Barbara Sher’s Idea Party


How Does the Online Idea Party Work?

You have a dream or a wish, and an obstacle to getting there. (If you don’t think you know your wish, work through my kick-starter and read this post. To learn why you must put logic aside to find your dream, read the following.)

The online Idea Party is here to help you – and the other fellow party goers – with your wishes and obstacles.

Voices from Success Teams and Idea Parties:

Having a team to report to and hearing what everybody did each week is very exciting. It’s kept me moving all year. In the past I made some good starts on my own, but found, every time, when the energy ran out, I ran out. Now it doesn’t run out.
Jade G.
Children’s Playroom Therapist, New York Hospital

I would do a painting a year, a sketch a year. If it was only me I know I would never do it. Having to tell you makes all the difference. It’s crazy why I didn’t do this years ago, it’s so easy all of a sudden.
Caroline R. Personnel Executive, Macy’s Dept Store

Post Your Wish and Your Obstacle Here!

And help your team mates out when you can. Use the Reply link to help, the form below the comments to add your own Wish and Obstacle.

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3,226 thoughts on “Barbara Sher’s Idea Party

  1. Dear Barbara, I discovered you only ten days ago. I felt so inspired and motivated that I spent days watching your videos, making notes and brainstorming on my dreams. Lately I’ve been focusing on channelling my creative energy and (re)shaping my career. I want to become a coach and therapist. Your presence, your attitude and your work have showered my path with joy, humility, courage, clarity, myth-busting and common sense. I was hoping to get in touch and chat with you. Today I learned that you passed away and I feel a loss I haven’t felt in a long time. At the same time, I feel a surge of energy to carry on with my journey, more determined than ever. I’m starting a Success Team. Thank you for your presence. Thank you for your gifts.

  2. Dear friends

    I still can’t realize the sad news, that our loved Barabra has passed away so suddenly.
    I am full of gratitude, that she and her work came into my life. Her Books changed my life. The wonderful inspiration of wishcraft – naming wish and obstacle – helped me to make several things come true. Learning to ask for support was a real challenge for me.
    Meanwhile I became a support-Team leader / success-Team leader, and had the chance to pariticpate in some of Barbaras Coaching-Classes and Weekend-workshops. So I will really miss her regularly loving and caring messages in my inbox.
    But I am happy to have the communitiy with all her fans her on this site and in Facebook.
    And to see lots of her inspiring talks on youtube:

    Therefore I would like to share the Links to people who were trained by her, to support you, so that you can and will still follow your your dreams – so that her work goes on – to save your talents, gifts, missions 🙂 .

    Coaches Trained by Barbara Sher
    As the trainings took part in Frankfurt / Germany – most of the coaches listed there are situated in Europe – but many are speaking english, and thanks to Skype and Zoom, it is easy to connect.

    List of registered successteam leaders world wide

    Successteam-leaders in German-speaking-Countries

    And of course, all her books are availabe
    pick our copy of wishcraft, and get started: create your own local team – as described in the book – or aks someone of the pages above for help

    Astrid Meyer

  3. Hey all! For folks who’d like a more cohesive, reliable support system to bust through our obstacles and make our dreams happen, let’s organize that! Please reply to this comment with an email address you’d like me to reach out to and, next week, I’ll reach out to whoever’s address I’ve got to get started brainstorming what we’d like to create!

  4. i am happy to hear that you want a m ore wise and gr ounding Exp erience. Dig ital can only go so far and this has frustrated me. There is a better way, can we barnstorm? this is my email
    bealove warrior r@… and i would love to rise up and truly dream and dream more together. love this. we need a space or even simply or hop in…we will find it. but first let us unite/conect please. this has been censored

  5. I would like to continue the idea party but don’t feel comfortable doing it here that much. I like it when people meet in a committed way to uplift each other. Is anyone interested? I don’t want to do add a random comment and maybe expect a response anytime anywhere…i don’t know if it makes sense but a bunch of people meeting and bond a bit more then here can go much further don’t you think?
    What is my wish?
    I don’t want to affected by my trauma anymore and i think i found some answers now
    I want to feel comfortable in my skin and safe.
    I want to be mobile traveling and not be stuck in this location teach self-healing with massage/ body and mind. I have created my own protocol.
    I want the love of life to finally show up even at this stage.

    • I completely agree. Putting our desires out in the ether and then maybe getting a response or maybe not doesn’t help me feel less isolated and it’s really hard to keep track of and offer ongoing support for people that way. I would love to form a more cohesive, consistent support system that brings people together and help people feel less isolated for real. 🙂

      • i am happy to hear that you want a more wise and grounding experience. Digital can only go so far and this has frustrated me. There is a better way, can we barnstorm? this is my email
        [redacted for privacy]… and i would love to rise up and truly dream and dream more together. love this. we need a space or even simply or hop in…we will find it. but first let us unite/conect please.

      • I would like to move from idea party to “solution party.” I hope that I am naming the second thing correctly. Barbara had a specific name for the gathering where people would actually help one another forward, which I think was Solution Party.
        I would like to be in a solution-helping environment instead of just ideas.

