Barbara Sher's Dare to Soar Telesummit: Celebrating 8 Life Changing New Books and Online Courses

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Free Workshops All Day
Saturday, September 9, 2017
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10:00 am Kickoff in German
10:05 am Zurück zu dir in fünf Minuten.
Wie du den Stress stoppst und frei wirst für dein kreatives Abenteuer (in German)

10:25 am Kickoff in English
10:30 am Changing Plans the Right Way
11:00 am Prizes
11:05 am How to Be a Life Changing Author and Speaker by March 2019
11:25 am Book Launch Freebies
11:30 am Being AUTHENTIC on the job: how to be your whole self at work
12:00 pm Prizes
12:05 pm Retirement COMPASS: How We Can
Find Our Way When Life Has Lost Its Rhythm

12:25 pm Book Launch Freebies
12:30 pm Getting Through the Storm of Life Turmoil with Grace
1:00 pm Book Launch Celebration
1:05 pm Answering the Dreaded “What Do You Do?” Question:
How to Create a Clear, Concise and Non-boring Introduction

1:25 pm Book Launch Freebies
1:30 pm Exploring the Magic of Your Hero's Journey
2:00 pm Prizes
2:05 pm Barbara Sher's Idea Party
3:00 pm Book Launch Freebies
3:05 pm Business Idea Factory
3:25 pm Upcoming Workshops by WriteSpeak grads
3:30 pm Energy Booster Workshop
4:00 pm Prizes
4:05 pm The Gardener's Gift
4:25 pm Book Launch Freebies
4:30 pm How to Show Up Without Showing Off
5:00 pm Book Launch Celebration
5:05 pm Take a Break — Make Way for Your Creativity
5:25 pm Book Launch Freebies
5:30 pm Telling Our Stories From The Inside Out
6:00 pm Prizes
6:05 pm How to Be a Life Changing Author and Speaker by March 2019
6:25 pm Book Launch Freebies
6:30 pm Change Your Thoughts; Change Your Life
7:00 pm Upcoming Workshops by WriteSpeak grads
7:05 pm Getting the Diagnosis You Didn't Want or Easing the Critical Illness Journey
7:25 pm Book Launch Freebies
7:30 pm Who's Keeping Score? You Should!
Why Keeping a Life Score is Essential to Your Well-Balance

8:00 pm Final Cheers for Our Incredible Authors

Read All About the Workshops Here

If you've ever confronted difficult problems in your life and you sought and found ways to solve them (from raising a kid to building a home), you know something you should be telling the rest of us at next year's Telesummit.

All of our Telesummit speakers are members of WriteSpeak, my online course for helping you do just that. Many of them have just published books or online courses.

New Books and Courses by WriteSpeak Grads
Buy any of these books or online courses on September 9th and receive valuable thank you bonuses.

ChangeMaker’s PocketGuide: Passion, Energy, Values & Vision
by Shelley Wood, strategist, consultant and coach

Exploring the Magic of Your Hero's Journey
by Pat Edwards, Vietnam-era Army Veteran, IT Project Manager, Published Poet and Shaman

The Gardener's Gift
by Laura Kingston

Stories from the Cosmic Grill: It's Fiction for the Unconscious Mind
by Gail McConnon, author and explorer of the stories we tell ourselves

The Thank You Divorce: How to be Happy, Raise Healthy Children, and Regain your Self Confidence After Divorce
by Susanne Bateman, M.A. Business and Economics, Certified Global Negotiator

Plus three new online courses:

A Guide to Take the Weirdness Out of Retirement
by Patrice Jenkins, Ph.D., consultant and frequent speaker on topics related to career and retirement transitions

Plan for Success: Set the foundation for a successful solo business
by Patty K, Business Coach, Educator and Co-Conspirator

Your Next Clients: Implement an ethical yet effective sales and marketing system
by Patty K, Business Coach, Educator and Co-Conspirator

And we'll be giving away really great prizes throughout the day

Two Ways to Win Prizes

On Twitter
Every tweet about these books or workshops that included #d2sBarbaraSher was an entry. Winners were notified on Twitter one hour after the telesummit ended.

