Author, Speaker, Coach Barbara Sher passed away on May 10, 2020.
Read Barbara’s obituary here. Barbara’s Club and all its programs continue in the hands of those she trained.

Barbara Sher Book Clubs

Our next book club is open for registration through 11:55 pm EDT on Wednesday, July 19, 2023. We’ll begin reading Live the Life You Love on July 20th. I hope you’ll join us. Read more about it here. Members of ongoing book clubs should contact for assistance. Even after our official reading period has ended, members are still welcome to add comments for the full year. You won’t be alone in finishing the exercises.

Registration for Hanging Out opens on October 5, 2023

If you have not yet experienced the jewel in the crown of Barbara’s Club, please check out Hanging Out. Enjoy a full year of treats every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. To make sure everyone gets to know plenty of other people, we now open registration only twice a year. Full year registration will open again on April 5, 2023. We will begin hanging out together on Monday, April 23rd. Don’t miss this! Prior members still have access to all messages they paid for. Links are on the Hanging Out page when you are logged in.

The Dare to Soar Telesummit Recordings

All of the mini-workshops at our February 12, 2022 Telesummit were recorded, and you can listen to all of them for free.

Survival Guide for Dreamers

Survival Guide calendar, day 1If you’ve got a dream (or wish you had one) it’s time to stop being stuck. Let us send you 365 days of Barbara’s help with procrastination and Resistance. This new program is designed to give you exactly what you need to finally get moving. Here’s how it works: One day at a time for a full year Barbara will be with you via a brief email, helping you get past the procrastination and resistance that have kept you from achieving your dreams. That’s it. No exercises to do. No discussions to keep up with. Just an email a day to encourage you and teach you how to deal with whatever prevents you from going after your dreams. Begin your Survival Guide year at any time.

Thinking Through Refuse to Choose: 101 things every Scanner should know

Thinking Through Refuse to Choose coverAre you a Scanner? These are people with a different (and often misunderstood) type of mindset: they’re curious and smart, always happiest when learning something new. But no matter how promising a path may appear, Scanners can never give up their love of exploring. And therein lies the problem: despite their passionate engagement with the world and their love of life, Scanners are unable to decide on one path, and they’re often afraid that there’s something horribly wrong with them. It’s usually forgotten that such people were once admired for their wide range of knowledge, even called Renaissance thinkers. Now they’re often labeled as immature, lazy dilettantes by a culture that prizes specialization above all else. I wrote this 99-cent Kindle book (with two great helpers) to highlight the top 101 takeaways from my book, Refuse to Choose! Use All of Your Interests, Passions, and Hobbies to Create the Life and Career of Your Dreams. Use it as an introduction or as a reminder after you read the book. Purchase this Kindle book here.

WriteSpeak Online: Write Your Own Success Story

WriteSpeak Online registration is closed now until February 10, 2024. This is Barbara’s entire WriteSpeak program—the 6-hour, highly interactive Teleworkshop plus a new 48-week online version of the material that was in her WriteSpeak retreat and telecourse, all for a fraction of the earlier price. The course is now taught by Patty Newbold, who taught it with Barbara since 2007, and Patrice Jenkins, a member of that first group and the first WriteSpeaker to be published, who taught it with Barbara and Patty in 2020 and with Patty since then. We also offer optional monthly group coaching and one-on-one coaching. Those who have already completed the required Teleworkshop and want to add the 48-Week Course should write to

For more information, check out or listen to this Telesummit recording: How to Become a Writer and Speaker by Next February. New member registration will open again on February 10, 2024. Come find your message and your audience and begin your writing and speaking career.

Be sure you are on the mailing list to hear about new programs the moment they are available. The mailing list sign-up is under Barbara’s photo at the bottom of this page.

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409 thoughts on “Courses

    • Barbara Sher is no longer able to travel to any in-person events or retreats. She teaches a 6-hour workshop by telephone on becoming a Writer and Speaker every March. See for details. And be sure you’re on her newsletter mailing list to hear about any other online events.

      Barbara is also available through almost daily written comments posted in her year-long Hanging Out program. Click on the Hanging Out link in the menu for registration info.

