Should You Be a Life Coach?

My apologies to those arriving late, but we have registered as many callers as I can handle. It is no longer possible to register for this call!

If you are already registered, you may log in for call information and the new option to call in to any one of three different calls. (Yep, we have that many registered!) If you are in the US or Canada, choosing the second or third call would be a big help. Thanks!

Join me, Barbara Sher, for a live and interactive teleconference on 5 September or 7 September 2014 to help you answer this question. There is no charge to participate.

If you’re someone who naturally enjoys solving people’s problems, and who cares about people fulfilling their potential and leading good, productive lives, you may be one of those special people I call a natural coach. We’re lucky to have you. With the right training, life coaching could be a great career for you.

But you probably have questions about coaching and the training, and this is your chance to ask them. I invite you to ask questions personally on the telephone for an hour.

Due to overwhelming demand I will offer this live teleconference three times. After you register, you can choose any one of them (but only one, please). I ask that those in the U.S. and Canada not choose the first one unless it is the only time you can make it. Let’s leave this one for folks in European time zones.

Call #1 starts at 7 pm (1900h) CET the evening of September 5th, 2014. That’s 1 pm in New York, 10 am in California. Check for the time in your location here. Europeans only, unless this is the only time you are available.

Call #2 starts at 10 pm (2200h) CET the evening of September 5th, 2014. That’s 4 pm in New York, 1 pm in California. Check for the time in your location here.

Call #3 starts at 8 pm (2000h) CET the evening of September 7th, 2014. That’s 2 pm in New York, 11 am in California. Check for the time in your location here.

The calls will be recorded, so sign up even if you cannot join us live. A German translation of the recording of Call #1 will also be available after the call. Whether you will join us live or not, sign up so you can ask your questions online before the call. If I don’t get to them on the phone, I will answer you online.

Yes, I am doing this free call because I am about to launch another ten-month coaching course,” and I hope to find some really great candidates for it. My coach trainings are substantially different from most others. A look into my books (I Could Do Anything If I Only Knew What It Was, Live the Life You Love,” etc.) and YouTube videos will give you an understanding of those differences.

Aside from my philosophical approach, I teach the techniques and technology that will help you get clients and build a practice so you can earn your living this way, if you choose to do so.

My third Coach Training, from November 2014 through September 2015, includes five weekend workshops in Frankfurt, Germany. The rest, between workshops, is all online and in coaching practice by telephone. Everything is in both English and German, so if you speak either of those, you’ll fit right in. Der Frankfurter Ring hosts this training and can tell you a lot more in English or in German.

Whether or not you are ready to start training or can get yourself to Frankfurt for at least four of those five weekends, I invite you to the call to answer the question of whether you should be a life coach. Sign up here, and you will find out how to phone in free or inexpensively from almost any country, ask your questions in advance, continue the conversation online after the call, and get access to the call recording and the German translation of that recording. It’s all free.

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32 thoughts on “Should You Be a Life Coach?

  1. Sibel, I signed up for today’s call about the Life Coaching. I cannot be on the call, as it turns out. Is there any way you can take my place?

  2. Greetigns from Istanbul!
    unfortunately I ve just seen the newsletter about this free seminar, i would like to have at least links for the recordings if possible.
    also got a friend speaki,ng only German and also fan of Sher. is it possible to have that link too.
    thanks anyways, you ALWAYS inspire me.

    • Sibel, I am so sorry you were too late to join us. There are so many people registered that we must give them first access to the recordings. Please watch for a future Barbara Sher newsletter when we are able to make them available to others.

  3. Dear Barbara

    I was very entusiastic about beeing a life coach. I was always very good in solving problems for others…….but less good resolving my own peoblems.
    I ´m asking myselve if a person (me) who is stucked in life by herself, not able to find a solution, not having the courage to experience new ways and not able to convince her own bodyguard, should be life coache??????
    I already here the Question of a client asking me “and you what about you” ?
    Shouldn´t a life coach be an inspiring example?
    You see my dilemma, probably there are some more…My bodyguard is so strong….
    I would be glad to here from you.

    • My answer is always: I know very well what you’re talking about. I still do that sometimes. That’s how I know so much about it.

      It’s no one’s job to be perfect. When a client has a problem that needs solving, you’re someone who cares, who will listen, who will answer from your own experiences, who won’t criticize a client because you’re so superior and perfect, but admits you are human too, who wants to see the client succeed in whatever goal he chooses – who is willing to stick around and keep the client on track to achieving a goal, and who will help him figure out what his goal is – not what it *should* be, if he doesn’t know yet.

      How many people like that have stepped forward to help you when you needed help throughout your life?

      What difference do you think it would have made if someone like that was available to help you?

      If your own perfectionism stops you from being such a person – a person who could be of inestimable value to someone’s life, then it’s selfish to require it of yourself.

      That’s like refusing to feed a hungry person because you don’t believe you’re a good cook.

      • Thank you so much for your answer.
        What you say is so true, I know it very well.
        The need to be perfect is a kind of lifekiller and really not very human.

        Probably I just ” should” close my eyes and jump into the water and allow myselve not to be perfect. To give and share what´s in me without any fear of rejection and accept myself the way I am even with my “buts” and my “shoulds” ….
        I am working on it !!!
        Thank you so much for your very precious work . I love your way of coaching.

  4. Me too – I live in Australia but would also love to participate if possible (Barb you really need to come visit us for some training!) Thanks heaps 🙂

  5. I know this is what I want to do and would love to take part in this, but just can’t travel to Germany. So I’m another one that would like to know if there is any way to participate from the US — either remotely or with sessions here?

  6. Patty – My member profile says that I can renew my membership for the next year for $226. What about the $12 to go back to the 1st year’s emails? Thanks.

  7. Is there any way to participate in the Coaching training without the 5 weekends in Frankfurt, Germany? Could you hold 5 weekends in the U.S.? I just checked the cost of flights for me from the US to Frankfurt, Germany and I really can’t afford the airfare much less lodging and food. I think there would be a lot of us who would be interested provided we could do the 5 weekends here in the U.S.

    • Hi Leah

      Unless you live in New York, you’d have to fly in for 5 weekends too, with the same expenses. Plus the same tuition.

      But if there is enough interest, I might be able to find a way to do it.

  8. Hello Barbara,
    I KNOW I am here to help others, but I’m spinning wheels in a ditch at present. Shouldn’t I get myself “fixed up” before even dreaming that I could help others this way?

    • I’d love you to come on the call and ask that question, janie. A lot of people ask me that (and a lot of others are thinking it). I’ve got an answer you might not expect, but when you hear it, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

      • wow that was my first thoughts and question that Barbara answered (above) to Janie. Now my question is: If i have more reasons not to look at or become a life coach but i have been told that i would be good at it and i know i might be and that i might love it…..can we address my reservations/reasons blocks to this?

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