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How Does the Online Idea Party Work?

You have a dream or a wish, and an obstacle to getting there. (If you don’t think you know your wish, work through my kick-starter and read this post. To learn why you must put logic aside to find your dream, read the following.)

The online Idea Party is here to help you – and the other fellow party goers – with your wishes and obstacles.

Voices from Success Teams and Idea Parties:

Having a team to report to and hearing what everybody did each week is very exciting. It’s kept me moving all year. In the past I made some good starts on my own, but found, every time, when the energy ran out, I ran out. Now it doesn’t run out.
Jade G.
Children’s Playroom Therapist, New York Hospital

I would do a painting a year, a sketch a year. If it was only me I know I would never do it. Having to tell you makes all the difference. It’s crazy why I didn’t do this years ago, it’s so easy all of a sudden.
Caroline R. Personnel Executive, Macy’s Dept Store

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3,226 thoughts on “Barbara Sher’s Idea Party

  1. My wish is to turn my hobby of encouraging and helping people into a full time business/ministry… depression, suicide, lonliness are epic proportions in our world today and I want to help. I love reminding people of all the good that is happening everyday in our world and sharing strategies to manage life’s challenges.

    The big dream would be to train and certify others – who would join me on this adventure of loving, appreciating and encouraging people in their lives, much like Barbara Sher has done her entire career.

    My big obstacles are many but the biggest is my lack of courage to really go for it “again” – I’ve failed so many times, in so many ways – but this idea of “Certified Professional Encouragers” helping and serving in communities around the world – just won’t let go. Thanks in advance for any insights or suggestions.

    • About your remark, “I’ve failed so many times, in so many ways”, I suggest you detach yourself and figure out what you would say to yourself if you were a “Certified Professional Encouragers” client. What advice would you give to yourself?

      Now for my suggestion, it occurs to me that you will want to be very careful about state laws. I suppose there are licensing requirements for people like social workers and so on ~ and you would need to figure out how to deal with those in a crisp and clean fashion.

    • Maybe look into being a life coach? Would cover some of what you said.

      Or being some sort of therapist? Besides talk therapy, there are also things using art, dance, gardening, etc.

      If there’s a community college near you, check for relevant courses. They’re generally much cheaper than at 4-yr. schools. You’ll probably need a psychology class at some point.

      Good luck! 🙂

  2. Goal: To go to med school (preferably UNM). It’s been my dream since I was twelve.

    Obstacle: Three completely failed semesters a decade ago. The bachelor’s I’m currently working on is in political science because I bombed a few semesters during my first attempt at college 10 years ago (ironically due to medical issues) and knew that the record of those semesters would disqualify me from ever getting into med school. Last year’s GPA: 4.26; overall GPA: 2.93.

    Anybody got a time machine?

    • Hi Sarah:

      Have you tried calling/visiting/writing to UNM Admissions (get an appointment if u visit!) to explain your situation? Whether it was medical issues that messed you up (most compelling) OR you weren’t really in the swing of things OR you were messing around, it was 10!years ago!! You are a different person now—healthy in body & mind, ready to rock it at med school.

      Ask if & how they will will ignore those 3 failed semesters. Note: It’s possible that they’ll say you you need to repeat those courses. Be ready for that.

      Also, be ready to answer the question, “Why should we admit you?” OR “Why do you want to be a doctor,” or variations on either question. Bottom-line: you need passion, a clear idea of your goals, maybe even desperation, and if at all possible a compelling story of difficulty overcome that convinced them that you’re someone that would be great for their program.

      • Why did you want to be a doc since 12? What a lot of youngsters want…or somehow different than a youthful flight of fancy? Be able to discuss this without sounding cheesy or like you’re begging. Do your parents remember anything about your long-held dream that might to make you stand out?

        Also, if UNM says no…ask if they’d be willing to accept you as a transfer student after Yr 1 or 2?

        Finally, even though you’ve wanted UNM for years, is it OBJECTIVELY the right place for you? Consider cost, distance from home, & of course program. Which programs at closer & cheaper universities could offer you a great education? Remember, if I go to Harvard Med & you go to “Grassland Med,” do you what they’ll call you at the end?
        Doctor. The question to ask yourself is what will you get from UNM that is measurably worth going there vs somewhere else?