        • hi ty so good to know we want to move forward in a tangible manner. i love this and i started this idea but there is another woman who is now wanting to do this alone. I find that a bit disappointing to push the initiator out or not even mention that i started this or at least synergize….. let us see if we can do great things and respect others along the way too i have left my email so that we can collide and uplift each other and you are welcome too. ty i appreciate.

          • My apologies. I didn’t think it mattered who did what because the goal was finding supportive community, not who got credit for what. I find that to be kind of petty, honestly. I was so excited and thought that I was helping, but I’ll go ahead and let you take the lead since that’s clearly important to you.

          • gees what anger it triggered already and judgment. i was looking to team up not steal your thunder girl. relax. It is time that i say what i need to say and how i feel and not be gaslight ed nor misjudged. i did not bring up this idea to be a lone wolf. but to decide together. you should stop making things for others you are not in my shoes either.

        • Hi Tom

          I never heard Barbara talking about a solution Party.
          In the Book Wishcraft it it called Brainstorming and Barnraising
          The Idea-Party is standard Part of the Success-Teams – but you can thorogh it, whenever you need ideas for your project.

          you invite some people, tell your wish (as precise as possible, or the essence of it) and the obstacle: I want to have a farm, and have no money – and then, the others can offer their ideas – all ideas, even crazy ones – are welcome , like: rent a farm, offeryour help to elderly farmers, and so on, and afterwards the can chose the ideas that fit or adapt parts of the ideas.

          and to get things done check this mini-guide out, find your success-Team

          or get a copy of the Book Wishcraft:

          the wonderful Brainstorming according to Barbara Sher is described in Chapter 6
          Barnraising in Chapter 7

          • Maybe then the correct name I was trying to think of is “Success Team,” if this refers to the group of people who help one another by taking practical actions.

    • What about the person or people who have been involved with Barbara in this web site? What are their plans for the future of Barbara’s work?

      • Hi Tom

        you asked
        What about the person or people who have been involved with Barbara in this web site? What are their plans for the future of Barbara’s work?

        Patty wrote in the newsletter with the sad news

        ” It is with great sadness that I report to you Barbara Sher’s passing on Sunday, May 10, 2020, of natural causes. Please know that Barbara cared deeply about your dreams and your unique genius. She spent the last decade preparing for this eventuality by creating Hanging Out, the Survival Guide for Dreamers, her Book Clubs, her Idea Party and WriteSpeak and by preparing coaches and Success Teams leaders and WriteSpeak coaches and Book Club guides to carry on her work. She wanted to be sure you will have even more of her thinking than she could share in her many books, as well as people she trusted to assist you.
        (…) We will miss her infectious enthusiasm, but Barbara’s work will continue. I (Patty Newbold) will continue to work online with the brilliant and talented team Barbara chose: Doret Jordaan, Tammy Garver, and Patrice Jenkins. Matthew Pearl and Gundrun Schwarzer will continue her work in Europe. And her many Success Teams leaders and Barbara Sher Coaches will continue her work all around the globe. ”

        read the whole message here:


      • All of and and and (Success Teams in Germany) will continue, per Barbara’s plan.

    • Hi J recine –
      I see your wishes – what are the obstacles?
      If you could name a clear wish (more precise than “feel comfortable”) and the obstacles we could start finding ways how to overcome them.

      or: what does it mean for you “I want the love of life to finally show up” – how does he / she look like, what does this person do, how old, and so on, what did you do already to find him/her (invain)

      good luck – take care-

      • i did not think it was really an obstacle. I was just stating /declaring what i wanted. I was not intending to write details here. I just think that anything can be said generically that it is all possible then, because it is. i can say the same for you too. I am not sure that this is what a success team does though when they uplift each other. There is a bit more involved like a mapping etc,. that is why i prefer people that meet weekly and who hold each other accountable. what do you think?

    • I also feel this idea party here is not the best way. Before finding the ideal way, online or locally, I think the official Facebook Idea Party group is more efficient:

      As for me, I’d like to create a local action group (in Prague, Czechia (EU)), but I face resistance… and I’m alone (“isolation is the dream killer”)! Maybe I’ll post on that FB group…

      RIP Barbara and let’s honour her work by kicking our butts gently and realising our dreams together! Her soul is with us!

  6. I just found out about Barbara recently and see that she has passed. Maybe she is helping these groups from the afterlife..

    I have a goal and obstacles I’d like to share.

    GOAL: To have incredible and loving sex, karezza, or intimacy often with someone.

    1. No partner
    2. Living at parents. Can’t afford my own place.
    3. Corona Virus pandemic.

    • Sounds like your first step is to start planning how to afford a place for this, Brian. Those are steps you can take even during a stay-at-home order. You can also reach out to friends and ask them to introduce you to possible partners by telephone or video chat.

  7. I am sharing your sadness. Barbara was the soul of it. It is up to people to continue to support each other’s ideas and dreams .. up to you, up to me.. up to everyone

  8. I am so sad about the news. May blessings wrap the family and all who knew Barbara.
    Will the Idea party/group continue?

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