The 2018 I Could Do Anything Book Club

I Could Do Anything If I Only Knew What It Was book coverRegistration for this 16-week book club is open now through June 20 at 11:55 pm NY time. Discover what you want and what’s keeping you from getting it. Meet incredible people. Get tons of support. All without leaving the house or even getting out of your pajamas. Register for the I Could Do Anything If I Only Knew What It Was book club today!

“Best Book I Ever Read! This book covered every question I could think of about life transition like: (1) What do I really love and what do I want to do with the rest of my life? (2) What’s keeping me from moving forward in my life? (3) What is resistance and where does it come from? (4) What part of me is my real-self and why has it been in hiding so long? (5) Why is action better than analysis when I’m in a low mood? (6) How to move beyond a hurtful past. (7) How to overcome narcissistic tendencies. (8) How to claim and create a new life for myself.”

Survival Guide for Dreamers

Survival Guide calendar, day 1If you’ve got a dream (or wish you had one) it’s time to stop being stuck. Let me send you 365 days of help with procrastination and Resistance. This new program is designed to give you exactly what you need to finally get moving. Here’s how it works: One day at a time for a full year I’ll be with you via a brief email, helping you get past the procrastination and resistance that have kept you from achieving your dreams. That’s it. No exercises to do. No discussions to keep up with. Just an email a day to encourage you and teach you how to deal with whatever prevents you from going after your dreams. Begin your Survival Guide year at any time.

Barbara Sher Book Clubs

Register for the I Could Do Anything If I Only Knew What It Was book club today! Our next book club begins in October 2018, reading Refuse to Choose. Members of ongoing book clubs should contact Even after our official reading period has ended, members are still welcome to add comments for the full year. You won’t be alone in finishing the exercises.

Registration for Hanging Out Opens July 7, 2018

If you have not yet experienced the jewel in the crown of Barbara’s Club, please check out Hanging Out with Barbara Sher. Enjoy a full year of treats every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. (There’s even a second year available if you too become addicted to them.) To make sure everyone gets to know plenty of other people in addition to me, we now open registration only twice a year. Registration is expected to open again on or about July 7 and close about two weeks later.

WriteSpeak Online: Write Your Own Success Story

WriteSpeak Online registration opens again on February 9, 2019, during our Dare to Soar Telesummit.

This is my entire WriteSpeak program, the one I’ve been teaching since 2007 — the 6-hour, highly interactive teleworkshop with me plus a new 48-week online version of the material that was in my WriteSpeak retreat and telecourse, all for a fraction of the earlier price. And now I also offer optional monthly group coaching with one of my WriteSpeak coaches.

For more information, read or listen to my February 2018 talk, How to Become a Writer and Speaker by Next February.

More courses are coming soon!

Be sure you are on the mailing list or a member of Hanging Out to hear about them the moment they are available. The mailing list sign-up is under my photo at the bottom of this page.

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346 thoughts on “Courses

  1. I want to get back to the Refuse to Choose book club before it ends. How do I do that? My husband was diagnosed with cancer right after I signed up. I thought I could use the book club as a diversion but things got busy. And stressful. He’s doing better now and I want to pick up what I can. Thanks!

  2. Am I in the right place at the right time? Or the wrong place at the right time? Or the wrong place at the wrong time? Or What?? I can’t find the exercises to July 9th’s assignments for Chapter 5, and this isn’t it! According to my calendar, we are supposed to be up through the middle of it by this time, stopping before exercise 4, and that was July 9. In a few days, it will be time for the rest of Chapter 5, and I can’t access the beginning exercises for this chapter! Help!!

  3. I am working my way through “I could Do Anything…” and I’m stuck, but don’t know how to get unstuck or where to go for help. Is there an online group/course for this?

  4. Interested in hangouts and everything you do. I have been a fan since your first book. So glad you are taking care of yourself and still being creative with your gifts.
    Gailann Bruen
    Re-invent NOW!

  5. I would like to be notified of upcoming classes. Your work has been a liberating force in my life!. I’m such a Scanner and a fan of yours.

    • Thank you, Bonita. It means a lot to me to read your words. I hope you’re on my mailing list – scroll to the bottom and get your email address there – because I often do short-notice telephone conference calls on different subjects and I send announcements. I’d like to hear your voice and say hello.

    • Thank you, Maureen. Announcements will go out soon about a new book club and in March about the next opening of the Hanging Out with Barbara Sher doors. In between, we’re expecting one more new course. Be sure you are on the mailing list (signup form below Barbara’s photo on this page) or check back here regularly.

  6. please enrol me in hanging out. i am sending check on bank of america to barbara on 13 nov, sorry for delay, missed my mail.

  7. Hello Mrs. Sher !
    I have the great chance to take part at your programme this weekend in Frankfurt. I am very pleased to get to know you, to learn wonderful things and also to meet interested and interesting people there 🙂
    Also I am pleased to be the one who will drive you around this time ( safely, of course !)
    All of it was a very spontanaeous and unexpected chain of decisions, but it shurely had to be this way.
    Have a good flight tomorrow and we will meet Sunday morning !
    All the best******
    Irina Andrei

    • Sounds wonderful, Irina! Will you email me so I have your email address and phone? Just go to to the ‘Contact’ button and write me from there. Your email will show up in my personal inbox and I’ll be able to answer you and get your information from there.

  8. Patty, could you please let me have details on the success team leader program? I am in Northern Virginia and my nearest team leader is in Richmond which is about 2 hours drive away. Not sure if it would be possible to do a phone link – I see other people have had the same idea. Any info you can provide would be great.

    • Hi Sally. Did you notice our leaders in D.C., Silver Spring, MD, and Cambridge, MD, too? If you would like to become a leader, please read over, including the Frequently Asked Questions and fill out the application or send me your questions by email. Or if you would like to be a member of a Success Team by Phone on Wednesday evenings in January and February of 2015, send me an email. Barbara and I both receive email sent to and reply from our individual email accounts.

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