        Just throwing thoughts out—feel free to throw them out, too, if not helpful!!!

  3. My wish(es) is to build a successful business doing something i love doing and that gives me the money and freedom to live a better life, travel, and meet interesting and beautiful people. I also wish to own not only my own house with a garden and loft; but Real estate as well. My obstacles are no support, money, or people around me with similar goals. I don’thave the motivation, ideas, and drive but lack support. I do love to help and Googleand also making others laugh.

    • Regena,

      Your wishes are wonderful! I have been in real estate for 20 years and also own my own company – I am a residential builder. It takes tenacity and a lot of creative thinking to stay in business on your own along with discipline . You stated you “don’t have the motivation, ideas, and drive…”, did you mean to say you “do” have the motivation, ideas….?

      If you don’t have the motivation, ideas and drive; that is first on your list. Nothing will come if you don’t have a strong reason (motivation) for moving forward. The ideas will come with drive and your openness to finding solutions. To find great compelling reasons “why” you need to do this venture, take some quite time and clear your mind the best you can. Then answer the following;
      1. What do I want to do?
      2. How do I want to feel along the way?
      3. What will happen if I don’t do this in my life?
      4. Who will get hurt? (Yourself, family, community, etc)
      5. What is the overall loss to my life if I don’t do this now? (Financially, emotionally, spiritually, etc). Example; “If I don’t take action today to build a construction company and continue feeling sorry for myself – my children will continue to suffer financially and will most likely not have the opportunity to go to college, go on vacation or be everything they can be. They will continue to watch their mother fall apart and follow in her footsteps. I will continue to hate who I have become – feeling sorry for my self, constantly broke, embarrassed of how I look and most importantly know deep in my heart that I am far less than I can be.” In case you can’t tell, that was mine about 15 years ago 🙂
      6. Once you have a good enough reason to drive forward, print it out and put it where you can see it every day to remind you what you will loose if you don’t move forward. I liked creating watercolors of my reasons and put their up everywhere, my daughters thought I was crazy…LOL
      7. Sit down and write all the skills you need for your new venture and do one every day. Example; Need people – sign up for Meetups in your area and go, find the business/commerce at a nearby city and find out how you can grow your business, Google what you are looking for and do it!!!! Example; I need money; start looking for an Angel investor, join Bigger Pockets – a free site of supportive real estate investors from around the globe.
      8. Most important!!! Get out of your home every day for at least one hour and do something active; walk, jog, ride a bike, etc. No excuses here, just do something active outside and don’t care if the weather is bad, being outside is fabulous for the soul, mind and body. It will get your creative juices flowing in ways you can’t imagine.

      Good luck!!

      • Sue, first off thank YOU for noticing me. Second, i did mean to say i am motivated with many ideas and no capital and know how to pursue any of them. I do want to find similar minded people RIP venture into business with and your suggestion to go to networking events is a great suggestion I’ve considered but not seriously tried. I’m afraid i won’t be taken seriously or considered professional or experienced enough for anyone to take a chance with me. I will try these things and again thank you for being kind enough to respond.

  4. Wish:
    I want to buy a 2016 or younger Toyota RAV 4 with around 20-30K miles. For a minimum amount of cash: $6000. I live in Dallas, TX.
    Have not run into an offer like this yet.

