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How Does the Online Idea Party Work?

You have a dream or a wish, and an obstacle to getting there. (If you don’t think you know your wish, work through my kick-starter and read this post. To learn why you must put logic aside to find your dream, read the following.)

The online Idea Party is here to help you – and the other fellow party goers – with your wishes and obstacles.

Voices from Success Teams and Idea Parties:

Having a team to report to and hearing what everybody did each week is very exciting. It’s kept me moving all year. In the past I made some good starts on my own, but found, every time, when the energy ran out, I ran out. Now it doesn’t run out.
Jade G.
Children’s Playroom Therapist, New York Hospital

I would do a painting a year, a sketch a year. If it was only me I know I would never do it. Having to tell you makes all the difference. It’s crazy why I didn’t do this years ago, it’s so easy all of a sudden.
Caroline R. Personnel Executive, Macy’s Dept Store

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3,170 thoughts on “Barbara Sher’s Idea Party

  1. I wish I could have the means to go to Finland to visit for 1+ months and possibly end up living there. I want to live with someone from my church. The Finnish church organization has a publication that I could write an ad to help in someone’s home but I don’t want to be a nanny and am not sure how to say that gracefully. I also have family there that I could stay with maybe for a few nights each. I also am wondering if it would be best to get help with some mental struggles first or just go for it. I have a hard time going to therapy so I am looking for other ways. I tried one medication and didn’t want to continue with that one.

    • Medication is never a cure for mental struggles, it only addresses symptoms. The cure is to address the root cause. This book has some good techniques for prayer, with excellent testimonials from many people healing and making their dreams come true.
      I was in therapy for years, and also have trouble going. It didnt really work for me because I dont feel like they really care. Ive studied many different ways to heal, and they all seem to come back to cultivating a relationship with your own personal higher power, whatever you choose to call It. Also getting in rhythm, dance, drumming, martial arts, anything that can get you in a rhythm with other kind trustworthy humans helps heal PTSD, and other mental struggles. The book The Body Keeps the Score taught me alot about healing!
      I highly recommend getting in touch with your higher power and asking for guidance or a sign before taking off for another country. Yet I have also experienced myself asking for that guidance and then feeling like I wasnt getting an answer, yet feeling like I needed to get up and go, and then magic happens once I get around others.
      Sounds like you already have a church and could present your dream to the pastor, perhaps ask him to announce it?
      I think its very responsible to say I dont want to be a nanny.
      Couchsurfing is an excellent way I used to find places to stay while travelling. Also WOOFER – willing workers on organic farms- is a good way to get to help farmers and get to move somewhere with no money or contacts.

      • Dear Listen ToOurMotherEarth,
        Thank you for the comment. It seems like what you were saying is that this comes back to connecting with my personal faith. That just seems like it is so. It was nice too to hear about finding other kind trustworthy people and healing the body. Also it was nice to hear that there are other ways of going/staying in Finland if I were to go.
        Thanks much

  2. My Wish: Being the recipient of a relatively new Compact SUV such as a Toyota Rav 4, Honda CR-V or similar, with low mileage. I have some cash, but not enough to buy at regular market value, especially wanting this kind of car with low mileage and in great shape. So I would like to rely on a person who would like to pay forward and acts out of the kindness of his/her heart. Location Dallas, Texas
    Obstacles: I don’t come much out of my everyday routine and don’t get to know many new people to mingle and network with. I am currently committed to providing for my family of 4 (I am the sole provider) and I have a lot of driving to do. I am commuting between work, two different high school campuses, kids sport, and academic events and a second job. I leave the house at 7 am and we get home by 9 pm, sometimes at 10 pm. I am just dreaming of a bit larger, reliable, comfortable new, low mileage car. I am currently driving a Toyota Corolla and it has 144,000 miles on it. It’s a great car, but I am ready for a new one. I am praying for a miracle. Thank you for reading and God bless.

