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Hanging Out Registration Re-Opens in April 2024

Hanging Out will be the jewel in the crown of Barbara’s Club. To be honest, I think it’s going to be the jewel in the crown of my lifetime’s work. That’s what it feels like. —Barbara Sher, 2012

Barbara called this members-only program Hanging Out, because she wanted it to be like those wonderful moments just hanging out together at her retreats and weekend workshops. Patty Newbold will be your guide now that Barbara is no longer with us.

Registration Re-Opens April 4, 2024
$197 for a full year

Barbara put together her most beloved ideas and stories and wrote her best stuff ever for Hanging Out. This was bigger than writing another book. It was a huge job, but every minute was a labor of love for her. And with this program she gives you videos from her retreats and workshops, loads of audio, new interactive stuff and other amazing things we can’t describe here or we’ll go on forever. All this in addition to the exercises that made a big difference to you in the past.

After almost a year HO is still my favourite thing on the internet and in my inbox. So many things I could just read over and over and find something each time. The world didn’t change but I’m different in it. -JD

I’m excited about this exercise. I’ve printed it out to work on over the weekend. Barbara, I look forward to working it through and circling back. You’re a gemstone! -A Hanging Out member in Week 38

Once you’re a member, the rest will be easy. Every week, three times a week, via email, I’ll send you some very special things to read, watch and do. They’re not what you expect, I’m pretty sure of that. As much as you may like my books, what you’re going to find in Hanging Out is very new and very different. You’ll want to make comments, compare notes and talk to the other members of Hanging Out, and that’s exactly what happens here. It changes the whole experience into something entirely new, something most of us are missing and need as much as vitamins and sunshine. The effect on most members has been profound.

Registration Re-Opens April 4, 2024
$197 for a full year

You can’t get Hanging Out all at once like a book that ends up on that pile of books you plan to read, and you can’t stick it back on your bookshelf and forget what your life is supposed to be. Barbara learned too much about what’s important for us humans to take that kind of chance.

You’ll receive emails from her every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for a year, announcing the day’s video, audio message, Identity Exercise, Reality Series success story or Brain Candy she prepared for you. Barbara’s Director of Sher Success Teams and WriteSpeak Coach, Patty Newbold, will be reading and responding to your online comments. You’ll also be able to read Barbara’s replies to comments from our first eight years of Hanging Out.

Hanging out has really developed clarity in my life. One thing that I love about you Barbara is that you never tell anyone to just try harder and you don’t shame in any way. You support and encourage which is so very rare. You make sense of the non-sense. This group has provided something wonderful for me. Even the subtle messages are always very powerful. —Michelle

So what is it?

It’s easier to say what it’s not. Hanging Out is not a how-to course or a motivation program. I sometimes think it’s designed for people who have worked too hard and forgot what it’s like to wake up in a goal-free world full of fresh, stimulating ideas, fun and camaraderie.

I’ll always have courses for you on Barbara’s Club so you can find your dreams and achieve your goals, but Hanging Out is not about goal achievement. Instead, it’s more like what one member called “a profound and delicious form of Identity Rehab.”

I absolutely love the idea of Barbara’s Club being integrated into the everyday world—nothing to leave behind—and a consistent source of inspiration. Thank you! —Victoria, by email

If you join us here, Barbara’s emails and online messages will be popping into your life briefly, happily and relentlessly, over and over, waking up your senses, making you laugh and go exploring and, most important of all, helping you remember who you are and how good life is supposed to be.

You’ll receive emails from Barbara every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for a year, announcing the day’s video, audio message, Identity Exercise, Reality Series success story or Brain Candy she prepared for you. Barbara’s Director of Sher Success Teams and WriteSpeak Coach, Patty Newbold, will be reading and responding to your online comments. You’ll also be able to read Barbara’s replies to comments from our first eight years of Hanging Out, before she passed away.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for creating Hanging Out with Barbara. There have been so many “favorite” posts. One that stands out is your description of how you decorated your apartment with all the glorious references to color. I wanted to sink into one of your armchairs and absorb it all. Finding our originality. Yes. Discovering ways to express it. Yes. Realizing that time is short and excuses long. Yes. Boxing up all our should, would and could and relaxing into today, into now, into this moment. Yes. Finding that joy is the reward for allowing oneself to just be who you are. Yes. So many wonderful lessons I have learned, relearned, and unlearned this year…What I have learned this year has changed my life. For that I am eternally grateful. – A Hanging Out Member at the end of the year

No risk – full refund if you cancel your subscription within the first 30 days

30 day money back guarantee$197 for a full year

OR pay by the month – $24 per month

Registration Re-Opens on April 4, 2024

Buying a membership for someone else? Purchase a gift certificate. Good for a full year of Hanging Out at the then-current price whenever your recipient registers, which must be during an open registration period.

Purchase a gift certificate
$197 for a full year membership gift certificate

Pay $197 for a gift certificate to Hanging Out with PayPal or Stripe

Gift certificate mailed within 48 hours. Contact webmaster@barbarasclub.com if you do not receive yours.