    • Toyotas tend to hold their value well, so that seems like a pretty low price for one with such low miles. That said . . .
      You can set up a Google alert. There is also software called ITTT (If This, Then That) which a friend of mine uses in conjunction with Craigslist to get notified when items he’s looking for are posted. I think he has to post for each city, not really sure. Also, I think Marketplace may suggest things to you based on your searches, and may even let you save a search. Not sure, but I’d check those out. Also, post regularly on FB that you are looking for that vehicle, being as descriptive as you can, minus the maximum price you are willing to pay. Someone might be inclined to post it at $4k, but if they see you are willing to pay $6K, up their price. Make a point of calling car dealerships on a regular basis, and get to know the sales people. Call independent mechanics who often know of someone getting ready to sell. I always tell my mechanic about a year in advance, because we start talking then about what repairs it makes sense to do v. not based on how long I’m going to keep the vehicle. Many people upgrade vehicles not because anything is wrong with them, but just because they want to upgrade. Look for FB groups around Toyota. You may find one specifically for the RAV. If someone posts one for sale, do a search in that same group by the person’s name. They might have previously posted questions or comments that could potentially alert you to problems they have had that they may not be disclosing to you. If you join such a group, be active so people get to know you. Then, when you need help with assessing one you are looking at, people will be more inclined to help you. Good luck !!!

      • Hi Connie, Thank you for all of your suggestions and for your time, writing them all down here on the comment page. I will follow them.
        Again. Thank you. Astrid 🙂

  5. My wish is to see a healer, a medical medium, a doctor, who can help me find what is causing my dizziness and other physical symptoms.

    My obstacle is I haven’t been able to find the right help to heal from symptoms I have. I have tried many different treatments and therapies, modalities, seen over 20 specialists and practitioners with no relief. I would like to find someone who can help me heal.

    Thank you for taking your time to read this and to share your insight!

        • Most welcome. Homeopathy is used around the world. It’s goal is to go deep to the root of the matter not mask it with pharmaceutical drugs and to treat your entire being, physically and emotionally.

          Even if you cannot find one locally, many doctors are now using Skype.

          My very best to you!

    • My wish is to do something meaningful with my life, such as learn to teach someone to read. No, something bigger. Ending homelessness & world hunger would be great. How about ending FGM? I wish. Also, I just want to be able to find some meaning in my life.

      • Start with any step….teaching someone to read opens new worlds for them….I am a teacher, and I read daily….When I see a child find a series he or she loves, it makes my heart sing. You can help a homeless person (possibly by teaching the person’s child to read!) and it will be so meaningful, even if you don’t end homelessness. Helping a person in need is meaningful. Very meaningful. If you think you have to END homelessness, it will be paralyzing, and you won’t help that one person or family who you could help change the course of their lives.

        • Hi Margaret:

          Building on what Karla said, why not start with the following…

          1–list 10 people (or categories of ppl) that might need to learn to read.

          2–Google “where you find people who can’t read?” (Example: Community centers, YMCAs, cultural centers, etc.) Add to the list from #1.

          3–Do you care who you teach to read, or can it be anyone?
          – 5 year olds?
          – teens?
          – adults?
          – seniors?
          – male or female?
          – in your local community?
          – within your ethnic or cultural group?
          – in English or another language?
          – in Braille?
          – deaf ppl?

          4–How about starting a local reading club where you read to people & offer to teach ppl who want to learn to read?

          5–How about preparing some audio/video material for YouTube, SoundCloud, etc. to teach ppl the major steps to learning to read? Example: Show the alphabet, printing and writing in cursive, and sounding out each letter.

          6–Maybe you end up developing a video series on how to read. Ppl would watch the lesson and then attend your class. You could even film people pronouncing what they’ve learned so ppl on YouTube wouldn’t be afraid of fumbling when they first start learning.

          7–As ppl learn to read, you could teach them to run their own groups, expanding your influence.

          8–See what’s already on YouTube & the Internet re: teaching ppl to read. You might get ideas.

          9–Volunteer at a school to help kids read.

          10–Take courses and/or get certified as a reading specialist,

          I hope some of these are helpful. All the best!!

    • I completely understand your journey as I too have spent decades being very ill (at one point seeing 9 Medical Specialists, taking 28 medications a day and having several surgeries… with no relief just getting much worse over time). A few years ago I came across videos on YouTube by Dr. Joe Dispenza, who breaks down the psychology of returning the body to peak health and also Dr. John Bergman, who discusses the the actual mechanics of true health and healing the body (via Nutrition, Detoxification and Voltage).

