Should You Be a Life Coach?

My apologies to those arriving late, but we have registered as many callers as I can handle. It is no longer possible to register for this call!

If you are already registered, you may log in for call information and the new option to call in to any one of three different calls. (Yep, we have that many registered!) If you are in the US or Canada, choosing the second or third call would be a big help. Thanks!

Join me, Barbara Sher, for a live and interactive teleconference on 5 September or 7 September 2014 to help you answer this question. There is no charge to participate.

If you’re someone who naturally enjoys solving people’s problems, and who cares about people fulfilling their potential and leading good, productive lives, you may be one of those special people I call a natural coach. We’re lucky to have you. With the right training, life coaching could be a great career for you.

But you probably have questions about coaching and the training, and this is your chance to ask them. I invite you to ask questions personally on the telephone for an hour.

Due to overwhelming demand I will offer this live teleconference three times. After you register, you can choose any one of them (but only one, please). I ask that those in the U.S. and Canada not choose the first one unless it is the only time you can make it. Let’s leave this one for folks in European time zones.

Call #1 starts at 7 pm (1900h) CET the evening of September 5th, 2014. That’s 1 pm in New York, 10 am in California. Check for the time in your location here. Europeans only, unless this is the only time you are available.

Call #2 starts at 10 pm (2200h) CET the evening of September 5th, 2014. That’s 4 pm in New York, 1 pm in California. Check for the time in your location here.

Call #3 starts at 8 pm (2000h) CET the evening of September 7th, 2014. That’s 2 pm in New York, 11 am in California. Check for the time in your location here.

The calls will be recorded, so sign up even if you cannot join us live. A German translation of the recording of Call #1 will also be available after the call. Whether you will join us live or not, sign up so you can ask your questions online before the call. If I don’t get to them on the phone, I will answer you online.

Yes, I am doing this free call because I am about to launch another ten-month coaching course,” and I hope to find some really great candidates for it. My coach trainings are substantially different from most others. A look into my books (I Could Do Anything If I Only Knew What It Was, Live the Life You Love,” etc.) and YouTube videos will give you an understanding of those differences.

Aside from my philosophical approach, I teach the techniques and technology that will help you get clients and build a practice so you can earn your living this way, if you choose to do so.

My third Coach Training, from November 2014 through September 2015, includes five weekend workshops in Frankfurt, Germany. The rest, between workshops, is all online and in coaching practice by telephone. Everything is in both English and German, so if you speak either of those, you’ll fit right in. Der Frankfurter Ring hosts this training and can tell you a lot more in English or in German.

Whether or not you are ready to start training or can get yourself to Frankfurt for at least four of those five weekends, I invite you to the call to answer the question of whether you should be a life coach. Sign up here, and you will find out how to phone in free or inexpensively from almost any country, ask your questions in advance, continue the conversation online after the call, and get access to the call recording and the German translation of that recording. It’s all free.

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32 thoughts on “Should You Be a Life Coach?

  1. Just taking a moment to thank you Barbara for that awesome phone seminar ( or whatever it was called) to talk about coaching and your training. I am not ready to fly to Germany or New York right now…and not have the funds for either… BUT…i was so impacted by that little time on the phone that i changed something immediately in my own life. I realized i was so tired actually…of helping and supporting everyone else all my life but not ME …that i went right out and did what i wanted and totally supported ME…TOTALLY. DIDN’T LISTEN TO ANY DOUBTS, FEARS, LACKS, ETC. AND JUST DID IT. Out of that came some local opportunities i have wanted for a long time and was getting nowhere with before …and i just had this different self empowered attitude and everything just easily fell into place. Everyone responded to me so positively and now i am giving a talk myself in a week, busy preparing , going to possibly get it filmed, and more will share later. So though i was going to follow up with your other on line support and info , i actually had no time too, because i was too busy doing what i wanted and so happy and excited too doing it…a nice change…And will be back after see where this talk leads and what to do next. I love your style, your wisdom, and your understanding , and would love to learn more from you so will see what i can manage and how to do that…this time tho i had no funds really for this training, everything you said gave me impetus to create opportunities that could change that and to do it without anything that would discourage my new more empowered drive to do it that seemed to make things happen….Best to you and all who do your training and i know it will change a lot of lives for the better.

    • What a wonderful message, Marian!!! You’ve made me very very happy tonight. Thank you for taking the time to write. You sound like you’ve been so ready, just waiting for someone to say something sensible, something that clicked. I am honored that this someone was me!
      Carry on. My warmest best wishes go with you.

  2. Dear Barbara, I just watched the video clip of the call. Even in this small snippet there is already so much to take away. Thanks for posting this! –
    I was registered for the call, but as I was on vacation I found myself in a place with no internet access during the time of the call. πŸ™ Can I still listen to the recorded calls somehow?

  3. I am finding myself helping people through life situations and I’ve been told I should do coaching as a profession. I’ve attended one of your seminars, read some of your books and love to listen to yours tips. My question to you, is in this new stage in my life where do I start?

    • Hi Michal

      You start by listening to my call and seeing if you want to train with me. Since this is the last time I’ll be running a coach training, you’ll want to do that first. πŸ™‚

      If you don’t want to train with me, you’ll have plenty of time to do research at other training programs.

    • Perhaps next year, Debbie, when I’m about to offer another coach training of some kind and searching for naturally talented people to be in the class. Perhaps in Germany again, or somewhere (though I think my next step will be to write a book about it — and it will be second in line. I’m working on a book right now.)

      If you keep your eyes peeled for my newsletters in future (they don’t come out regularly, just when something’s happening, usually soon) you won’t be disappointed. I’m so sorry you didn’t find out in time.

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