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How Does the Online Idea Party Work?

You have a dream or a wish, and an obstacle to getting there. (If you don’t think you know your wish, work through my kick-starter and read this post. To learn why you must put logic aside to find your dream, read the following.)

The online Idea Party is here to help you – and the other fellow party goers – with your wishes and obstacles.

Voices from Success Teams and Idea Parties:

Having a team to report to and hearing what everybody did each week is very exciting. It’s kept me moving all year. In the past I made some good starts on my own, but found, every time, when the energy ran out, I ran out. Now it doesn’t run out.
Jade G.
Children’s Playroom Therapist, New York Hospital

I would do a painting a year, a sketch a year. If it was only me I know I would never do it. Having to tell you makes all the difference. It’s crazy why I didn’t do this years ago, it’s so easy all of a sudden.
Caroline R. Personnel Executive, Macy’s Dept Store

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2,230 thoughts on “Idea Party

  1. I have two different Goals.
    1. I would like to start my own Business. I leave in Germany, borned in Russia and studied and worked almost 10 years in US. I would like to find a product, that I can offer in Germany, Europe and with the time export it in different countries. Obstacle: I don’t have a product or a real plan…just a dream. I am trying to find someone who already started Export/Import Business, but unfortunately didn’t find anyone so far.
    2. In the mean time I need to have a Job.Obsstacle: I have 3 years old and I cannot wind a good part time job in the small city. I have an MBA and years of work experience, so don’t really look to become a cleaning Lady or something like this.

  2. Hello and Happy New Year to all of you!!! My name is Ina (scanner and HSP) and I’ve been living with very little money and very isolated for over a decade. Poverty and loneliness cause a lot of stress and I’m depressed, suffer from chronic fatigue and would like to die, because I loathe my life.
    For the past 16 years I’ve done a lot of “self-improvement“: inner work, read innumerous self-help books, visualised, meditated, saw healers and so on, but it got me nearly nowhere.
    My wishes are to be healthy, joyful, full of energy and enthusiasm again. Find a like-minded partner, a beautiful home, have enough resources to travel (with HIM and my little doggy) and learn animal communication with Anna Breytenbach.
    The obstacles are lack of money and energy, negative beliefs, hopelessness and mistrust.
    Sorry to be so point-blank and honest. Hopefully I did not depress someone!

    • I’m so sorry to hear you’re feeling so overwhelmed with your loneliness! I understand more than I wish I did! Do you have a car and a little cash? Are you tied to your current location? Sending love and joy…xoxox

      • Hello Cheryl,
        Thanks so much for your compassion. <3 No, I don't have a car and am not totally tied to my location (which is Germany).
        Sorry that I respond so late, but I did not know where to find my post. 😀
        Sending all the best too. xoxo

  3. WISH:
    To build the body of a Greek God. Why you may ask…well, why not 🙂

    But seriously, being sexy is sexy and I have always wanted to transform my body into a healthier and sexier version of myself.

    I have 3 main goals for 2017 and they are divided into my 3 core life areas. MIND, BODY and SOUL. I’ll keep this post short and just say that I’m picking the ‘BODY’ area as my wish to share with you guys 🙂

    I can’t seem to stick or commit to any one exercise/diet program for any length of time. I’m not motivated to push myself and even with all the right info at my fingers tips I procrastinate on most things. I think I add the PRO in the word procrastinate. I’ve tried getting a buddy or accountability partner but its hard to get someone within my circle that would give me the ‘tough love’ I think I need to stay on track. I have tried the online community thing before but its hard to get my little voice heard when there are so many other voices asking for the same help. And after awhile I just drop off the grid.

    So yeah…thats my wish…its not ground breaking or rock-science or even noble. I don’t want to feed a village (not at this present moment) or find a cure for cancer. I just want to build a health and sexy version of myself so that I can last a longer time on this rock and work towards maybe feeding a village and finding a cure for cancer 🙂

    Anyone willing to help?

    P.S My other 2 top goals for 2017 are;

    MIND: Train myself to effectively ‘learn how to learn’ and become a lifelong student. This would allow me to basically be able to quickly pick up any skill or talent and experience a richer and more fulfilling life.

    SOUL: relearn how to draw and create/write and publish a successful graphic novel 🙂

    Art has always been something that calmed my soul and made me feel more connected with life, nature. I LOVE drawing and painting and creating and designing beauty in the world.