  3. his/her heart. Location Dallas, Texas
    Obstacles: I don’t come much out of my everyday routine and don’t get to know many new people to mingle and network with. I am committed to providing for my family of 4 (I am currently the sole provider and we are currently making ends meet) and I have a lot of driving to do. I am commuting between work, two different high school campuses, kids sport, and academic events and a second job. We are leaving the house at 7 am and we get home by 9 pm, sometimes at 10 pm. I am just dreaming of a bit larger, reliable, comfortable, new, low mileage car. I am currently driving a 2010 Toyota Corolla and it has 145,000 miles on it. It’s a great car, but I am ready for a new one. I am praying for a miracle. Thank you for reading and God bless.

  4. Your book Wishcraft arrived teatime yesterday and I am already excited. The jigsaw is starting to fit together. Do you run training courses?

    Warmest regards Tracy

    • Barbara does. And I assist her.

      You can learn to be a Sher Success Teams leader by using her leader’s kit, complete with lots of Barbara Sher recordings and workbook you’ll be allowed to copy for your team members. is the place to read about this wonderful program, which is based on Wishcraft.

      She also offers a year-long course for any coach or person with a message or helpful tips for others. It’s called WriteSpeak. It’s mostly online, after a 2-day, 6-hour teleworkshop with her (and me and her editor). She shares everything she’s learned about how to write a book quickly and with the least possible misery, to create a workshop you can give for money, and to start building buzz about both of them before she helps you launch your book during her annual Telesummit, where you’ll share the stage (by telephone, so people all over the world can join in) with her and lots of other amazing speakers. You’ll have a support community and you can add group coaching and individual coaching to all this. You can find WriteSpeak at

      You can also join the I Could Do Anything If I Only Knew What It Was bookclub. Registration opens tomorrow at It’s a 16-week program to read the book and do all the exercises in it with a wonderful supportive group and a guide, Tammy, who knows Barbara’s work inside and out. This book covers so many of the things that create Resistance to doing what you love, and Barbara shows you how to work with Resistance, not against it, to go after those dreams. Every life coach really needs to learn this stuff, as do all of us who have dreams or wish we had dreams (because she explains how to rediscover the dreams Resistance is hiding from us).

      Barbara has retired from public appearances and in-person workshops, to protect her health, but she’s gone online, and this had made her work available to so many more people in so many countries. Learning with people from such a variety of backgrounds is a huge advantage. I hope you’ll join us.

  5. I’m 30 years old, taking care of my parents and profoundly intellectually disabled sister (49 with the mind of maybe a one year old) as best that I can. I moved them in with me after my father had a stroke that left him with a bit of dementia. My mother and I decided to put him in a nursing home after the stroke for rehabilitation but quickly discovered that he would not be happy there. So, at my mother’s request, I signed him out and took him home. I have some medical training, and I can’t see any of my family having to rely on strangers for help.

    I took my brother home, who had suffered a massive stroke ten years prior (age 33 at the time) after I moved my parents and sister in, and for a while everything was working well. I had a strong income from working as my brother’s home health aid, I was always home to take care of everyone, and all was well with the world.

    Almost four months ago, my brother died. I’ve fallen into a depression. I’m collecting unemployment, can’t figure out what to do for work because when I work full-time outside of the home, my family suffers. But when I don’t work, my family suffers financially.

    Give me an idea. Lord knows I’ve prayed enough about it all. How do I get out of this depression? Meds don’t work. Drinking doesn’t work. I’ve gotten into electronics (one of my majors in college), and that’s a great distraction, but doesn’t help the situation at all. How do I bring in enough money without neglecting my family? How do I ensure they all have the support they need without having to turn to strangers (which would basically be turning the home into a nursing home and is a discussion we’ve had before, and anyway their insurance won’t cover home health and their income is too high for medicaid – even though it is tied up in paying for medicines).

