surface.