    • Regarding being healthier, working out more – I found joining the ‘Nerd Fitness’ group to be wonderfully supportive and inspiring. I read it every morning, first thing, to stay on track. Over 5,000 women in the Women’s group. I don’t know how many in the men’s group. It’s helped me 100 times over. Lost 35 pounds, three sizes in clothes, back at the gym three times a week, and eating healthy, good foods. Lost the fogginess and a lot of aches and pains, gained strength, energy and pride and confidence.
      It’s good to know you are not alone, to hear how others struggle with and win over the same issues you have, to get help and support and encouragement, much like Hanging Out – but specifically focused on you getting healthier – long term.
      I don’t often endorse things, but this is one I can honestly. It works.
      Here’s the blog that started it all: (it’s free)
      You might want to read a few of his articles and see if it clicks for you.
      Best of luck!
      And remember, “Progress, not perfection!”

    • I have similar three goals for 2017 🙂
      while also trying to keep only the effective part of procrastination, which means to select and focus on the priorities

      I suggest write your training plan in the beginning of the week and then at the end of each week send the list of what you actually did for each day. Email it weekly to somebody you will feel ashamed of if the end-week list is empty. Be honest.
      As results will improve, your motivation will become stronger. What is more important: Your training schedule can become a habit.

    • Tim Ferris has a good book on learning how to learn from his 4 hour work week series. Is called 4 hour chef, I think, but don’t let the title deceive you. . . Is actually about what you just described. It helped me.

      He also has some good cheats for fitness in one of his books. In all things, his stuff is about what techniques have the most impact for the least input.

  4. I am currently working full time as an Executive Assistant for a small firm. There are both pluses and minuses but I am not happy there. Being in my mid life I am finding it more difficult to work 5 days a week. It is physically exhausting and also time consuming. My dream is to have more freedom and still be able to save money. I am working towards having different businesses so that I can afford to work part time. Now if I would work 4 days a week money would be really tight. At this point I have to start the other income streams while working full time but I may be able to ask for the occasional day off either with vacation pay or no pay. I guess I have to start somewhere.

    • Hi Maida – I’m wondering what you see as your obstacle? Is it lack of time? I would love to hear more about the different businesses that you are pursuing. I’m a business and life coach and I would be happy chat with you next week to see if I can help?

  5. I work now at a nonprofit, which is good scanner work but doesn’t pay enough. I’m looking toward launching an online brand, but as a scanner, I’m having a tough time finding a compelling theme. I have read Renaissance Business, but even though I have been following all the steps, I still don’t feel close.
    My interests/talents: writing, travel, being authentic and communicating authentically, humor, building community, coaching, helping people feel seen, connecting, resiliency.
    I am aiming for an umbrella theme (and it’s okay if that’s me, but then I need help defining what people would be looking at online), and then branching off into podcasts, blog, interviews, travel experiences.
    I started out with the umbrella of engaged connection…which is a common thread in my work, my experiences, my strengths, and my talents. But could there be more? Does that attract a group?
    Any insight, deeper questions, etc. is appreciated.

    • Hi Becca,
      I have often heard that the name of the company/store/service should convey exactly what it is. Ie: Red Wing Shoes. Passing by, whether on the Internet or physically, I’d quickly know it’s probably about Shoes! You write that you want to launch an “online brand”. I would ask, to do what? to serve who? Also it might be helpful to get very clear on what you want to do, what is your Intention? I think I understand that launching an online brand is your Goal. So, what is your Intention? For example my Goal is to Give Service. Which is very broad. To gain greater Clarity, I sit quietly and ask what my Intention(s) is. For me, an Intention tells me what is very important to me. And this comes from What are my Core Values. I had to work backward a bit. I identified some of my core values which are justice, helping my fellow man and kindness at all times. Now I know that these components must be a part of my Goal of Giving Service. Then I think about my Intention – how do I live from my Core Values on the way toward my Goal? I further distill down my Intention by asking myself Why do I want this Goal? Because my intention is to be an active listener, give and receive kindly, speak with a lower, calm tone of voice, be a connector and hence feel connected. It seems to come full circle. Because what I really really want is to feel connected. I didn’t even know this until now. So I can see that my Goal of giving service really is all about me! Though it first appears that it is about others. Hope this helps!

  6. I have a wish to stop being afraid of succeeding. I have a lot of education but I am afraid to let go of my disability benefits. I feel I need training in a skill that is more marketable and essential than the one i have my degrees in. I have a B.S, M.Ed and an MD but i feel very insecure about working. Despite all this education, I have recently enrolled in my community college and will be starting in January to do Phlebotomy. This I feel will be my “bread and butter” job. Am I an underearner? I feel more comfortable in school than at work.

    • I think many people find the transition from study to work challenging. If you feel more comfortable in school is this because of the enviro or because you like to constantly learn? If it is the latter you can always take courses while you work to feel engaged. If it is the former then perhaps you could consider a career in education? If teaching doesn’t feel right you could work as an advisor, in research or administration. the possibilities are endless. Maybe start out with some volunteer work to see what appeals most and to get your confidence up.

