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How Does the Online Idea Party Work?

You have a dream or a wish, and an obstacle to getting there. (If you don’t think you know your wish, work through my kick-starter and read this post. To learn why you must put logic aside to find your dream, read the following.)

The online Idea Party is here to help you – and the other fellow party goers – with your wishes and obstacles.

Voices from Success Teams and Idea Parties:

Having a team to report to and hearing what everybody did each week is very exciting. It’s kept me moving all year. In the past I made some good starts on my own, but found, every time, when the energy ran out, I ran out. Now it doesn’t run out.
Jade G.
Children’s Playroom Therapist, New York Hospital

I would do a painting a year, a sketch a year. If it was only me I know I would never do it. Having to tell you makes all the difference. It’s crazy why I didn’t do this years ago, it’s so easy all of a sudden.
Caroline R. Personnel Executive, Macy’s Dept Store

Post Your Wish and Your Obstacle Here!

And help your team mates out when you can. Use the Reply link to help, the form below the comments to add your own Wish and Obstacle.

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2,351 thoughts on “Idea Party

  1. My wish : I want to work online or from home. I don’t want to be tied to one location and I don’t want to be tied to a clock in clock out job. I have lots of skills, but none of them seem to fit with online careers.

    My obstacle: I don’t know where to start, and I don’t know what kind of jobs are entry level online. I have looked some up, but I don’t know which ones are ligament and which ones are scams.

  2. Hello to all!

    This is our wish:

    We (2 people) want (desperately) to go to a 3 day workshop in Abingdon, VA (USA) , on 9, 10 and 11th june 2018
    we are from the Netherlands So we have to fly etc.

    The obstacle is ( of course) we don’t have enough money to do this, so we
    are calculating the cheapest routes and tickets etc etc. But it is still way too expensive for us.

    I am rather curious at the responses!


    • The data and locations are changed

      It’s now a 2 day workshop in Charlotte (N.C area) (USA).On 18 and 19 august 2018.


      • That’s a bit more challenging. But here’s a weird route. On the 16th, fly to Newark, NJ on United (the transatlantic flight is a code share with Lufthansa), leaving AMS at noon.

        You’ll have a 7 1/2 hour layover in Dulles Airport (suburban Washington, DC) from 2:30 pm to 10:00 pm without your checked luggage (I recommend the nearby Udvar-Hazy Center if you’re not up for hurrying into downtown DC), after which you’ll fly north to Newark (away from Charlotte), arriving at 11:25 pm.

        The RT flight to Dulles costs $1,030. Adding the flight to/from Newark (and you must board this flight to keep your return ticket) brings the price down to $521. (Their through price to go to Charlotte from Dulles brings the price up to $1,228.)

        Separately, book yourself a RT flight from Newark to Charlotte on the 17th. The cheapest is $190 RT at 11:00 am. The return flight to Newark leaves Charlotte at 6 am on the 20th. You can leave a little later for an extra $35. Your return flight leaves from Newark for Dulles at 2:42 pm. You’ll make a quick change of planes at Dulles this time and arrive in Amsterdam early Tuesday morning.

        Your total price AMS to Charlotte is now just $711 instead of $1,228, and you’ve seen a bit of DC as a bonus.

        Now, you need a hotel room near Newark Airport with a shuttle for Thursday night. If you book right away, you can get a great room at the Marriott in the airport (a very nice hotel!) for $149 a night for the two of you. If you’re not ready to sign up for a non-refundable price yet, you can still find refundable rates of $139 to $149 at other nearby hotels with airport shuttles.

        Now you’re at $786 each, RT, plus whatever you need to pay in Charlotte (which is a fairly inexpensive area, $100 a night or less, unless you can find someone local who’s heading to the same event and might put you up).

        I hope you get to make your trip.

        • Wow! just wow!

          How did you figure all this out?

          I have just read this and I am a bit overwhelmed.

          I will take some time to figure this all out,

          Many many thanks!

          And I will you keep informed about this!



          • First of all, I am very greatfull Patty Newbold figured out a lot!

            But I am also curious if the trip can be down without paying any money. Maybe I can make photos there, and get paid for it. And other things like that, or something I even can’t imagine right now.

        • Patty Newbold

          Many , many ,thanks for figuring this out. However, it was way too complicated for us. We now have booked a trip to NY and we will travel iy greyhound bus from there.


