Registration for Hanging Out Opens Again in July 2017

If you have not yet experienced the jewel in the crown of Barbara’s Club, please check out Hanging Out with Barbara Sher. Enjoy a full year of treats every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. (There’s even a second year available if you too become addicted to them.) To make sure everyone gets to know plenty of other people in addition to me, we now open registration only three times a year. Registration will open again in July 2017. Be sure you’re on the mailing list to hear about it.

Book Clubs

The 2017 Refuse to Choose Book Club, with lots of tips for Scanners on how to do everything they love without going broke, will begin registration on June 1st. Watch this page for a link to the registration page.

Members of the 2016 Live the Life You Love, 2016 It’s Only Too Late If You Don’t Start Now and 2017 I Could Do Anything… bookclubs should contact ( für der der Buchclub 2016 Für deine Träume ist es nie zu spät and Buchclub 2017 Lebe das Leben von dem du träumst) with any problems. Although our official reading period has ended for 2016 Live the Life You Love, 2016 It’s Only Too Late If You Don’t Start Now, Buchclub 2016 Ich könnte alles tun, wenn ich nur wüsste, was ich will and Buchclub 2016 Für deine Träume ist es nie zu spät, members are still welcome to add comments. You won’t be alone in finishing the exercises.

Recordings from the Dare to Soar Telesummit September 10, 2016

19 free workshops by telephone to celebrate 12 new books just published by my talented WriteSpeak students. And a free resistance workshop by yours truly. All the recordings are online for you now, and we’ve got lots of bonuses for you if you grab your copies of the new books by October 31st. No registration required. Barbara Sher’s Dare to Soar Telesummit: Celebrating 12 Life Changing New Books. Don’t miss these!

WriteSpeak Online

WriteSpeak Online is a year-long program for learning to write and speak the Barbara Sher way. You’ll learn all my best techniques for discovering, shaping and sharing your ideas through living language, not jargon or academic-speak. The program requires a minimum of ten hours a week from October through September, during which you’ll publish your first book and launch your speaking career.

The 2016 class presented a Telesummit and Book Launch Party on September 10, 2016, and the recordings are online now. Registration for the 2018 class will begin on September 9, 2017. For more information, listen to our How to Be a Life Changing Author and Speaker by Next September afternoon workshop and our How to Be a Life Changing Author and Speaker by Next September evening workshop or visit our WriteSpeak Online information page, which will include the registration form when registration re-opens.

More courses are coming soon! Lots of them, from 99 cent intros to walks together through my books to a brand new Resistance course.

Be sure you are on the mailing list or a member of Hanging Out to hear about them the moment they are available. The mailing list sign-up is under Barbara’s photo at the bottom of this page.

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315 thoughts on “Courses

  1. Hi Barbara, I love your teamworks idea & just ordered the book used. I’m thinking I might like to start a teamworks group sometime. I tried to login & create a password on this site, but got the message that I needed to buy something. Where do I go to buy something?
    Thank you & Happy New Year!

    • Hi, Marilyn. The only time you’ll need to log in is if you’re part of Hanging Out (which should begin registration again around March 11th), one of our book clubs (the next one, reading I Could Do Anything, should begin registration in February), WriteSpeak (which will begin registration during the Telesummit on September 9th) or one of the new programs and courses due to begin this year. To learn about them all, sign up for Barbara’s mailing list at the bottom of the page or on

      And do take a look at the Sher Success Teams website, because Teamworks is a do-it-yourself text, while the Success Teams Leader Kit is Barbara’s own workbook and audio recordings for running teams.

  2. Dear Barbara I wonder if your course 8-Week Success Teams Workshop is still available.
    Looking forward to your reply.
    All the best.


  3. I just finished watching Barbara’s YouTube video on the Refuse to Choose book club on my phone. I don’t see anything on the video relayed to the year, so I’m assuming it’s for November 2016? Actually I’m hoping!
    For some reason I have not received updates in my email about Barbara’s upcoming events – most likely because of my own doing! I have several emails for various projects! Such a scanner thing! Thank you!

    • Look for Barbara’s photo on this page ( and enter your email address right below the photo to add your favorite email address to her mailing list. Not sure which event you’re asking for a date on, but WriteSpeak registration is open right now through Oct 20, 2016, our next book club registration will open on or about Oct 13, 2016, and Hanging Out registration will open on or about Oct 30, 2016.

  4. Signing up for the telesummit but wonder if my signing up for the *club* newsletter is different from being on the mailing list.
    Also, wonder if there is any scholarship assistance for WriteSpeak? Thanks.

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