      Also, if you can start reprogramming how you are wired to think, then you can create massive changes in your health fairly quickly. My favorite and easiest way to do the subconscious reprogramming is a free guided meditation by Kelly Howell called “Universal Mind Meditation” (also free on YouTube). I truly believe that all of the “right people / information / circumstances” will show up at exactly the right time to help you with whatever your next step is, as long as you keep your mind focused on your highest ideal (you can affirm several times a day to yourself “I AM perfect health I AM”).

      I am now well on my way to true health for the first time in my life because of putting into practice the practical and inspiring ideas of both doctors and using the meditation nearly every night. I have searched for answers for nearly twenty years and these were the most powerful tools by far. Hope that helps you in some way, and I will “see” you as being in perfect health! Remember, YOU are the Master that you have been waiting for!! 🙂

    • I completely understand your journey as I too have spent decades being very ill (at one point seeing 9 Medical Specialists, taking 28 medications a day and having several surgeries… with no relief just getting much worse over time). A few years ago I came across videos on YouTube by Dr. Joe Dispenza, who breaks down the psychology of returning the body to peak health and also Dr. John Bergman, who discusses the the actual mechanics of true health and healing the body (via Nutrition, Detoxification and Voltage).

      Also, if you can start reprogramming how you are wired to think, then you can create massive changes in your health fairly quickly. My favorite and easiest way to do the subconscious reprogramming is a free guided meditation by Kelly Howell called “Universal Mind Meditation” (also free on YouTube). I truly believe that all of the “right people / information / circumstances” will show up at exactly the right time to help you with whatever your next step is, as long as you keep your mind focused on your highest ideal (you can affirm several times a day to yourself “I AM perfect health I AM”).

      I am now well on my way to true health for the first time in my life because of putting into practice the practical and inspiring ideas of both doctors and using the meditation nearly every night. I have searched for answers for nearly twenty years and these were the most powerful tools by far. Hope that helps you in some way, and I will “see” you as being in perfect health! Remember, YOU are the Master that you have been waiting for!!

      • Wow, thank you so very much for your post. It’s extremely helpful and so inspiring! I also recently discovered Dr. Dispenza, by watching a documentary called “Heal.” It’s free on Netflix. It’s a great documentary. I have his books on my Christmas wish list! He also happens to be living in the next city I live in! I will also Dr. Bergman’s teaching and watch Kelly Howell’s video. Thank you so much for these suggestions! It is so inspiring to know that you have overcome your health obstacles; I now feel more than ever that I can too.

    • Mio,

      How old are you? I am only asking, because I went through dizziness and other symptoms in my early forties, and no one could figure it out…but it ended up being early menopause! Might not be your case at all, but I thought I would mention it in case it is.

    • Praying that the Great Physician will restore your health and bring you comfort, to the praise of his glory. In the name of Jesus Christ, I ask for your healing, and that you be surrounded with heavenly light, joy, and peace. May the power that has been causing your pain be broken through the redeeming power of Christ.

  6. Hello, I am Amy.

    I finished reading Refuse to Choose and I loved it. Right now however I find myself in the “Doble Agent” dilemma.

    My two wishes: go to med school and perform in a circus.

    The obstacle: time.
    Both things take a lot of time, and I’ve been thinking that if I go to medschool I will have to slow down on my training and by the time I graduate I will be quiet old and rusty to be accepted at a circus. Then I don’t think I will be able to take a loan to go to med school later in life, and it scares me to not go to college right now, I am not interested in any other major, and my parents would stop supporting me which would mean that I’d have to find a job and take less classes.

    I truly love both things and I believe that deep down they come from the same place: my admiration for the human body. So I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions since I gave myself a headache trying to decide and now I will be taking it more lightly.