    • Hi Monica,
      I might be helpful to learn about Attachment. Also CoDependents Anonymous has Patterns of Behavior that may help you address the insecurity that you are holding onto that is blocking your Good

  7. As I come to the close of this running journey, in the days leading up to the big race, all I can do now is trust the training. As I close off this running season, I wanted to take a moment to thank each of you who have messaged me and encouraged me to keep going. More importantly, I want to thank everyone who has entrusted your dreams to our team at the Barbados Fertility Centre.

  8. I have been an operational Firefighter for 17 years, with more than my share of emotional experiences. I have a devoted passion for positive psychology….how to change your perspectives on the world and be happier….. how to channel your emotions to be the best person you can be … and how to positively influence others. Ive been studying these subjects for years and mixing them with my own experiences …. but so far, just purely for my own interest.
    Over the last year I’ve developed and structured an AMAZING 1 day course to share everything I have. I’ve ran the course for friends and family…but my dream is to share it with as many other people as I can. Im VERY confident that business professionals would benefit from these skills and outlooks, the way I have in my career, so I’d love to run it as a leadership development type course too ??
    BUT ….my barrier is…
    I am hopeless at modern networking….and at social media or advertising. I have no contacts in this field….or a foot anywhere near any doors.
    How can I get started at spreading the word and showing people how this day can change your life ?
    I would be happy to run these days for free to start with….or even pay out of my own money to hire venues….
    I just need people to come…

    Any ideas would be great please 🙂

    • For someone so passionate about positive psychology, I’m rather amused at the lack of positivity in this statement, “I am hopeless at modern networking….and at social media or advertising. I have no contacts in this field….or a foot anywhere near any doors”

      Presumably there was a time when you knew just as little about positive psychology, but you researched and studied and learned.

      Marketing, advertising, event organising, networking and social media are also things you can research, study and learn about in the same way, especially on the internet. Google is your friend, so you just need to think of some good search terms e.g “marketing live courses” or “social media beginners tutorial” etc.

      You’ll find there are lots of people offering online or live courses in these topics, which can be expensive, but many of them will also give away good free information on their blogs and websites. Or in return for signing up to their newsletters, which is also a good way of seeing how they do their marketing. You can unsubscribe from the ones you find too annoying or not useful.

      • Hi Anne,
        Firstly thank you for taking so much time for a lengthy reply…I appreciate it.
        Yes I can see the potentially amusing irony in the ‘cant’ type statement from a ‘Positive Psychologist’ , but …actually ‘I cant’ .. or ‘I’m not good at’ … or ‘ I dont know’ are not negative statements , as long as that’s not the point at which you slam the door. Those are just honest observations of my current position, … preceding all of which is the mind-set carrying the powerful word ‘YET’ ☺.

        • To follow on (I ran out of text space), I was lead to this site after watching a lovely talk Barbara did for TED, and thought it was a really interesting idea to get thoughts and ideas from many different minds and perspectives…. little nuggets of creativity that only someone who’s standing outside of your box may think of or suggest.
          I will of course be drawing on two of my greatest companions in life…. books and Google… to learn all I can in these and many other areas of development (until the day I die).
          And for as long as MBNA and my other credit card providers allow (ouch), I’ll be attending more workshops and courses .
          Thank you once again… and I hope you had a lovely Christmas all.

      • Hi Jake,
        Have you heard of SCORE? SCORE Association was previously known as the Service Corps of Retired Executives, but is now recognized as SCORE, “Counselors to America’s Small Business.” It is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that provides free business mentoring services to entrepreneurs in the United States.
        Retired people help you with your Goals of starting or maintaining a business. I have had my Mentor for 4 years now. I’ve been very fortunate in that he has really become a life coach. I always come to our meetings with a thousand ideas and my Mentor helps me streamline them into something coherent! It’s a free service. Just Google it and you can sign up for an appointment. It really is that easy.

        • Adele,
          Thank you very much for your thoughts, and Happy New Year to you (whatever that really means…hopefully you were planning on being happy where possible anyway…before the calender gave you permission ).
          SCORE sounds wonderful and I shall take a look at them on the Net. I should have mentioned at the start that I’m based in the United Kingdom, which MAY mean that reaching out to them is not possible for me ?.. but I’ll see. Mentors can be amazing I know, I would love to find someone here in the UK to act as a mentor in this field; so far everyone I’ve come across that had the means to to do this have actually had too much of an interest in me NOT doing so well….. in other words they’ve been fairly local potential competetors (although they aren’t doing exactly the same thing in exactly the same way). SCORE sounds like a really amazing facility, … perhaps they have some form of remote access and support network ? I’ll take a look.
          Thank you once again.

    • Hi Jake,
      I love you enthusiasm & having been married to a firefighter for over 30 years and seeing him cope with the various stresses of the job – I really appreciate how important it is to cultivate that positive psychology!