  1. hi
    this is wonderful!
    I would like to be part of a dream brainstorm group …whether here or online..i would like to get started asap. I really though it would be here but where is it?

    Do you have a list of groups?
    Thank you

  2. Hello!
    I met Barbara at her Wishcraft workshop in the Twin Cities, MN I believe in the Spring of 1993 and it literally changed my life, very quickly. That Fall, I quit my corp job, packed up my belongings in storage, and drove across country to live at a Yoga ashram on the east coast for 6 months subsequently becoming a full time Yoga teacher/Spiritual director of a grass roots community I founded for the following 20 years. It shaped my life in ways I don’t think would have unfolded without Barbara and my Wishcraft Support Group’s help. In 2012, for several gut wrenching reasons, I needed to close my Yoga community and for these past 7 years have been struggling mightily with next livelihood step. I recently re-found Barbara on a Ted Talk and was brought to tears! I’m wondering how I’d be able to hook back up with Barbara in one of her workshops? For me, I can’t imagine that an online workshop would be a fit or adequate support for what I am looking for. Obviously the weekend with Barbara and subsequent Wishcraft support group was exactly what I needed to manifest my right-livelihood 20 years ago. Does Barbara still hold these affordable weekend workshops? I just signed up for the email club to stay connected and be inspired. I feel so grateful to simply be writing and back in touch again! Thank you very much!

    • Welcome back, Katherine! Yours is a marvelous success story of going after a dream.

      Barbara no longer does any in-person events. Her only teleworkshops are for the start of the WriteSpeak program. She’s very active online, in written form, in Hanging Out with Barbara Sher. And she has lots of leaders using her materials (and even recordings of her speaking) in-person in her 8-Week Workshop for Success Teams. Find your local leader on

    • What an awesome and powerful testimonial to Barbara’s effectiveness as a motivator!

    Glad I don’t have to wait long for the Idea Party!

  4. I think I touched a wrong button that resulted in getting my e-mail deleted before I sent it. Happened when I was doing the e-mail info box. So if you get two, that is why. Interested particularly in the free ongoing Idea Party. Please send send details on this.
    For Barbara: Happy 84th Birthday on August 14th. For the time period from March 20 to August 13 you and I are the same age, currently 83. We just keep on keeping on, don’t we? My life has been greatly enriched from both your books and your course offerings. Thanks you!
    I am close to manifesting my Vision that I had way back in 1999. Through a bunch of illnesses I have kept my Faith that I really was going to be able to accomplish “The Sacred Hoop Journey: A Peace Mission On Horseback” THE TIME IS ALMOST HERE! is my website
    I could most certainly use the ideas and support of the Idea Party.
    I Love and Appreciate you, Barbara and Patty

  5. Hi there, when is “Your Dreams – Why You Must Do Them” going to become available? I loved the two short messages in the Idea Party section. Thanks.

  6. I live in Auckland, New Zealand.

    How would I be able to attend Telesummit or other online courses in a timely fashion?

    Please advise.



    • We’re live on the air from 4 am to 1 pm Sunday in Auckland, Michael. Get to bed early on Saturday night and you won’t miss a thing.

  7. Hi Barbara

    Am I correct that you are opening the WriteSpeak course again on Feb 9th 2019?

    If so I really look forward to having more information about the dates etc that you will be running the different aspects!

    Delighted to have found you and even beginning to sense it might be possible for me to stay the whole journey!

    In joy

    • You are definitely correct, Heather. Registration will begin February 9th, during the Dare to Soar Telesummit, where you can meet and learn from this year’s WriteSpeakers. If you look at today, it still shows last year’s information. For the 2019-2020 course, nothing is sold out yet, all the dates and times will be one day earlier (and one year later), and all the prices will remain the same.

  8. I am so grateful I have discovered Barbara and her materials. I have been in a desperate need for help with my inability to choose and focus on one thing I would commit to doing in this life. I signed up for The Survival Guide for Dreamers and can’t wait to join every and each course, program or any other program Barbara will be so kind to offer.
    A multitalented, isolated scanner Marina

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