          • Well,

            we did it!

            We went to New York by plane.
            From there hopped on the bus towards
            Charlotte (with a 12 hour delay, sigh)
            There we were picked up and taken to


  3. I have a dream and it’s a big one at that. So big that some might say it’s impossible. Before I tell you the wish I’m going to tell you the obstacles.
    1) I am really young, I’m 16 years old and it’s really a stretch for people believe that a 16 year old has a realistic, do-able dream that matters.
    2) It cost a lot of money that I don’t have ( probably over 2 million) and it’s going to talk a lot to raise the money.
    3) It’s most likely going to take many years.
    4) It’s going to take a lot of land (possibly a whole island)
    5) I need people ( I’ll explain more on that later)

    Now that you know the obstacles here is the wish. I want to create a new country, a kingdom. A place where people can reconnect to the Earth and live free from political parties and taxes. Where money is unimportant and you are the citizen of the Earth.

    Now that I kind of told you what the dream is I’m going to tell you what I’ve done for to achieve this dream so far. I’m looking for islands with enough land and in a good location where growing food would not be difficult and resources are existent at the very least. I’ve started to create a constitution and laws. I’m planning out the school system and how trade is going to work within the country. I started saving up money and expanding my skill sets and knowledge. I’ve researched what it takes to create a country and I’m prepared to give my life to this cause. Now I need help I need skilled people to help me bring this dream to life.
    I named this Kingdom the Kingdom of ILEYAN this will be a kingdom of kindness and compassion. where helping others is the social Norm and freedom is for all. Where nature is not just your stepping stool and animals are not created to be slaughtered.

    It will be hard but I have no doubt in my mind that once it’s done it will be a safe haven for the old souls out there.

    My Plan (not detailed)
    •Money to buy land
    •Study the land and then buy
    •Have a permanent population
    •Enact Government
    •Fing a way to interact with other countries
    •Create a culture
    •Live as peacefully as possible.

    It will mean the world to me if I can get some help, and if I can, I will reward those who do. Thank you!

    • Your idea is beautiful, Nayeli, but I notice one thing I see so often in dreams of such idealistic nature – and this is true of dreamer of every age: they always start with what I call ‘the real estate fallacy.’ That is, the idea that the land, the location comes first. They must be practiced and tried out. It’s the idea that if one gets the location (in your case, an island that will be a country) you’ve made a good start but that’s almost never the case. In fact, you have a very thorough list of what’s needed to create your country. But those things must be done first. It’s never as glamorous to set up a population, to try out and design and create a culture – and such things. Once you get something like that moving, you’ve gotten the most crucial elements in place.

      It’s not nearly as beautiful a concept but getting money and getting land will put you in a place that gives you much less that you really need. Before you have a ‘country’ you need to have experience in making a country work. Where are your people? You need to find them. How do you find people who want to understand and join such an enterprise? Perhaps there are such groups of people in existence and you can find them and build a community as a way of beginning to make your dream exist.

      • Hi there- you’re not alone. Check out some books on Intentional Communities. Those key words should help you get started understanding concepts. There are quite a few places in Portugal ( one called Vegoa- recently started) , and the US (New Mexico) people form symposiums and buy a block of land together as a land trust. Working within the laws of an existing country, you can cocreate a very special community with others, sharing and collaborating on the ‘rules’. Georgina

  4. Hello everyone!
    I just want to be able to go to a movie with somebody, that is not a kid’s movie, once in a while and laugh my but off or cry heart out. I have lost friends here and there during the last 10 years, dealing with divorce, taking care of kids, financial problems and simple disconnection with friends on a real meaningful level.
    I seem to be very not social, don’t fit well with people, and get really sad or depressed in the crowds that are very impersonal. For goodness sake, I am just very introverted with disorganized interests, and outbursts of energy and curiousity person.

    PS if anybody need a friend for a movie, occasinal concert or even to jog together, please, contact me. I live in eastern part of Queens, NY.