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874 thoughts on “Hanging Out

  1. I saw the tedxprague video and is intrigued about this wish obstacle and team. How do I learn more and is there an online version? I’m not in New York City hence I am asking abt online

  2. Hello All. have a great journey. I have done nothing on this since Week 2 and for that, I am both proud and annoyed at myself. No plans to catch up. Please don’t reply. I won’t. I have too much on and cant commit. Which is a shame. I am a scanner. I’ll figure it out mySELF or rejoin on a run where I can commit. Adios Richard

  3. I read Refuse to Choose years ago and just was reminded of it again. I’m looking forward to the next sign-up. I wish I hadn’t missed the last one!

      • Is thIs 9.97 price for hang out members for the new book club choice ? Was confused as to where I should sign up for that.

        • The $9.97 price is for the digital version of Barbara Sher’s Idea Book. We do not have a book club for this book, as it does not contain exercises like her other books do. The next book club will read Live the Life You Love, beginning on March 24th. Registration will open around the 10th of March.

  4. Looking forward to the year ahead. I have 4-5 global projects I am seeding at the moment. I’ll post them as I get clarity on them.

      • I am going to be working on 4-5 projects on a retreat over the next 5-6 months.

        I have a few ideas I plan to launch.

        The first is launching a global platform for youngsters who are contemplating suicide owing to being bullied. A cause extremely dear to my soul. I have shared my experience(s) with a trusted few over the years in this area.

        The second project will be mentoring indigo/crystal youth to manifest creative solutions to 3d industry problems created on Gaia (land/sea/air).

        The third project will be setting up a global platform for youth empowerment with 6-7 youth speakers to empower youth. .

        My being will be teacher/shaman/healer.

        Fourth is a platform for global lightworkers to aid those across the transition owing to current agenda.

        Fifth, maybe doing corporate shaman work to get organizations to move towards a world-centric model/corporate soul way of doing things

        I will be launching these over the next few months.

        Sixth, take my last breath in this lifetime. I won’t be launching this over the next few months.

  5. Hi, Patty,
    I am fairly new to Barbara Sher’s materials, and making my way through Wishcraft still. I love the videos and have not yet been able to join in on an Idea Party. I am thinking of signing up for Hanging Out, but the one thing that keeps nagging at me is this: I seem to have lost the ability to develop female friendships (same sex friendships.) I no longer attend church because I refuse to have my friendships based on a similar religious dogma. I don’t even know if I need friends but I do love conversation and hearing people’s stories and having them hear mine. But all of your offerings are online now. I guess I was hoping for more of an interactive community. Please connect the dots for me if I will experience that connection in this group, and by what avenue. Thanks!

    • Hanging Out offers the chance to meet people, people you can later pick up the phone and call. We do not organize group calls, because there is no time of day when all of our members in Australia, New Zealand, the US and Canada, and Europe and the UK are all available. And you do need friends. All of the research on happiness and wellness and good aging says they matter a lot. For in-person interactions, join a local Success Team: http://shersuccessteams.com

    • Hi Cristina .. not sure if you did join or not. But I relate to what you’re speaking about. I do hope to see you in there – would love to chat further about our shared experiences.

    • With all all the chaos of these times, I find that friendships with like minded people are even more important than ever. With Barbara’s spirit and wisdom as our anchor, I’m looking forward to developing new and interesting relationships with in the group.

  6. Hi there, I’m interested in this program. But you haven’t really addressed how you’re handling this material in the wake of Barbara’s passing. At least it’s not in the body of the material. With someone explain how you are doing this program without her! Thanks very much, – Katherine Hardie

    • Nothing has changed. While Barbara was still alive, she asked me to take over facilitating the online discussion of her wonderful messages. We changed the name from Hanging Out with Barbara Sher to Hanging Out and lowered the price. We kept online all of her earlier comments (she was actively commenting for about seven years), for those who want more of Barbara and are willing to scroll back through the comments. And she oversaw my comments and corrected me by email as needed for my first year. I know all of the messages well, because I was one of her editors and put each of them online for her before Hanging Out began in 2012. I know the members, old and new, because I was always the customer support and tech support person for Hanging Out. I love Hanging Out, because it’s like Barbara never left when I read these fascinating messages again. And the community makes them new again for me: someone often picks up on something I had missed or shares something that enhances whatever Barbara shared.

      I do hope you’ll join!

  7. Still love hanging out with Barbara after all these years. She was my first mentor, her books still on my bookshelf to be reread for inspiration at any time.

  8. Hi, looking forward to the October 7th sign-up! Quick question. Once the 12 month membership has expired, will I be able to continue returning to those 12 months of videos/audios/messages in my email inbox or will I no longer have access to them. Thanks! Chad Heath

      • You don’t need to. You are already on our list for free renewal of the emails, and you still have your lifetime (of the website or you, whichever comes first) access to the messages and discussions. I will restart the emails for you on the 25th.

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