A complete set of all six of Barbara Sher's books

A Gift Certificate for full year membership in Hanging Out with Barbara Sher, which re-opens on January 22

A DVD of the WMHT Public Television show Refuse to Choose! with Barbara Sher provided by Barbara Sher (2 prizes)

A 50-minute “SOS” (Shake Off Stress) session by video conference with Christine Stebbins Dahl

The hardcover edition of I Could Do Anything If I Only Knew What It Was, provided by the author, Barbara Sher

The hardcover edition of Refuse to Choose! provided by the author, Barbara Sher

A one-hour coaching session by phone for someone with a critical diagnosis or caring for someone with a critical diagnosis by Jan Taylor

A signed copy of What Will I Do All Day? Wisdom to get you Over Retirement and on with Living! from the author, Patrice Jenkins

Throughout the Telesummit
The yellow form is gone now. We've notified everyone who won.

Here are the prizes we gave away:

A coaching session by phone, in English, German or Spanish with coach María Machón

A 30-minute coaching session to discover what lies are holding you back from fulfilling your potential with Cori Sanders

A coaching session by phone with coach Damita Zweiback

A 45-minute private coaching session by phone to plan for your success with Patty K

A 45-minute “Getting Unstuck” coaching session with Sharon McGann

A 75-minute coaching session : “Empath Light-Bringers — Harnessing Your Super Powers” with Regina Orchard

A 90-minute Be Weird Make Money coaching session with Kimberly Stewart

PopUp Productivity; When You Want to Stop Procrastinating Now: guided instructions to get you unstuck and productive in record time from Rachel Z. Cornell, The ProNagger

Barbara Sher’s Survival Guide for Dreamers, 365 days of inspirational and educational emails (2 prizes)

A free online course, A Guide to Take the Weirdness Out of Retirement, from the instructor, Patrice Jenkins

A DVD of the WMHT Public Television show Refuse to Choose! with Barbara Sher provided by Barbara Sher (3 prizes)

A signed copy of Stories from the Cosmic Grill: It's Fiction For The Unconscious Mind from the author, Gail McConnon

A signed copy CONNECTIONS: toolkit for living in an energetic field of love from the author, Regina Orchard

The hardcover edition of It's Only Too Late If You Don't Start Now, provided by the author, Barbara Sher (3 prizes)

The hardcover edition of Live the Life You Love In Ten Easy Lessons, provided by the author, Barbara Sher (3 prizes)

The hardcover edition of Refuse to Choose! provided by the author, Barbara Sher (3 prizes)

The hardcover edition of I Could Do Anything If I Only Knew What It Was, provided by the author, Barbara Sher (3 prizes)

And three German language edition books by Barbara Sher, which will be given away right before our first workshop

A big thank you to all our prize donors!

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79 thoughts on “Barbara Sher’s Dare to Soar Telesummit: Celebrating 8 Life Changing New Books and Courses

  1. I love Barbara’s work..Total genius from scanners information to everything else. Nothing like it anywhere else on the subject. I would be lost if it weren’t for that first bit of knowledge i got from watching her on public television talking about what a scannner is. It totally changed my entire perspective on my entire life and what i would do from that point on. I was so sleep deprived during the telesummit so still recovering and realizing what i learned. I did get some important and useful information that i can apply and that i needed in my life but i know that the real benefit of this is to take it further into action. For now i have alot to think about and alot of decisions to make but had to say this right away. I am so proud and so touched by what all the people have done with her knowledge to help others in all kinds of ways. This is so needed in our world. To help people find themselves in very real ways use what they can do and who they are more in the world or in private life ..where ever it can make a difference. I have a request that the woman who’s name escapes me but probably have it in my notes when get to look at them (it will be days ..with what is going on in my life now and preparing for in next few days)…the one who wants to help people be more mobile..physically…and with age. What i have done and know and given my age and experiences i may be able to share somethings that will encourage, inspire and assist in her endeavor and may be mutually beneficial too for both of us…I started out like her …with no idea what i was capable of , even without the knowledge or training, just that deep and sincere longing to do it…and i followed it ..and it led to the best experiences of my life . it took a leap into the unknown against all advice from everyone who thought it couldn’t be done…and i did what i wanted to do and got better and better at it from trusting what was inherent in me. Then there were others i could learn from too along the way.. of course and that made what i knew even better. And then i met people who had the same dreams and ideas as i had and were doing what i dreamed of doing and had done too and it was finding gold to me. When i heard this women share her dream about mobility it was hard for me not to interrupt when i could feel her desire over the phones and reminded me of my own ..even to this day..what more i want to do i would love if we can connect. I couldn’t interrupt what was going on already for her and then it was over and too late! i also have questions from what learned that day will be back with a few day s or more…hope this is up that long..let me know.