    • Hi, Lina. Movies should be easier than a lot of activities to get going. If you belong to any groups, post something to their calendar inviting others to join you for a movie on a specific night of the month. If you don’t belong to any groups, post it on, targeting a specific (and safe) group, like Movie Night for divorced women. I’d suggest Wednesday night, because it’s not a date night, but it’s a common kids visit dad night. You pick the movies and post them, along with the theater address and the time. If you don’t like the group this attracts, invent another one, like Movie Night for Comedy Lovers in their 40s. Or Discount Day at the Movies for Women in their 60s. Eventually, you’ll find one or two people who are really fun to go to the movies with. In the meantime, you’ll be going to the movies at least once a month. And you can invite the same group to the occasional concert or jogging hour.

  5. Hello!
    I am new here and a little scared/big nervous, posting my wish here.

    I want to find real and lasting love and friendships.

    Obsticle 1: I always find people who are not really available or to whom i am not that valuable to them, than they are to me.

    Obsticle 2: I be leery against people, because of many bad experiences.

    O3: I have fear of showing up, because of low self esteem, lot´s of self-doubt´s and bad experiences & i always kind of loose myself in relationships and be very stressed out by wanting to do all right in contacts… so i am kind of liking being alone more and be more relaxed while being alone.


    Warmly, Caro

    • Caro, I learned a little trick for showing up and meeting nice, available people by watching a fascinating man named Larry. Larry looked a little odd. He sounded a little odd. But he would show up at lots of singles events, armed with a question of the night, something that could not be answered with a simple yes or no but steered clear of politics and religion. “Who’s your favorite painter, past or present?” or “What’s your favorite color M&M?” would work.

      He would enter the room, walk up to the woman nearest the door, introduce himself, and ask his question. If a woman answered and turned the question back to him, he already had an answer ready to go. If the exchange turned into a conversation, he’d say, “Wow, I’d love to talk with you more, but I’ve set myself a goal of meeting everyone here tonight. Would it be okay if I called you tomorrow to talk some more?” He’d pull out a blank card and a pen and get her number.

      If anyone was rude or dismissive, he’d say, “Glad to meet you, have a great evening” and move on to the nearest woman and start again with the same introduction and the same question.

      Event after event, he left with more women’s phone numbers than the tall, dark, handsome guys in fancy clothes. And when he arrived at any event, lots of women would say, “Hi, Larry!” just because he was always so pleasant, even to the meanies.

      For women, I’d suggest introducing yourself to both men and women if you try this. You’ll make friends who can support your efforts to find someone to love. And if you’d prefer not to do the calling the next day, you could print up cards with your name and phone number to give the folks you’d like to talk with again. Wishing you the best of luck, Caro!

  6. Hi,
    A couple ideas.
    1. Find what your touchstone is. I. E. to see England.. Then start reading, about it, talking about it and do it it.

    2. Barbara, in WISHCRAFT, tells a story about someone whose dream was to buy a boat and sail around the world.
    Buying the boat was going to take until he retired to save enough money and have enough time.
    However, was the touchstone to own a boat or sail around the world.
    In this case, it was to have the experience of sailing around the world. Then for example maybe sailing for hours, then days on longer and longer trips would eventually provide you with that ride around the world. At the very least you are enjoying sailing more then waiting to buy a boat, Then your experience starts now not “someday”
    . Good Luck!
    Jim. Dream Inc

  7. Hello,

    This feels like such a long shot in the dark. But that’s where dream lives start right, in the quite of our minds. So, my dream is to live and work in the UK and not on a shoestring budget. It feels like there are several hinderences to this dream…

    Obstacle 1:
    Finding a good paying job that allows for good work/life balance. I’m an US citizen that has a BS in Mechanical Engineering and has been working in various engineering positions for 7 years now.

    Obstacle 2:
    Debt. I am working hard to become debt free but that is still several years down the road. I have student loans from my excellent university education which will take longer than a couple years to finish paying off. And I have purchased a house here recently to help with living expenses as my mortgage is less expensive than rent was.

    • Sounds like you’ll need a good-paying mechanical engineering job, a tenant or buyer for your house, and a visa. For that last one, check into engineering firms in your area that also work in the UK. (Just put your city, “engineering services” and UK into a web search.)

      And check here ( to see if you’ll need to be licensed for the type of engineering you do. If so, perhaps you could make a lateral move in the US to get into a field they don’t regulate, then move back once you’re there and have a UK employer to help pay for whatever it takes to get licensed.

  8. Hi Susan,
    This heading says Barbaras’ Club, then it says idea party, and it’s explained here, right above where you post a comment.

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