      I just attended a free karma yoga class given by a non-profit group called Healing Heroes … they give free yoga classes to first responders and their families and are hoping to become a registered charity.
      I wonder if connecting with groups like this maybe if you wanted to give a talk or info session they could send an email to their list?
      I am located near Toronto Canada – not sure where you are … but there are probably some interesting groups near you too I would assume. ?
      Also – how about giving a talk and asking your Fire Union put a notice through their email list? Especially if you offered it for free? Maybe even create a 4-8 week session?
      Anyways – best of luck & I’d love to hear how things are going & if you have a website or Facebook page.
      Alll the best,

      • Hi Sheila,
        Welcome to 2017 !! ( I thought we were supposed to have our own spaceships and robot housekeepers by now weren’t we ? ☺).
        We have a similar charity here in the U.K that offers therapy and support to injured or traumatised firefighters. That’s a really nice idea actually…strangely (and slightly embarrassingly) I hadn’t explored that particular idea yet….that’s terrible isn’t it ?!
        I’ve been so tied up in the private sector and in exploring the Training/Development section of the Fire Service (which is now run by a very cut-throat organisation, that so far, it seems, have the entire contract for providing any training pretty much wrapped up). I will definitely explore the possibility of offering some time to the charity for free: it’s not going to help pay the mortgage, but that will be very rewarding.
        Thank you for the idea, and give my best regards to your husband.

        • Hi Jake,

          As a freelance Graphic Designer I have worked on a few projects in my time…when you do come around to the ‘nuts and bolts’ of your company and need a kick-ass logo and branding etc etc drop me a line…I would be willing to help get you off the ground….provided you like my portfolio 🙂

          Good luck buddy!

    • Hi Jake,
      Isn’t this site just the coolest thang? I hope you’re getting some good ideas that you can take to the bank. I started a coaching business about 2 years ago in my locale in NZ, so I had to do the ‘get it off the ground’ phase too. What I suggest is that you contact (and join) your local Chamber of Commerce or equivalent business membership group in your area, and ask them how they can help you, as a member, to get your programme up and running. For example, in my area, they made me the guest speaker at an upcoming free lunch time seminar. I could also send an email out to all their members for free, and most people use this service to invite members to a free event where they give a taster of their course and then invite people to sign up. Also, if you just attend all their networking events you’re bound to meet someone who would be keen to run your programme as a pilot in their organisation… once they know you they’re more likely to trust you. You don’t necessarily even need social media for this approach, just an audience and an opportunity! Good luck 🙂

      • Hi Carolyn,
        That sounds great, I heard about this recently but haven’t chased it up.
        On your recommendation I will do that right away !
        Thank you for the advice and the time you took to reply.

        Best luck to you in the future ☺


    • Pitch it to your local continuing education centers and library . . . Many allow 1 day workshops. Once you develop a 2nd day follow up workshop you can advertise to your students from the first one that they’ll get a discount on attending if they refer a friend to take your first workshop when you teach it again. Add the following builds you can consider if you have generated enough buzz to run these independent of the continuing education center.

      Also, check out pinterest. It offers so much more than the stereotypical recipes and crafts. Punch in advertising, social media marketing, and other such search terms and it will give you tons of resources on how to. Re:social media they day to pick one platform and do it really well before adding another.
      All best

    • Hi Dennis. It’s hard to give you any specific advice with so little information. I suggest you read the book “What Color is Your Parachute” by Richard Bolles. It has very good information about career choice and the best ways to find a job. It’s probably in your local library if you don’t currently have enough money to buy it, but make sure it’s a recent edition because it’s updated every year.

      Also the university or college where you graduated probably has a careers service where you could ask for advice. And you could ask the academic staff of your department about what kind of jobs people with the same degree get, and if they have any contacts they would recommend you to. And look out for suitable careers fairs and recruitment drives that you could attend.

      Professional networking online is also a great idea, as most recruiters use them nowadays. LinkedIn is the main one, but Xing can also be good, especially if you are in Europe.

  9. I want the lifestyle of a multimillionaire without the fame. I don’t have the money or a college education, I am unemployed and I have no idea what to do. I have a lack and scarcity programming, I am not in the US but have a valid green card, I have no more patience and I just turned 49. I think my complexion and nationality is an obstacle also. I don’t want to be separated from my son for lengthy periods.

    • Maybe you could be a caretaker for multimillionaires’ mansions and towers when they’re swanning around the world visiting their other properties and doing their wheeling and dealing. Or be a minder or valet or personal chef or gardener or fitness coach for them. Or be a caddy on a golf course that’s frequented by such people, and if they take a special liking to you they might reward you. Or is there some kind of work you can do on their luxury private yachts? Perhaps you could become a polishing expert and get a job as a live-in polisher of gold-plated furniture and fittings.

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