    • I am a professional aerialist that had to retire this year (@40). You can always go to Med school. I had a friend who was an actor go to med school at 33 and he is a much better pediatrician for it. If he’d done that right away he wouldn’t have developed the life experience and character that helped him be a well-rounded doctor.
      Being a circus performer is full-time but you will not be able to do it as many years as you think. In the meantime, though, you will learn more about yourself and the type of doctor you would want to become. Honestly, you may even see the medical industry differently by then and your choices will be more informed.
      You CAN do both. But if you really want a circus career, do it now. There is really no dilemma- you only see it this way because it sounds like you are fairly young and don’t have a concept of how long life actually is. You will have many careers in your life and you CAN do it all. But don’t try to split your attention. Commit fully to one thing and when you are done, Switch. Follow your body and heart until you are 30. Then you can start listening to your brain. (Your brain doesn’t know enough to make solid decisions until you’re 30 anyway.) the one thing I’ll say is to continue studying anatomy and math while you are training for circus. Befriend some riggers and learn some rigging math, take as many anatomy classes as you can. This will benefit both careers. Find out the entrance requirements for med school and then supplement your education in those topics with online school or books while you’re with the circus. That way if you still eventually want to go to school, your brain is still sharp.

      • Thanks so much for the reply. I realized I didn’t explain that I don’t think I am good to audition right now. That’s why I have this dilemma, because I have to practice for years and it will look (to my parents) like I am really getting nowhere.
        I apreciate your answer a lot!!!

        • Hi Amy:

          Some quick thoughts:

          1–Ask some circus performers exactly what training they did, how long it took, & whether there are any prerequisites to being successful.

          2–What type of performer do you want to be? An aerialist? A clown? What? Would be happy performing with animals?

          3–Do you have to be in front of people or might you enjoy working behind the scenes? Example: Designing dance/gymnastic/aerial routines? Costume design?

          4–Can you combine medicine with the circus? Is your passion/interest in becoming a medical doctor, or would you be happy being the circus medic, the animals’ veterinarian, or the performers’ physiotherapist/massage therapist?

          5–There are ways to get qualified without going into debt, starting with scholarships. There are also organizations who’ll pay for your training if you work for them for a set period. You might be interested in the book DEBT-FREE DEGREE, by Anthony O’Neal. You can find scholarship info & Anthony’s book at

          I hope some of this helps!


    • You could start a relationship with someone who’s a performer and participate in a vicarious way?
      This was my own answer to an interest in being a musician. I loved music, having studied it here and there myself…but I just did NOT have the discipline to practice and would become discouraged every time my “progress” would decline.
      So my solution was to “sponsor” a musician – who was involved in being more of a pro at it. It has satisfied me, given me many fascinating conversations, turned me into a fan of the various musicians I’ve known, taught me some of their original tunes which became part of my “hobby repertoire” and generally caused my interest in music to be expressed in some way.

      • Oh, BTW, circuses such as “Cirque du Soleil” NEED an in-house doctor who tends to those performers who get injured on the job. So you COULD be involved with the circus AS A DOCTOR. It’s a fantastic specialty, nobody really does it so your services would be in demand.

    • Amy–

      Is there a circus school anywhere near you? Sometimes there are places where everyday people can learn to do a variety of circus acts. Might give you a place to start, AND be something you could squeeze in around school or work.

      Does your school have gymnastics classes? Or dance? It probably has theater. IMHO, any of those might help you.

      Good luck! 🙂

  7. I’m 58.

    My wish:

    I would love to make a living writing books about how to lessen emotional pain, from a spiritual (not religious) perspective. I’ve tried so many things that haven’t worked. I’ve studied NLP, would like to add hypnosis to that. And, also, I love the tarot and want to study how to do readings. And, somehow I’d like these things to provide sufficient income.

    My obstacles:

    A few years ago I got burnt out doing paperwork for a large construction company. I took time off, got permanent makeup training, and started my own business. Which I loved. However, I developed severe neck issues from the bending over clients for hours on end and in December had to close my business down. So, started looking for work.
    I’ve been out of work since December, and just accepted a data entry position at another construction company – low pay and long hours. (maybe ageism has been a factor in the job search?) Reality dictates that I have some income coming in, but how do I study the things I need to study, and make a new start when the job will take up all of my energy?

    • A couple of thoughts – if you want to make a living by writing something, it starts with writing something. That doesn’t take any money and doesn’t take much time. (I read about this a lot and you can get somewhere even in 5 minute increments a day…) Based on what she has said in the past, Barbara would probably suggest studying or learning something in the area you are interested in, and then writing about it in a notebook or on the computer. Nothing stops you from keeping a notebook, that in effect becomes a “book” you are writing. You can even start by writing about what you’ve already learned about the topic during your life so far. If we’re interested in something, we’re already expects on some level.