    I broke up with my girlfriend of a year and a half after my brother died. I’m generally content single, but that’s another source of depression. I miss the kisses, the cuddling, having someone that I think loves me that special way. But I’ve put away that part of my life for now. It’s just not the right time.

    I don’t know why I’m posting this. Maybe hoping for some kind of miracle. Or some kind of direction. Don’t say it’s not my responsibility. Don’t suggest I shift the burden to others. Don’t say I need to live my life for me. I’ll gladly accept any input that could help me continue the life my heart has chosen without the constant financial struggle.

    • Hi Pete,
      Sorry to hear you’re in such a tough situation. I know this isn’t the answer to your questions but just wanted to send hope.
      I know this is an idea party. Hope this comment is ok. Just want to say best of luck. You feel burdened and unsure what to do.

    • Hi, Pete,

      I don’t if there are any community farmers markets in your area.

      If yes, farmers are always looking for vendors/salepeople. The work may be 1-2 days a week. (more if there are more markets in your town/city) They will pay an hourly wage (some pay cash) and probably free product. Vendors are also good with trading with each other so you’ll go home with some change and some good, fresh, healthy food gratis.

      For me, most importantly, it is a good and supportive community. When I worked there I hired friends who were going through upset or depression as I knew they would feel better working among that community. For me, a market is church

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  7. Hi all,
    my dream is quite absurd: since my childhood I wanted to become a football coach. The only thing is: I am physically disabled (cerebral palsy).
    After my MA in philosophy, I started to work as a disabled performer and choreography about 10 years ago- which has fullfilled me to some extent, also because choreographic work in a way has at least some affinity to football, in terms of training, movement and organization of movement. But now I don’t feel any passion for it anymore and my childhood passion for it re-emerged.
    I’m happy and grateful for any advice!
    Best wishes,

    • What a great dream, Michael! A bright choreographer sounds like a real asset to a team. I can think of three directions to go in to reach that goal: (1) Choreograph a dance performance of a football game, with the dancers wearing the local club’s jerseys in each city, and make sure every version of it makes it to YouTube (some bright football coach will get the Aha! and contact you), (2) Offer dance choreography coaching to a college team in the off season (and again, get it on YouTube), or (3) Offer your services to the coaches of a struggling local high school team on a volunteer basis, learning from them as you toss out choreographic suggestions for them to try and publicizing their successes to the media.

  8. An8el

    Thanks for the online tip.

    Actually I’m 53 and appreciate some comfort (my own bathroom and kitchen at least, and a comfortable bed and quiet place to retire to), even in Hawaii. So camping is no option for me. Hawaii is still on my list of travels (you must know that I have already travelled half the planet and have already fulfilled many of my dreams … as it seems I constantly create new ones :-)).

    So is Japan. Actually I’m a language professor and have already learned about 30 languages … I know that it takes some time, even if I am so privileged to be able to learn foreign tongues extremely quickly and easily. I’ve already done some autodidactic CD-course for Japanese A1 and a lot of online learning, but I want to go to Japan; there’s no experience like a real offline visit (sorry!) and have found Fukuoka because I hate to live in megacities like Tokyo and Kyoto and want to see the wonderful cherry blossom (it is at its height in Fukuoka exactly at the time I want to go).

    Hawaii is not only expensive, but also booked out for a whole year by wedding couples. And I definitely want a beach front and a little house or at least nice, cosy apartment.

    I’ve just done this in Europe, Portugal for 2 weeks (July 2019). I had a fantastic apartment in the historical town, 15 minutes away from the ocean, I could walk to the language school … for about only 50 € per night. Airbnb is the best option. I have also thought about house sitting, but I don’t want to do too much work or look after too many animals because I love my independence.