    • Marian, my name is Brenda and I’m the one who mentioned my desire to help people be more mobile throughout their lifetime. I would love to hear your thoughts and talk with you after we’ve both had a chance to process a great weekend. 😎 It was a great thrill for me to participate with you all and I appreciate not only the new knowledge but the inspiration. I’ve been busy brainstorming since the end of the tele-summit trying to continue to think outside the box and think about my next steps.

      My email address is brendaattheranch (at) Yahoo dot com.

      • Yes it was exciting for me too and am still processing also more than expected. It has changed my thoughts…about myself and where going. and yes isn’t it great how everyone was..i felt like i just loved everybody. This should be how it is everywhere , every day…at work,…at home…at schools…the bank…smile..etc. I hope Barbara’s ideas and ways her people carry them out become a trend . It’s time….for a more supportive world where people do what they love and don’t just survive. Ok i am very happy you got word i was wanting to connect and later for me too…this week is till a bit rough in overwhelm but getting lighter and easier with each day so far. So by end of week hope to be enough progressed in these urgent matters all at once dealing with and can reach out for more again. Thank you and Barbara and all again so much.

        • Marian, I love this comment of yours! “It’s time….for a more supportive world where people do what they love and don’t just survive.” So true! Yes, it was a wonderful day. I’m glad you feel so inspired by it all. So do I. 🙂 A lot of new thoughts running through this Scanner body now… Thanks for these wonderful words.

          • Thanks Jana. Nice to hear you feel that way too. Just back from days away and still working to clear a space to converse again more with others and see where at with everything learned and to have more exchange with more people about things learned. . I really got so psyched about writing as well as dance. And realized i wanted to do it so much more than i even had a clue of how much. so now it isn’t even about being motivated and making time…it’s just so there, so in me, so surfaced…so pressing me to do it..i just will. Also same about doing talks. Everyone made me feel so much the drive i had deep inside me to do that too but had buried it thinking: ” no way.”..Now that thinking is gone..and i don’t care ..i will just go forward and do it. So that’s another thing that came out of this wonderful day and very unexpected.

  2. Patti K

    I order your stuff to take a look. Honestly, I normally wouldn’t pick this material, but I thought I would take a look.
    I was more interested in your comments about the write/speak program and procrastination but I want the bonus materials and to get to know your work. Now, it wasn’t clear what I do next to do to get the bonus materials. Plus, I am not sure what I am going to to with stuff that has excel sheets. I have a friend and virtual assistant named Ryan who has a Computer Science and Psychology. A great guy half my age that is computer literate.
    I operate better the old fashion way by phone Riverside Ca 951 area and number 334/2303 no need to call but I prefer it if there is any problem

    Jim Chandler
    Dream Inc
    “Helping people achieve their dreams”

    • Hi Jim,
      I’m sure you’ll learn a lot from Patty’s material; I had a coaching session with her during WriteSpeak and loved it! And she’s specialised on small businesses.

      To get the bonus material, you make a copy or screenshot of the receipt that confirms that you purchased the material and send that receipt via email to the email address right below Patty’s name.

      O wait, I can copy it down for you, here it is:

      When you do that, all people who have offered bonus material (me included) send you their stuff! 🙂
      Hope that helps.

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