      I use this technique of hers all the time for several of my interest areas – health & fitness, self-help, coaching, etc. One day, I too may have a book out. But if not, I’ve had a blast pursuing my interests this way. Which makes for a fun life.

      Regarding the job, think about the things you are telling yourself: How do you know the job will take up all of your energy? I like to look at my job as a “good enough” job that brings in the income I need to pay the bills so I can spend my free time on other interests. Yes, there are some days that it sucks me dry – and I don’t do much else on those days. But even if I’ve had a hard WEEK, the weekend comes and I always have at least some free time and energy to work on my side projects. Even with caregiver issues for my parents and in-laws as well as all the other detritus of life! Unless your job is 7 days a week? So weekends can be the sweet spot to get a side project going.

      And if the job is not a “good enough job,” you can always start to look for something better. It is easier to get a job when you have a job.

      Even if you just go to the library and check out a book in your interest area, maybe that will give you some of the energy you need to move forward. Baby steps. When I am unmotivated and low energy, sometimes I have to take the smallest step in order to make any forward progress. And sometimes, I find that clutter clearing even one small pocket in my house frees up some energy to move forward on an interest.

      Since it seemed like energy was your biggest issue, I just wanted to give you some ideas that work for me. Good luck!

    • If the pay is low, why not take a different job writing content for other people who have an active website. Let them know you’d like to learn the business side of things, and they might teach you all you need to know to start your own. Look for websites that focus on the areas of your interest. Many website and other information marketing business owners do not like to create content or have a hard time keeping up with the demand.

      • Thanks Connie,
        I’ve just done my first week at 45 hours. Are you suggesting a second job? I don’t know where to find a job writing content. I live in a small rural area. The biggest town nearby that is 20 miles away is 16,000 people. I’ve been looking for opportunities for a year now and finally took the first job offered.

        • is one. Or just make a website, learn about SEO, and do some cold-calling. Internet marketing agencies are always looking for reliable freelance writers, as are newspapers, print advertising agencies, and Public relations firms.

    • Hi Renee:

      A few thoughts…

      1–I don’t know what permanent makeup training is, but how about speaking with an occupational therapist, physiotherapist, or trainer who might be able to (a) fix your neck issues, & (b) help you find ways to keep doing your old job but without strain/pain. They might have some great ideas. The question is HOW can you keep going without pain, not CAN you keep going?

      2–If you stay with the job w/ the long hours, you could make an outline or even just a list of what you want to say about lessening emotional pain, and then break down those things into small pieces that would take 10-20 minutes to write out/explain. Then every day before work, during lunch, or before/after dinner (even in the bath or on the toilet), take 10-20 minutes to write that one thing. You could also use your smartphone (or by a dictation machine) to record yourself instead of writing. Example: “Just left work after a big fight with my boss. Seems she looks at me suspiciously all the time. It’s been bothering me so much that I haven’t been sleeping very well recently. The question is how do reduce my inner strain/pain? There are many ways, of course, but the one I think I’ll try first is ___________, because it has worked well in the past. If that doesn’t work, I’ll try ________, _________, or _________.

      NOTE: 365 days x 10 minutes = 3650 minutes = almost 61 hrs. At 20 minutes a day, it’s 122 hrs. How much can you say in 60-120 hours?? A fair amount, I’d say!


      • Hi Gary,

        These are great ideas! Permanent makeup is tattooing eyeliner and eyebrows on people’s faces. I’ve already seen occupational therapists and chiropractors – even one who specializes in neck issues – also a neurologist. I’m not supposed to look down any more than I absolutely have to, and the occupation requires leaning over people’s faces for hours. I have a long neck and the positions that I have to be in have created more issues than I started with. I closed my business down last year, so it’s not an open to re-open at this point.