    Time is no problem for me – I’m self-employed and free. Nor is a reasonable amount of money.
    Read you

  9. My wish seems way out there.
    Spent the last 17 years as a housewife raising my young stepchildren, including one deeply autistic stepson who tends to be violent, almost single handedly.(Dad is not very paternal)
    After really hard work I got my stepson into an amazing group home where he is doing well. The the younger girls have just struck out on their own as well.
    My husband and I are planning to divorce but are stuck living under the same roof for economic reasons.
    My credit sucks from many years of sacrifice for the kids and me only getting sometime part time work when I could.
    All I’ve got is my little family of rescue dogs and cats who are my whole life.
    Im 54 and I need a house. My husband is emotionally abusive and is always threatening to leave me high and dry. I now work as a substitute Teacher, but its hard to save money as my husband makes it difficult to save any money as he finds ways to sabotage my efforts.
    I need my own house. I dream of someone donating a house to me. I live in Louisiana just outside of New Orleans. I could support myself and my fur babies with my little job. Do people ever donate houses as a tax write off?
    Ive tried the normal way to get a house and of course no one will touch me with my bad credit, lack of work history, and maybe my age.
    Ive tried habitat for humanity but with the amount of voluntary hours they want and with me having to work not to mention my husband threatening to walk everyday I have very little time and Im terrified of losing my pets and being homeless.
    Im a good person whose done a lot of good in my life and I need a house.

  10. Hi All, my Wish is to be able to work part time and fully support myself working with and for a mainly Organic based Donation Center. I love being around food and products that are what I consider better choices for all people, animals, the environment and entire planet. Since Organics are still more expensive I always had this dream by getting 2nds, damaged, and donations… like food banks do, that more people who so far dont afford Organics can be introduced to them which increases demands, which increases volume of customer desire, which lowers prices ultimately. I have many details ideas of how these things may come about. Including why I would ask for the donations from Companies It also includes Nutritional items of all areas, including supplementals, health home pet and body care items. I’m a good organizer, multitasker, efficient with time and tasks. I work good independently and as part of a team. I also have about 2 yrs experience in a local Food Pantry with very good Personal Recommendation… Obstacles: I dont know where such a place exists. Though I have many ideas, I have no clue how such a thing is created, or how to support myself if it was being created. I’m very polite and nice but still a bit socially autistic though I work hard on it.

    • Tammie, Such a place does exist! In Minneapolis MN. It’s called Sisters Camelot. They are a group consisting of almost all volunteers (and I think a few paid positions). Organic food stores and co-ops purchase from big wholesalers. When the food the wholesalers have is too close to expiration and won’t last a long time on the retailer’s shelves, they have to get rid of it. Sister’s Camelot gets a giant rescue truck and each week they rescue this all organic food (fresh, processed, and supplements). There are thousands of pounds of food every week. They announce their drop off location a few hours before the drop (and try to go to neighborhoods in need) and the people who come to take the food all help load it off the truck in to a big shopping line. The culture is very friendly and helpful, and the organizers are good at inspiring kindness and generosity amongst the people who show up so there’s no fear or greediness. Everyone pulls a number out of a hat for their place in line. Then, you shop for free food and fill your bags. There’s no shaming like at a food bank. People who can stay to break down boxes and clean up. We work together to rescue the food and rescue ourselves. The first time I went, I cried when I left. It was such a feeling of freedom and abundance. It’s a kid at Christmas feeling – like something is still magical and good left in the world.
      Sister’s Camelot also has a kitchen bus that takes this food and cooks with it and delivers free food around the city to whomever walks up to the bus. I believe that whomever is in charge has had to keep it from growing too big and conspicuous so the city doesn’t get involved, but I’m sure in all cities there are ways around it (making it a ‘private club’ anyone can join, etc). The point is, the free organic food is found at the wholesale level. Retailers won’t give away expiring produce to customer because of liability. This was the old FB page and it has a long history of info:
      The new drop announcement page is:

      Note- thursday drops aren’t that great. Tuesday drops (around 1pm) are huge. Usually about 100 people show up for several thousand pounds of food. The remainder is donated to shelters, churches, and banks.
      The contact info is:
      and the website is:

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