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    144 thoughts on “Contact Barbara

    1. i have activated my account. there is a mix up.have activated account months ago. where is wednesday’s comment? without signing in. i thought it automatically does that. don’ want to remember password every time.

    2. I am an HO girl, Barbara. I’ve got my book ( got it in readiness before we started) and I remember the smelly exercise. I actually managed to get it done this weekend. I was over at my mums house, cleaning the empty rooms for the last time before the sale goes thru tomorrow. It was a very poignant time. I wasn’t so upset by doing the cleaning ( sad but not upset). It was wandering around the garden and field that creased me. I decided to pick some plants/leaves etc ( to do the exercise). I picked a snowdrop, a teeny cyclamen purple flower, some winter sweet, lemon balm and Rosemary leaves. A bit of myrtle and finally a primrose and the last rise buds. In December!! My mum was gardening right up to when she had her stroke ( she’s 86) last year. I duplicated my flower bunch and took it into her ( in her care home) along with her door knocker ( as a momento and to prove to her that it was all gone now ( after 44 years). We both cried. Heart reaching time for me. Hand keys over tomorrow. However, I will dry the flowers soon and stick them in my HO book. Sorry, long reply…
      But also I’ve forgotten the other activities, could you send me a reminder list, please??

      • Typos don’t matter. It’s a very touching letter.

        Are you saying that you don’t get an email from Hanging Out every Mon, Wed & Fri? If you do, they should be in your inbox and all you have to do is click on them to open up the Hanging Out site and that particular message from me.

        If you don’t, we have to fix that fast.

        • Thanks, Barbara. No, I’ve been getting the emails but have been too overwhelmed to action the tasks. I just need a short reminder list – up to and including this week, if possible. Then I can see if I can catch up over Christmas ( it will give me something to do for ME for a change)