        Time is what I feel I don’t have. But, looking at your math, if I just take a few minutes and record my thoughts into my phone – that would work for me. I don’t get lunch at work, I’m expected to work thru. I’ll be looking for a better job next year. I needed to take the first job that was offered to me because I hadn’t had a regular job in three years. So, really need to suck it up for a few months at least. I am not a morning person, and I have to be there by 7 am. Next week will be week three. My whole body clenches up with having to have a schedule that is decided by other people, and having to ask for time off for dr appointments, etc. But, it will have medical benefits, which I have a strong need for. The permanent makeup business left me with debt that I now have to pay off. Feeling kind of stuck at the moment, but I think I can handle anything for a year.

        I’m trying to figure out what kind of scanner I am. Reading a few pages of Refuse to Choose every night before bed.

        Thanks Gary!


    • I bet there are some online courses on doing tarot readings–maybe free courses. Or something on one of the many tarot sites that will teach you how, for free.

      You could probably do that at your own speed, and squeeze it in around your work, or during TV commercials, etc.

      Good luck! 🙂

  8. Can anyone provide a quick one-week loan against my earnings as a content writer? I have proof of the payout. Problem is, the client is taking forever to change the paypal email to receive the money, and I can only request a payout on Thursday nights, so if they don’t change my paypal payout email by tonight, I’m screwed until next Friday.

    Can anyone help?? I’ll reward the kindness with a nice return when I repay next Friday…

  9. I’m 32 and I love dancing and sports.

    My Wish:

    I want to learn so many things in dancing, progress faster, train my body more frequently and become flexible too. I’d say I’m an “advanced beginner” level in dancing. I dance mostly house in my free time, but also partner dances like salsa, kizomba and especially zouk.

    My obstacle:

    I work in online advertising and sit in an office all day (Mo – Thur). I am stressed with numbers, analysis, reporting and strategy and when I finally get home after work and eat dinner, I don’t always have the mental and physical power to start dancing or exercising. I have max 2-3 hours before I get completely sleepy and just head to bed. I go to dance classes 3 times a week after work, but I don’t feel inspired there and it’s not enough for me to grow and progress. So, I am stuck. I live in a big city where dancing is not part of the culture. If I go out clubbing, people do all kinds of other things there but not dancing.

    • Yeah…when do we get to dance?
      There’s some guy who used to dance everywhere he walked. Someone saw him and decided his attitude was infectious. So the second guy decided to dance everywhere he walked too. He filmed himself, and suddenly it became for awhile sort of a local fad to dance wherever you walked.

      Then someone made a T-Shirt that said, in big letters: DANCE-WALK. Suddenly, you weren’t a nut-case when you danced down the street as the first and second person was doing…your motive had an explanation because of the Shirt.
      Possibly, because you’re in public, other people will notice you doing this and might approach you to go dancing with you. Tah-Dah! Maybe now you’re finding your “people.”

      Another idea: If you have a smart phone and don’t mind putting yourself online while dancing solo, you could join one of the video blogging sites that allow you to film yourself dancing. I watch But there are now many others besides that one. (Just make sure you use a “stage name” that isn’t connected to your Real Name along with a paid Virtual Private Network when you’re online to protect your location from stalkers.)

      But I think the Dance-Walk idea is so much more “out there” and fun.

    • Hire a freelancer to help you with your internet marketing/SEO/email marketing/whatever. Delegate! Work less, play more. Life’s short…

  10. Hi,
    I’ve written a book, “The Real Bitches of New Jersey,” a humorous photo/caption book featuring dogs with a Jersey attitude!

    I have 2,000 copies I ordered from a printer sitting in my house now. I want to get them into book stores, gift shops, dog stores, etc. I had wanted to do it in time for the holidays, but it’s running late now.

    I own the Trademark for The Real Bitches, and would like to do more books, and even maybe find someone to make it into a TV series, or online series, cartoons, greeting cards, merchandise, etc.

    My obstacle is that I have chronic health issues including vertigo at the moment, which makes it hard for me to do much when I’m not feeling well.

    I need help, and don’t have the money to pay anyone. I would like to find someone who sees the potential and is willing to help me for a percentage of profit, or who has other ideas to overcome this obstacle.

    Thank you!

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